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Probably wouldn't hurt to clean up some of the translations from the original French on that picture. Some of the connections being drawn here are fairly opaque. I mean, I get the point that a small number of old families and organizations control most of everything, but I'm not seeing a lot of concrete conclusions here.

There are some pretty uncomplicated ways of rendering graphs like these with Python if you wanted to take some of this work and improve on it.
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Tall order. Mass adoption of non-fungible trade tokens. Bitcoin is a stab at this problem, but the recurring theme I see in cryptocurrency is the originators and early adopters amassing massive proportions of the currency before general public adoption (by design). This brings you back to the fundamental problem of currencies used now which is a small number of hands controlling the majority of the supply. Even if you did convince most of the world to adopt something like BTC, you would just make Satoshi a Rothschild equivalent and he'd end up pulling the same bullshit. Muh goooooold also has this problem.

Personally, I don't see a solution that isn't ultimately imposed by a state or government. Dollars are obviously a scam, but we use them because their adoption is legally enforced. An agoristic or alt-currency approach is a non-starter because on tax day, you better have some dollars to give the feds or you're going to prison. If you want dollars, you have to trade or labor on the terms set by the man printing the dollars.

As sophomoric as it may sound, NatSoc is the only answer I can come up with. Government whose only purpose is the empowerment of the people and whose form and methods are defined by the ability to serve that purpose, can impose simple, effective solutions. There are some pretty compelling arguments from Modern Monetary Theory about how currencies should be created and used h ttps://

I'm oversimplifying, but if you can't project real power (that is, if you can't say "do as I say, or I'll fuck you up" and mean it), then you can't fix the problem. The monetary system is just a proxy for power projection in this era of the commodification of everything. When you have enough good men and guns, though, the problem of old banking families is simple . . . you just kill them and confiscate their property.