sage sage 03/18/2017 (Sat) 21:34:43 Id: 7cd468 No. 34717 del
Everyone knows the old shitposting and shilling recipe book you are following to the letter with excremental threads like this one. Something that would read like this.
- Butthurt leftards because of (((Trump)))
- VPNs
- int* memes
- reddit spacing
- Gigantic faggotry
- Pathetic samefag
- A few shekels
1 - Set up TOR or VPNs or preferably both
2 - Give shekels to the shills as filling.
3 - Recruit leftards to do it for free as seasoning.
4 - Use int* to schedule the shitposting raid on /pol/ .
5 - Shitpost the same D&C and trite shilling like "Irish aren't white", again and again, always using reddit spacing.
6 - If nobody replies to such obvious shilling, be a samefag. Switch proxies if possible to avoid making it too obvious you are replying to your own threads.

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