Reforming the taboo on child sexuality Anonymous 04/20/2017 (Thu) 05:19:45 Id: 0fd17b No. 39399 del
The cause of our draconion penal laws and loss of privacy on the internet is largely because boomers from Puritan cultures wanted to protect "childhood innocence." This is a fallacy, and children have sexuality which is natural and not harmful, and repressing it as we have done continues to do more harm than good.

Okay, let's save time and agree there are abusive relationships that we want to prevent. The current law in most countries still criminalizes minors of similar ages from having sex, or young adults from fucking people they grew up with. This is stupid, and the ad-hoc application of Romeo and Juliette laws does not adequately address the problem. The problem at its heart is a Victorian/Puritan mentality that has infected the rest of the developed world at the expense of efficiency and happiness for all.

Correct me if any of you know better, but the first law in the world to officially criminalize child pornography was in the US in 1977. (This law criminalize producers of the material, and subsequent laws soon criminalized mere possession of it.) Of course, there were the retarded Cornstock Laws of 1873 a hundred years before that, but those prohibited abortion aids and "obscene books" and left the details up to the (Christian) locals. The 1873 law was a joke because there wasn't any attempt at standardization, and the advent of the erotic novelty that is pornography and greater awareness of child exploration (child labor laws doesn't even exist yet) forced society to confront the law's assumptions. Thereafter, law enforcement agencies and district attorneys have greatly boosted their popularity by putting sex offenders to death while presenting themselves as defenders; it's a profitable field for prosecutors and it feeds the ego so they are not disposed to change the status-quo.

Now for the main thrust of my argument: I fail to see how minors (or children) having sexual relations is inherently a negative thing. This assumption, or at least undue fear of the risks faced by the child is the basis of our global laws. The few studies commonly cited suck (they are full of cultural biases, or are misinterpreted to test for variables the researchers weren't looking for), and it's hard to get objective studies because of the taboo and ostrachization of both pedos and minors who have experienced sex (and are quasi-shamed and cast as victims or survivors.) Nevertheless, at least one study of suggested early sexual experiences positively correlates with later satisfaction in life-and I could look up the study if this interests anyone.)