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The conclusion I came to was that it was an alt-right attempt at subverting the /pol/ "brand"
Wherever we move next it should not be a "chan" - the "branding" will always attract cancerous faggots. I think the ol' GLPisser only posts here because he wants to experience 'chan culture' or something. He's not doing a very good job of assimilating even though he's less erratic now.
I was considering hosting a modified kusaba instance on a "myIB" branded domain. I think the idea of "myIB" is better than *chan. "My Image Board" perfectly encapsulates HW's original vision for 8ch and by extension the vision behind endchan - everyone gets their own imageboard.
Part of me hates usercreated boards and thinks it goes against NatSoc so I don't know if this is a good idea - kind of rambling here.

Immediately there was overzealous hotpocketing and a lot of people espousing alt-kike talking points, it was very sketchy.
They started a board on 8ch /polchanpol/ and afaik there was never any reason given for the domain's closure.