Anonymous 03/18/2017 (Sat) 05:39:52 Id: b071a1 No. 34656 del
>keep us from force fucking 4/8 to submission.
And how exactly would "we" do that? Try to spread any non-kosher message on there and you get banned.
Even some nip who paid indians(dot)to whip up a spambot because /furry/ and /erp/ trolled him to death couldn't even make a dent.

"containment board" is a shitty cuckchan meme that's ultimately meaningless. Every board "contains" something that other boards wouldn't want on it. I don't want /pol/ shit on /v/ or /tech/ for instance, and I don't want threads about AMD chipsets on /pol/. Calling shit a "containment board xDDDD" just demonstrates you have no clue how imageboards work, especially larger ones.