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>Certainly the ritual books

Pertaining to what? Rituals have certain symbolic value, but I have always valued concrete knowledge more. Have you tried facing your inner demons yet? Ritually or otherwise. In general, how far do you think you have gotten with "building your inner temple"?

>You may as well have compared two people, one of whom trained more than the other.

You are confusing cause and effect. Of course, all things depend on the point of view, but refusal to acknowledge that of others is either ignorance or malice. Neither of which lead towards God and enlightenment. I am by no means advocating for the equality of outcome, which I find rather repulsive, but for the equality of opportunity. Which is pretty much nonexistent in current world. I am as "commie" as US founding fathers were.

>so forget who comes first, as long as you finish the race yourself

Correct, but I prefer enlightened self interest to short term individualistic selfishness characteristic for modern societies.

>Aye, couldn't help it. But the point stands that you're working with a misunderstanding of God (capital G). To say the supreme formative and controlling force of the universe can be affected by it's creation is to not actually be talking about it.

My understanding of God (with a capital G) is that it has no contact with the material world whatsoever, at least no direct contact. And "god" (with a lowercase g) has everything to do with it, in fact, every atom is imbued with it's essence. In this case the formative force is "borrowed" and control absolute (in intent, in practice it's not always the case) Since the domain of that god encompasses a very limited spectrum of existence, and is by no means infinite, it can in fact, be cancelled out, "killing" it's creator in the process. And that includes all the "co-creators" who base their creation on powers bestowed by him. But these concepts are too arcane for our current discussion, so I digress. Basically, our difference comes from different theological positions, and yours is Abrahamic most likely?

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