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As for this, being weary of anyone asking you to compromise is a healthy and good thing.
The PRfag mindset is what killed gamergate, it's what's currently killing the aut-kike.
They both compromised and compromised until they were indistinguishable from their initial enemy

>oh we hate SJWs for trying to fuck with our hobby
>goes out and becomes SJWs that support wymyn in gaming #notyourshield

>we're not cool with getting demographically displaced in our ancestral homelands
>cucks for israel, cucks for any BASED nigger that puts on a #MAGA xD hat and pretends he doesn't hate the white race for five minutes
>will inevitably be faced with similar questions like "should we accept BASED jihadis and will have similar results(cucking out and diluting their ideals so they don't look bad and can maintain the illusion they are "winning")