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A race of natural born psychopaths will not follow a centuries old agenda to eventually rule the world openly without ever splitting in factions and power struggles among themselves. It's more likely Trump is not a fall guy at all, but instead a puppet of a rival Jewish faction to the one which controls the EU, the talmudvision mass media, the shitlibs and SJWs in general and Hollywood. However, that doesn't matter, for a dispute of such nature always ends in a lose-lose situation for everyone who isn't a Jew.
If the globalists opposing the "Alt-Right Jews" win, the final death of all European peoples and nations founded by Europeans will be even more drastically accelerated, hopefully to a point that will wake up enough people for one final chance to put an end to this.
If they lose, it'll be a slower but still certain drive towards white extinction with most lemmings thinking they "won" and the "Alt-Right" will become mainstream, but that will ultimately only serve to eliminate all risks of the Jew World Order agenda ever failing.
Now, as a very long term prediction of what will happen if the kikes succeed in all their schemes:
>death of all civilization
What the Jews will create shall be less of a civilization than a skeleton being pulled by strings is alive.
>billions of deaths
WW3 will be only the beginning.
>genocide of all white nations
They are even openly gloating about it already.
>genocide of all high average IQ Asian nations
That is almost certainly the next step of their "diversity" program after white genocide. They can't let any smart goyim that might become a threat to them alive.
>everlasting stagnation
Jews don't create technology, they just rip it off from smarter goyim by stealing ideas, exploiting intellectual property laws, etc. Furthermore, they will be even less inclined to invent anything given they will never need to do any physical or mental labor once their global government is set up, leading to the first true and final dark age of man.
>eons of unfathomable misery and suffering to nonwhites who aren't Jews

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