Anonymous 03/19/2017 (Sun) 18:19:55 Id: b071a1 No. 34784 del
>more bullshit of the seizing of the sources of production, monopolizing them via nepotism to a select few, then proceed to call it "freedom"
And what should be done with the sources of production if not giving them to people who are outside of jewish influence? Have you even studied the weimar republic? Something needed to be done and what Hitler did was far superior to what we did over here in the west where we diluted and degraded our values until nothing other than "freedom" and "being american" mattered.
>"freedom" but with the interests of the community.
Do you think niggers should be "free" to destroy white society? Freedom should have limits. That's what laws are, limiting freedom to uphold the society as a whole is a necessary evil.

Your entire argument hinges on muh freedoms when you fail to realize that unregulated freedom is what led to the conditions that required a heavy-handed authoritarian leader to fix.