Anonymous 04/06/2017 (Thu) 19:44:10 Id: 9bdb0a No. 37941 del
Last I recall, a bunker board was posted on here for phase6 or phase 5, I can't recall. All bunker boards and threads on endchan have been off the catalog due to inactivity and because it was suspected alphabets had compromised those threads. If you really want to know, you're gonna have to go to changolia. Last post on there was someone claiming that the blockchain had celebrity nudes. Obviously, it's a low effort demoralizing psy-op to discourage people from digging in the block chain or celebrity nudes were added to the blockchain so it could easily be (((shut down))).

I do heavily regret having a dumb phone and not having an airtight opsec setup so I could've helped out digging. I imagine the brave souls still continuing with this can only spread the information through irl means. It was shown repeatedly that any of the keys or files posted from the insurance files are quickly scrubbed online, clear net and dark web. Furthermore it's suspected they get X-Keyscored.

I guess the 8cuck refugees are technically correct when they say all chans are comprised, but they're still cucks for using it as an excuse for continuing to use pigchan.

Anyone can help out digging by downloading the insurance files before they were tampered with along with the blockchain. The instructions are in the archived threads on how to find the keys through the blockchain and in the text files posted in them.
You just need to make sure your opsec is airtight and not leave ANY trace while you're doing it
Stay offline when extracting the insurance files
Make sure to use Tails OS

I can only speculate that the current phase in progress involves irl means to spread the keys and files.

Godspeed to the anons continuing. I'm not a religious man, but I'll send out another prayer for them to see through the enormous undertaking they're doing.

Also RIP Assange

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