Anonymous 04/20/2017 (Thu) 22:35:22 No. 39465 del
He warned us about the fake news. He said it would be the death of journolism. He is like that uncle that takes you by the hand and smooth talks you as he opens the iron clad door of his mancave and gives you a healthy dose of fear for the rest of your life. This harvard graduate was like the down to earth ivy league cool guy that took a few jabs for the team but always brought it home to the scaffold of discussion. He was not politically correct he was a true maverick and he sure as hell loved those little boys. Oh damn does bill o'riley love statueing a little boy and then terminating its existance while behind closed doors. Its not a secret but you didnt here it from me Bill o'riley is a boyfucker supreme. We are talking about getting his dick sucked by the ballpit that the janitor closed the childrens part of mcdonalds so bill could grab a child that was placed in tha ballpit and brush him off and get sucked off by a fucking aryan dream boy. We are talking little 4 year old boys named Carmichael that where snatched out of a prius while they where driving. Just fucking the most elite boys and unapoligetically murdering them in public. its the only way he can get off. They had to tame him he was fucking too much of the youth..