Anonymous 03/18/2017 (Sat) 17:13:34 Id: c54d70 No. 34701 del

Okay, a "bump" is just when someone posts the word "Bump" and so necrobump would irritate you, because why just bump a thread with no comment or update? And I can see this being irritating but on other forums, a necrobump is not a word either, again, subjective term. I would say it's okay by me, if someone types "bump" or posts a pic on an old thread, I did that a lot at GLP and LOP and have 2000 page threads full of peanuts of truth. Here tho, people want new threads, which, will always create a meaningless front page of new shit and sliding the good rich posts.

A necropost would be where you actually type thoughts. For example the rebranding National Socialism or the WW3 thread. I ruled those threads and brought decent chops to them. People with no content (I see them all as jealous intl crowd or Obama fans really) got upset; Now I don't touch them to keep the pigeons from cooing. Some threads rest on the bottom because they are too heavy to touch --again. Other threads drop because they never got touched at all.

Anyway I think you guise know whats up. No complaints. Honestly its nice to have this discussion since other forums do not allow it. Endchan is awesome thanks.

Just quickly can you mention to me what benefits come from registering? I have been thinking of adopting the GLPtard namefag label so that I may be more active without causing confusion.