Anonymous 05/09/2017 (Tue) 19:13:08 Id: 0e37db No. 41416 del
>its worse than jews
Than why are you using the jew face to make it look worse than jews? All I see is a kike in a fish hat.
>chrisitanity had its chance and showed it true face
Catholicism and its extension from the roman empire does not classify as the body of christ or the fellowship of Christians as believers in christ. One of the trademarks of the end times is the execution of Christians by decapitation. That is a fucking goal of all elite anything kikery you name it. So it is much like atheism not in your favor to oppose it on the basis of a future when we are amidst the largest spiritual warfare that the world has ever seen. Thee is a remnant of god that is the body of true believers that designate the true future of the white race. Sadly there is not many but for those who give their life to christ god will allow you to escape kikery and be bountiful in life. That is how much the kikes are getting to the white race. Its a spiritual deception and let me tell you. God needs you and you are letting your race down all of it because of vanity. Humble yourself and repent and ask jesus to save you and believe in your heart that he died and rose that day on the cross and you will be a new person but you want to be of the world now look at you.