Anonymous 03/19/2017 (Sun) 16:35:32 Id: 362e06 No. 34777 del
Exactly. Neutralizing 8gag was a damage control project for them, not a victory by any means. What ultimately matters is not what the masses think (quantity), but what the intellectual elite (let's call it that way) thinks (quality). And their half-assed marketing textbook attempt at a psyop has only alienated the real movers and shakers even more, and pushed them even deeper underground. On the surface, the threat is eliminated, and bad goyim are back in the flock. But these kikes couldn't figure out the more ... subtle ... effects of certain actions no matter what. And they won't realize it until it's too late.

Always remember, the sole fact that they have to force content and ban any dissent means that their memes are inferior, and that we hold the intellectual edge. They resort to spam and shitty memes because they have nothing else. Their last grasp is to try to maintain absolute control of information flow (this time aided by high technology) and use the dumbest and least learned tiers of society for forcing their will through "democratic means". Which is pretty much what they have been doing IRL for the past several decades, now applied online.

Our goal must be to re-concentrate the right people (the kind that made 8pol great initially) and then forge a memetic blade that will cut through their shaky layers of deception like a hot knife through butter.