Anonymous 05/13/2017 (Sat) 21:34:33 Id: 28494c No. 42413 del
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Fuck you. You're likely the same moron accusing me of being the English fucked up hasbara goon from the Meta thread. You likely only got here because I sent you the reference to this thread. Replying incredibly late to that Vol. I am not here to slide, I'm here to what what every National Socialist's job should be. Pointing out shills. I will NOT allow a shill's narrative to fuck up someone's view, and they start thinking "hmm, maybe Hitler was a jew". NO. That shit is not acceptable. I chase the spammer for a reason. I am annoying, yes. I am weaponized autism, sure. But my form of posts differ greatly from his. In short, kiss my ass. Kushner is a shill. That spammer is a shill. I'll never stop hunting hasbara.