Anonymous 04/20/2017 (Thu) 18:52:37 Id: ef352c No. 39453 del
Thats exactly what it is. The cancer that first ruined cuckchan spread to 8ch during the first exodus. That is when you saw posting begin to decline but not horribly so. However, as more users saw 4cuck for the shitty hellhole it is, more continued to move off and head to 8ch. Seeing as the culture of 4cuck consisted of slide threads 24/7, interacial porn, and other /b/ tier shit thats what was posted onto 8ch. I distinctly remember having the catalog full of black dicks and the mods took their god damn time removing them. I think one thread got in the hundreds for replies.

Now, with the declining post quality you have the election which didnt start horribly, but then went downhill so fast after trump gained popularity. The thing about the election is that 8ch gained popularity from a lot of different sites and i personally think it has become the new cuckchan. I think 4cuck has fallen to the wayside and posters from many different sites focus on 8ch now. This is especially true as that subreddit the_donald spawned from people of 8ch who couldnt resist name fagging. So that gained popularity and posts on there literally linked to 8ch. So now aside from the 4cuck posters shitting the place up, you have reddit fags coming and post without any understanding of the culture. In my mind personally, i think if you plan to visit chans without any experience the logical order appears to be (from what ive read from anons) reddit -> 4chan -> 8ch -> the rest of them. So now you have peoppe bypassing 4chan altogether and going right from reddit to 8ch. There are NO good ops anymore and there never will be again with what the election brought forth. As you said, its all about the edgy factor that "muh nazis" brings to the table. These brainless kids and even young adults (maturity does not come with age as well all know) all find something they can rally around and pretend like theyre doing world changing things. They still fully believe they were the biggest factor in the election of the biggest jew lover trump. The glory days are once again gone from yet another board and will never return to those of us who remember what they were. Other anons who are newer will call you an old fag or a kike shill if you bring it up and thats just how it works. You can never reclaim a lost board so you just remember the fun times and move to a different site as alt /pol/s on the same site will never ever work as the userbase has already been infected.

Thats my take on the chanology of 8cuck.