Spacebaby(tm) goes forth Anonymous 03/18/2017 (Sat) 18:08:29 Id: c70551 No. 34708 del
No baby is born without at least one human that would love it. Someone some where will love and raise for 20+ years, any baby at all, yes even with downs or some crippling disease, LOVE IS THERE TO BE HAD.

I can take a baby of any gender or race and make them more valuable as a commodity than they were. Because I am able to transfer knowledge of scholar level. Also to teach it self defense, and good citizen behavior. If I were given all the "would have been aborted" babies, I may use some of these babies as astronauts, yes, as the Russians used that cute series of doggies. But only because babies weigh less and are able to grow during the journey as we see in the fine Superman(tm) films. But aborting them, and not even giving them a tiny little cross or a tiny little grave, is just a disgusting way to run a planet. Point is, a baby to two Islamists, is going to die if they don't grow up bowing to Mohammed. They won't abort the brat, as the Chinese and American and Euro do, but they will, surely, militarize that baby, you can be sure of that. They will regimentalize the fuck out of that child, coldly, and with intent. As you know, some systems root the baby's earlier than others, but still do allow it to emerge and live. Some other systems just knife it in the womb.