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chrsitians are euro mixed reform yids
they hate everyone and anything (except of jews)

you may noticed they also refer to jews, satanists and muslims as religions misguided brothers, while everyone else they call pagans
christiantity is a very vicious sect which uses the tactic to spread and bypass silently each construct until they gain enough power.
same as jews they hijack the money system (does not necessary have to be jewish owned) and then they start establishing their people into key positions of the state.
through that they take over the education and media and everything else.

most non jewish europeans or genetically clean europeans never really get what christianity is about.
i talked to a lot of them and for them christianity is about schizophrenic support from a blurry existence thats higher than they themselves are, most of them did not even read the bible (not that 99% of them are capable to understand it anyway)

>stealing forbidden
true but false
you can steal as much as you want but later on you need to show regret and ask for forgiveness
because if you did steal something, it wasnt you who stole it - it was the "devil and the daemons"

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