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That is basically what all those kek threads are.

>it's everyone's responsibility to raise the posting level on 4pol
You don't understand why we left cuckchan if you think this. Google captcha and the fact that the staff themselves are actively against any sort of pro-white sentiment is enough to keep me away from that site forever.

Then again I am of the mindset that the lemmings will follow whoever wins and wins properly, revolution is a spectator sport. 4cucks are lemmings, they will come around eventually if/when the culture keeps shifting to a more pro-white stance.

My problems with 4cuck are the same as my problems with reddit, on some level the site(in 4cuck's case the culture that developed on the site) stifles discussion and turns everything into a big clusterfuck of trivial information that the userbase is less likely to take seriously thanks to this "everything is a meme" mindset that was instilled in them. imo they are braindead and beyond saving for using a site that hates them and actively tries to remove them and has such a low level of discourse that most posts are only one line and contain almost no actual content.