Anonymous 04/19/2017 (Wed) 10:10:08 Id: 2d8c5f No. 39362 del
This anon speaks truth.....Trump's mentor was homo/pedo/jew Roy Cohn (who some say helped setup the pedo rings in the CIA) and he has filled his business and administration with jews (105 last count).

The reason why his kids marry jews is because they have been exposed to them all their lives and "look up" to them. Ivanka only fucked jews and wanted to marry a Rothschild (who used her, but wouldn't marry her because she was a goy....same reason Kushner first refused her so she converted).

He makes it rich in Jew York without their help? He has always been in with them and was bred for this role and the whole "media against the underdog" was a script that served its part now that the media is starting to appear to "warm up" to Trump. People were played like a fiddle.

So many things and people were ignored about Trumps past. I tried to point out on 8ch two weeks before the election that Trump had these ties (160 million bailout from Soros and he also co-owns the GM hotel with him) and I received a one month ban for "shitposting" so that there were no dissidents before the 8ch looks like thedonald on reddit with their nonstop childish antics.