Anonymous 03/20/2017 (Mon) 03:47:57 Id: e2103b No. 34827 del
>Pertaining to what?
The degrees. As in, the primary source material. Not the symbolic value, but the academic evidences.
>You are confusing cause and effect.
>but refusal to acknowledge that of others is either ignorance or malice.
Certainly agree there.
>but for the equality of opportunity. Which is pretty much nonexistent in current world.
Disagree. It's just a matter of making opportunity.
>Basically, our difference comes from different theological positions, and yours is Abrahamic most likely?
Seems it. Your conceptions of god/God also seem quite muddled.
>I'm just trying to make some connections based on the information I have. Family history is much more important than people think.
Indeed it is. Which is why i study it so much. But 90% of people are wrong when dealing with heraldry.
Arms don't have to mean anything, and they only belong to one person, not a family.