Anonymous 05/15/2017 (Mon) 04:51:56 Id: e5ef96 No. 42561 del
Jesus mostly spoke of the world of spirit, when you see that must of the things he says are correct. "Jew or Greek" means "culture dies when you die", he is trying to describe the nature of existence and not much more.

I think certain books like Matthew and Ecclesiastes are good, most of the OT is pure jewry though minus the bits that point out all the problems with faggotry inb4 muh homophobia is jewish

The ultimate truth though, is that for the kind of society we have religion is just a method of control. Jesus wouldn't have wanted this, he effectively wanted people to drop out of jew society, get rid of all their jew belongings, and fuck off to their own land and speak kingdoms into existence. He was more of a mystic than a religious leader / "messiah(just means war-priest in kike)" like say Mohammad or Thoth.