Anonymous 03/13/2017 (Mon) 12:13:11 Id: 2e9662 No. 34357 del
I think the 8gag project might've backfired them a lot
8gag is going to die this year, it's consuming itself, Jim is banning everyone who isn't a pedophile/weeaboo, frogposter or a thedonald Trumpophile, soon there would be multiple "nazi waifu threads with maga hats" and other caricatures in the catalog. There are entire threads devoted to rolling dubs.
4pol mods are jews too, but they are lazy and can't cover the posting speed.

The current evolution chain looks like this: 8chan is rapidly losing the userbase, those people migrate to 4pol and spread the information they know to the newfags on 4pol, 4pol is at the most jew aware diverse stage ever, there are people straight from /b/ and thedonald and refugees from 8gag who are more educated, so the 8gag refugees are actively educating an entire generation whereas in the previous year they were all "MUUUH PR" and ">posting on cuckchan".
I seriously think it's good news, but the jews are the real 4D chess players, so you can't really know.
Also, it's everyone's responsibility to raise the posting level on 4pol, this is the single best place on the internet with people willing to listen and where truth is not censored, we seriously need to take action before it's too late.