Anonymous 01/06/2017 (Fri) 18:17:59 Id: c6a1ed No. 27696 del
The Learningcode thread on was deleted.

>Learningcode stalked Smiley
>Smiley doxxed LC, Phantasm , some arab and a bunch of other people who had harrassed him on 4chon (all the info is in the old thread and on /baph/)

>Learningcode shows up in the thread and a few /pol/acks grill him on the Imkampfy bullshit

>He claims he was never involved with 8ch moderation at all, or even the supposed IRC caps under his name, and that an imitator who also used the name "blart" is the actual Rachposter and likely the "learningcode" who moddded /newsplus/

>He does admit to fucking with Wizardchan and being in contact with Hotwheels pre-Jim takeover, but not Jim himself

>Someone else (potentially FoKy) is the one who made all the "learningcode Imkampfy" graphics with the Turk shitposter Berkay's face on them.

>Berkay is just a random turk who shitposts on Krautchan, and posted in our /8meta/ thread to confirm that that's him in the pics and he has nothing to do with this

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