Anonymous 03/19/2017 (Sun) 18:51:07 Id: de528c No. 34786 del
With liberty comes eternal vigilance, something the population stopped being due to the subversion of the education system. Which afterwards allowed for lobbying bullshit to happen. And no, I don't think niggers, or any other race for that matter should be free to destroy white society in white countries. However it is my belief that freedom of association not being protected is what undid the values of this nation. Not so much immigration reform after immigration reform.

We were forced to accept all immigrants no matter who they were. We went from assimilation to integration instead. I've debated SJWs before and they ABSOLUTELY despise the idea of assimilation. They constantly deride assimilation because it requires for foreigners to adopt to the native land's "patriarchal" values instead of just being another degenerate subversive element of society.

Not just that but the SJWs for some reason despise the notion of ethnic pecking order in any and all countries. It also made me understand why there is such a thing as anti Israel SJWs.

Anyhow, back on tangent, the reason why Representative Republics exist is because they're much harder to corrupt. Something that can be done in a single generation within a centralized governing structure takes centuries to deface in a Representative Republic of any shape and form. However at the end of the day it still befalls upon the people to put a stop to bullshit and remain with eyes wide open.

Socialist movements do not respect the individual, ergo any race because it deems the individual too dumb to think and choose for himself. It does not give the benefit of the doubt and paints all under the same brush. I will say though, the nationalist version of pinko bullshit is much more preferable over the internationalist bullshit. If you want to see a multicultural Socialist despotic government at work look at Singapore.

That place in order to remain in harmony has secret police that would even put the KGB and maybe our own homeland intelligence to shame.