Were Semites always brown? Anonymous 04/20/2017 (Thu) 15:43:31 No. 39437 del
Is it true that the Middle East and North Africa were once "whiter" than they are now, as claimed on a lot of racialist websites? As in, greater diversity of hair and eye color, more aquiline noses, and fairer skin were once present?

Is there any proof for this, and if so, how did it get browner? Modern MENAs are not mulattoes (for the great majority at least), so I'm having trouble picturing that region of the world changing like these racialist sites said it did. Also, that region is very susceptible to the sun, so I also don't see how fair skin could be maintained without getting a heavy tan, especially if wearing minimal clothing like the Egyptians did.

Pic related is a Berber, of whom are often touted for their "whiteness" on said racialist sites.