Anonymous 03/20/2017 (Mon) 09:35:23 Id: 0089d9 No. 34837 del
Remember the 8 magician sect women that secretly "ran" South Korea?
I think the whole thing was made up to 1) Impeach the current government for a more warmongering one (so the war between Koreas is more natural/so that different people get the blame) 2) Push the meme magic narrative (Sectants ran South Korea, praise Moloch in wikileaks, Praise KEK! Magic is real!)
At least by the Mainstream narrative they are really going after DPRK, even the brother assassination, all news are about DPRK
It's the most obvious way, but I think that's going to be it, DPRK would be in a full scale war during Trump administration.
>>genocide of all high average IQ Asian nations
>That is almost certainly the next step of their "diversity" program after white genocide. They can't let any smart goyim that might become a threat to them alive.
The next step is already in action, asians are just much harder to crack since they're much more racist than whites and muds/jews don't blend in their society
I remember the 4gag pasta pics about the impeachment (it had the puking girl as the attached pic) and the other one about feminists in East Asia (they were saying something about racemixing with SE Asians, crazy censorship and female supremacism)
No idea if they're legit though.