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With Catholicism it seems to be specifically Medieval Catholicism (you know, when Jews had special privileges in court and could avoid taxes and Europeans were genociding each other due to Jewish Christian manipulation and could be killed for having a Bible in their own possession without being clergy) and pre-Vatican II Catholicism. These same types will heavily bash Pope Francis for being a cuck, and ironically did the same to Benedict XVI, but now all of a sudden they're atcing as if Benedict is the true conservative (tm) pope who was replaced by the antichrist.

But even then Catholicism seems to be attacked in favor of Orthodoxy, even when Prottyism is attacked in favor of Catholicism.

The only Prot who is liked is Steven Anderson, the high pitched probable faggot who marries different races and calls racism and biological antisemitism a sin.

As Awoo or whatever it is is used on 4chan and 8chan, it's definitely a zionist meme. A lot of anime memes actually are, if they're spammed all over pol and heavily embraced by the userbase there (which I think is mostly comprised of shills and bots at this point). But yeah maybe it wasn't or isn't a zog meme in its proper Japanese realm. But as it is used on pol, it most definitely is.

Mostly agree with you on impact - it's aesthetically dynamic. It's just overused by faggots and jews, like everything else.