Anonymous 04/20/2017 (Thu) 19:18:22 Id: 34e0ab No. 39456 del
You correct of course, but the telegraphing of 9/11 through TV show (pilot episode of lone gunmen, get it, "pilot episode") shews their adeptness at hypnotic occult reveal while still pulling it off. Thus, I would expect the TV show, "Jericho" to be the lodges endgame plan, that is to say, detonating tens of pre planned MOAB or non nuke bombs and just sprinkling nuke fallout to make it seem nuke related. The munchkins of Oz will not rally until Dorothy comes, or so it is made to seem?

Then according to the particular presentation, they would field their entirely echelonic colonic doppelganger US military, and throw shade upon the true US milspecs of our time, who, already know they are under asymmetric attack from places like hmm, all chans for example.