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Benjamin NuttyYahoo displays this map to suggest where Zionism has it's ties. The online articles on this all suggest black is their enemy. From what I knew so far, America and Russia are compromised.

Trump condemns "holocaust deniers":
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^Posting the above triggers imkampfy on 8/pol/

Putin makes it illegal to rewrite the "history of the holocaust":
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Marine Le Pen's father was "antisemitic".
The sad, deluded French in support of her wish she was too.
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Australia has a Zionist Federation:
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It's of no surprise, all of those previously mentioned countries are in the blue, besides Russia. Blue then means the allies of Israel / Zionism. Perhaps long time allies. This includes Canada, North America, Norway, Finland, England, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czech, Germany, Paris, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Australia and New Zealand.

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