Anonymous 03/18/2017 (Sat) 23:52:26 Id: 8ea3d1 No. 34742 del
>Habeas Corpus
>demands that a prisoner be taken
>before the court, and that
>the custodian present proof of authority,
>allowing the court
>to determine whether
>the custodian has lawful authority
>to detain the prisoner.

Habeas Corpus assumes the courts matter: THEY DO NOT except for rich fuckers and lawyers. Court may have mattered when there were fewer lawyers and less code. In the future, lawyers will be seen as empty vessels waiting for god's wrath.

The entire trade/guild of lawyers and accountants will be eliminated down to the last person. Because that's what is needed to get rid of double books, debt mongering, wage slaving, and all the enmities the Jew presses against the actions of Jesus (eliminating shitty churches and ruining their debt chains)