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>Barron has been pushed as a messiah figure by the same faggots who unironically say God Emperor.
And your autism stems from the fact that you can't differentiate between literal children, redditors, and people trying to be "in" on a meme and some sort of group conspiring to somehow elevate Austimo-Supremo to some sort of position of power. This is the definition of severe autism or schizophrenia.
>muh psychiatry shill
I guess that means we can through out the concept of mental illness, thanks for clearing that up for everyone. All those trannies running around are actual men and women I guess.

>Are you trying to say Trump isn't being shilled as a messiah figure? Are you saying there isn't a large swath of "anons" who bought into the "Trump is l*terally Hitler" meme?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. replace anon now with reddit and you can better understand where this rhetoric and line of thinking is coming from. Just because it doesn't align to traditional anon thought, doesn't mean it wasn't organic. The chans have been replaced with fucking normies and redditors.