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>Several steps ahead there. Still working my way through our pre-1750s section.
Any interesting findings you'd recommend?

>If you actually wanted change, you would make it happen.
Yes and no. Imagine a 1000m race. Some people start 5m before the finish, some start at the beginning and have to jump over chasms of burning lava to get there. If the first one "wins" , is it really a victory?

>Oh good, we've descended into memes
Couldn't help it kek

>Then why are you so lousy at it?
Well, you haven't actually refuted anything I wrote, you just called me names.

>Dat fez

What can anon tell me about Shriners? Their symbolism looks kind of similar to an old emblem of my clan (pic related) And there have been certain connections which I'm trying to figure out.