Anonymous 04/19/2017 (Wed) 19:47:32 Id: 6528e4 No. 39375 del
I am not necessarily saying that Protestantism is good, but the recent anti-protestant hate (often tying into the Orthodox shit) is suspicious. There's legit reasons to associate prot with Zionism and usury, but a recent trend in alt-right circles (both the religious kind and the atheist kind) is to put a lot of blame on "Protestantism" as the source of Jewry in the west and promote a hipster, anti work ethic , "cool" view that sides with catholic / orthodox but most of the time isn't serious about any faith at all, just about memes, LARPing and justifying lack of real effort.

Also the pseudo-Catholic/orthodox stuff blends well with appealing to police and military, which historically has had a lot of later-generation Europeans from Catholic backgrounds in the US.

At the same time though, Trump himself is a self-professed "Protestant" and so is Pence so it gets confusing.

I'm not weighing in on a religious debate here, but I think this is a psyop to encourage complacency and LARPing. Perhaps one of the few things about protestantism that DOES bother the kikes is its emphasis on plainness and actual work, over flashy spectacle. Evangelicalism is retarded Jew shit, but It isn't COOL AND EXOTIC AND MEMEY like Deus Volt roleplay or Russophilia which is why the kikes are now promoting the latter.