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Probably OP too, but the rest of you definitely aren't seeing the core of the problem. Autistic hang-up on "childhood innocence" is the default destructor of childhood innocence, because age 18 is treated like both the starting line and the deadline to having grown up, and adults of various interests play with children's lives either enforcing it as one or as he other.

Children aren't innocent, the concept is just idealistic waffle set to treat "the innocent" as human bargaining chips. Children are capable of handling anything an adult can, just not all children all things because each child internalizes each skill at their own random order, that only a competent parent has even the chance to tune up on and know what to teach next. Because of societal taboos (made by adults who themselves lack mental fortitude and aren't capable of handling the issue, let alone children) sex becomes a thing a person needs most of her adult skills to be involved with, and that's the current reality children face due to incompetence of current adults. Every age of man faces the onus to reach further than they were set up for, and that's unfair but it has always been as unfair.

If there's a magic bullet to kill this issue, it would be to identify inept people and treat them at the mental level of a child that they actually are on. This group must then be forced through any sort of gamut to fire test their capability to enter adult society by the age where that is feasible, and actually hold them to that standard after they do, which currently is not the case with the decided legal age of maturity. The deadline must be decided and sticked with, and pampering of kids must stop so that they know they're on the clock to mature into adulthood. If that's possible by the age of 18, then 18 is a good age to set it. If it's too pressuring, it must be set higher. Ideally, teaching methods should become as expedient and painless as possible, and that's the key to unlock a sexually developed child's opportunities any earlier than they are now without that resulting in statistically inevitable develpmental problems from being pushed to adulthood before readiness. I don't believe the current bottleneck is in sexuality, but responsibility, and the narrative of "children are over-sexualized" is describing the most salacious symptom as the problem and does nothing but ruin things further. In it's inverse, calling for "allowing" children to have sex is itself just a self-serving attempt to also focus on and offshoot while refusing to solve the underlying problem, even if it isn't even real pedophiles but edgelord fedora-autists thinking they can streamline lawmaking because they have all the answers.

To add, age of consent is just a legal technicality, a non-issue. Law enforcement exists to cover the possibilty that systems simply fail, it's inherently illogical and short-term rule of force. Without elements that could be considered "unjust" it would be unnecessary to begin with.