Anonymous 03/17/2017 (Fri) 05:24:47 Id: 86e186 No. 34579 del
>Refusing to counter-subvert Internet memes and letting the shills take over and fully control them is an incredibly defeatist attitude.
Not when the intent fueling the meme is inherently harmful.
Like pepe/kek shit which is specifically designed to invoke a sense of hyperreality in the viewer. It's why there's so many muh timelines posts on 8ch right now.

Even the term "red pilled" comes from the matrix and is also potentially crafted to invoke a sense of dualistic hyperreality. Notice all the "red and blue" propaganda going around. Everywhere you see something blue it is usually accompanied by red and vice versa.
Mostly talking about advertisements and commercial products. Like the Nintendo Switch, that has a red controller and a blue controller both of which are shaped sort of like pills.