Anonymous 03/19/2017 (Sun) 00:05:17 Id: 8ea3d1 No. 34744 del

The courts in Lincoln's time, US Supremes totally controlled by Jesuit/Zio Vatican schemes along the lines of Jesuit Motto "Impious Kings Must die", CAUSED the 1857 conflict. Britain had already freed the slaves. You could say freeing blacks from the whip and anklechains didn't help the world, but I am of the opinion the Brits and then Abe were right to do it. That question will NEVER be resolved, we will all be dead before there is an answer.

But they could have given Dredd Scott SOME rights, he wasn't a totally stupid negro, he was somewhat classy in his way. So, yeah, the Zionist and Hitler built Israel. And if Abe could look forward from 1865 to 1963 he would most certainly agree with Grant and DEPORT ALL JEWS FROM AMERICA as Grant suggested. While I do point the correct godlike finger at the Jezzies, I also know their avarice and greed is nothing compared to the Jew.