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>Any interesting findings you'd recommend?
Certainly the ritual books. The Manuscripts are hackneyed, but with good reason. Nothing both rare and interesting yet, though.
Some of the best things i've seen were lodge notices (taken from town notice boards, newspapers, etc) announcing what they were doing at the meeting in terms of education, but sadly not much of the actual content remains.
>If the first one "wins" , is it really a victory?
Yes. To him. You may as well have compared two people, one of whom trained more than the other. For all intents and purposes, he may well have started further ahead. That's just life.
But life isn't just about beating others, so forget who comes first, as long as you finish the race yourself.
>Well, you haven't actually refuted anything I wrote, you just called me names.
Aye, couldn't help it. But the point stands that you're working with a misunderstanding of God (capital G). To say the supreme formative and controlling force of the universe can be affected by it's creation is to not actually be talking about it.
>What can anon tell me about Shriners?
A charity group which infected American Rite Masonry. Good chaps, but their entire goal is frivolity and charity/alms giving.
>Their symbolism looks kind of similar to an old emblem of my clan
When dealing with heraldry, you need to throw out all assumptions. They often mean nothing, and rarely belong to whom you think. As in, that's not a "clan emblem." It looks like standard arms belonging to lower gentry (as indicated by the coronet). Seems that the Latin is describing something else, rather than being a proper blazon.