Anonymous 04/19/2017 (Wed) 23:31:35 Id: e7c226 No. 39380 del
Yeah, for now they are fine as it is, but I was more speaking in a general manner, once (if) this board gets more than 5 active posters. Of course, any chan veteran should know to use the catalog by now.

But mainstreaming is one of tactics that kikes have used in order to take over some other chans. I remember their shills in the beginning of it, they were completely clueless and could only post about things like current events, petty politics and such. They were literally incapable of discussing anything else, not even simple things that are easy to figure out. Which brought me to the conclusion that they are either scripted bots, or pajeets reading instruction manuals and posting for $1 a day.

In any case, the more complex and "intellectual' a topic is, the more they feel like fish on dry. Their focus are low data / high frequency output memes and propaganda.