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The core of your argument hinges on the fact that you think the masses of lemmings are capable of this eternal vigilance.
In the past this was possible due to America being majority white, and having an education system that instilled traditional values on the students. This is no longer possible because we have let in hordes of nonwhites that are incapable of assimilating to white American values.

Assimilation to a white nation is impossible for non-white immigrants - there should not even be nonwhite "immigrants"(invaders) in white nations. They cannot uphold white standards, or contribute in any regard to white society. No amount of totally based niggers that put on a #MAGA cap and pretend they don't want to kill whitey for give minutes will change this inherent fact about their people.

A Representative Republic can only work when the entirety of the representatives are white, and determined to uphold white values. If even one subversive gets in it becomes incredibly easy for the rest of the system to go bad. It can later fix itself(see: Andrew Jackson killing the bank and ousting a large swath of nonwhites) but it will always be fighting a downhill battle. To prevent this you would need heavy-handed authoritarians who are constantly on the look out for subversives, which would ultimately lead to tyranny.

>Socialist movements do not respect the individual, ergo any race
National Socialism contradicts this - it is all about upholding the race of a nation above all else. This can not only work in white nations like a Representative Republic but any nation that undertakes an effort to homogenize their people.
>it deems the individual too dumb to think and choose for himself
It's an unfortunate fact that the vast majority of individuals are to dumb to choose for themselves. Women who do "face-fuck" porn "choose" to do that yet it's almost never a good choice, same with race-mixers, drug-addicts, communist advocates, occultism advocates, self-cutters, and whoever the guy that made the infamous "goatse" picture - these are all "choices" that are ultimately harmful to both the individual and the race the individual belongs to.

>That place in order to remain in harmony has secret police that would even put the KGB and maybe our own homeland intelligence to shame.
Let me ask you a question - Do you think the American STASI exists?

also what does this have to do with 8chan meta? if anything? are you trying to tie my NS sentiments back to some "8ch is a hugbox" shit? because I'd agree with you - I'm happy you're able to be here and tout libertarian views even though I disagree with a lot of aspects of what you're saying.

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