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Homophobia jewish? Jews push homosexuality. I remember growing up disgusted, viewing them as degenerate. Then after my indoctrination was complete, I started saying things like "homosexuals are pretty cool people". Later, I found out I was lied to about Hitler and Lincoln Rockwell. I figured out that "homosexuality is a-okay!" is only a means to subvert all other races but theirs. One means of many to keep white people from breeding. Weeaboos are another. MGTOW is another. Rockwell had a point, and people rarely observe the exact same situations in history to this day. Jew communists stir up the populations. "Police brutality". Their democracy isn't enough. They want American communism. Considering the fact that America truly isn't even a democracy, it's a plutocracy, jews won't have much trouble getting communism through when their "messiah" arrives.