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Gottfried was a student under Herbert Marcuse, one of the original Frankfurt Shool members:
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"After graduation, Gottfried returned to Connecticut to attend Yale as a doctoral student, where he studied under Herbert Marcuse. A chapter of his memoir is devoted to Marcuse, one of the seminal intellectuals of the Frankfurt school whose critique of mass democracy profoundly shaped the new-left."

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This article states that even though Gottfried is in the conservative camp, he came across sympathetic towards Marcuse in his book.

On conservative connections, Wikipedia states: Gottfried "was a friend of many political and intellectual figures: such as Richard Nixon, Pat Buchanan, John Lukacs, Thomas Molnar, Will Herberg, Samuel T. Francis, Paul Piccone, Murray Rothbard, Eugene Genovese, Christopher Lasch, and Robert Nisbet."

Don't know what level was the connection to Nixon, but with Nixon we also have the beginning of the China story and Kissinger, who is still around. By the way seems like Nixon also had connections to Armand hammer: h ttps://w

"Even though the United States Department of Mines objected that the massive transfer of Florida phosphates to the Soviet Union would deplete American reserves, President Nixon wrote a letter to William Casey, then the head of the Export-Import Bank, in which he strongly recommended granting the Soviet Union a low-interest loan of $180 million to build the plants and pipelines it needed for the Hammer enterprise. Nixon declared that the loan would be in the national interest, and it was therefore approved by Casey. (Hammer had indeed personally briefed Nixon on the status of his deal, adding, according to the White House tapes, I am glad to tell you that I am a member of the $100,000 Club, - referring to his illegal cash contribution to the Nixon campaign.)"

Armand Hammer was around in the Soviet Union at it's beginning in Lenin's time: "He says that Lenin, hearing of his offer, invited him to the Kremlin, and told him: We do not need doctors, we need businessmen ...Communism is not working and we must change to a New Economic Policy. Then, according to Hammer, Lenin offered him a concession for mining asbestos in the Urals and another for organizing Soviet foreign trade - the first foreign concessions ever in the Soviet Union."

I think libertarian Murray Rothbard, also listed above as one of Gottfried's friend, was suspected by some to be a soviet agent.

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