Anonymous 03/16/2017 (Thu) 04:08:27 Id: 055ce3 No. 34519 del
>you can't differentiate between literal children, redditors, and people trying to be "in" on a meme
>some sort of group conspiring to somehow elevate Austimo-Supremo to some sort of position of power
You think these are different things? They constantly talk about wanting to "meme" him into power, what kind of effect does this have on their brains? What kind of causes do you think it makes them want to support?
>All those trannies running around are actual men and women I guess.
That's what psychiatry says, so you're contradicting yourself here by shilling for muh meds in one post then saying trannys aren't really whatever they think they are in another.

And if you knew that the fuck you were talking about regarding this you'd know that meds do fuck-all for someone with a real mental illness because there's no quantifiable evidence supporting the "chemical imbalance" theory.

>replace anon now with reddit and you can better understand where this rhetoric and line of thinking is coming from
>Just because it doesn't align to traditional anon thought, doesn't mean it wasn't organic
And yet you admit it's inorganic because you know it's coming from normalfags and redditors.
These idiots are brainwashed, so in a way it is organic. It's just not organic to anyone who can see through it and knows where it's coming from.