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R: 101 / I: 34 / P: 1

Official Meta Thread #1

This will serve as a spiritual successor to the "New BO" thread.

Old Thread:
h ttps://

Discuss any and all things related to endchan's /pol/ here. I am open to any and all questions, comments, suggestions, etc.
Thank you anon who provided a zip of the .pl flags.

R: 89 / I: 29 / P: 1

/8meta/ 4th thread - do we not have a postlimit? Edition

Discuss here all things 8chan related, as well as meta-discussion regarding other imageboards.
Talk about bans, mod abuse, and drama from other imageboards here. Threads about imageboard drama outside of this will be locked.

Old Threads: (2) (3)

R: 86 / I: 25 / P: 1

>some jews are okay lol
>israel is good because jews will keep to themselves
>based <jew or muslim>, why did we dislike them??
>wow why do you hate muslims they're just victims of the jews false flags (you have to love one or the other if you're a kike puppet)
>some jews are actually pro-white like us! we should ally with them like hitler did! (ignoring that hitler would not sign the haavara agreement if he knew they'd create the holohoax)

Too many newfaggots will see the well poisoning and believe it, especially if you just glance at posts here. The poison is seeping. Their poison will ultimately be our death.


We propose:
a) no more browning the west
b) no more supporting the EU and UN (who are indubitably arms of the Jewish political class's dominance)
c) no more warmongering with russia to distract russians and americans from their interior (jewry) problems
d) NO support for Israel, or other "good muslims". Be it in finance or military. Cut them off at the root. Watch them infight without our feeding hand.
e) NO more foreign aid to areas for the sake of foreign aid. Foreign aid should be used only to help a nation after a disaster. An annual stipend in the form of "aid" is theft from taxpayers and facilitates third world nations having exploding populations (who then flow across open borders into europe, russia, and the USA)


Their new playbook is trying to DISCREDIT positive policies and poison the well


Notice an increase in pro-jew threads lately?

Notice a massive bump in "jews are okay if they stay in israel goy" and "muslims arre just victims of the jews"/"false flag semites dindu nuffin" shilling?

Notice shills saying "trump is le dividing zionist jews against other jews! Look at how publicly upset these jews are toward him!!" and then ignoring how jews will publicly play enemy with their allies (a la USA and USSR to distract both their citizenry) to facilitate destroying host nations?

That's not a coincidence. They play both sides. They know they must neuter "nationalism" in it's rebirth and mould it appropriately.

R: 13 / I: 0 / P: 1

Jews,luminati just want to know

What was the political motivation behind the civil war ? For instance messages back then took along time to travel and a lot of the pieces were moving fairly quickly. How can we explain munipulators such as willian Lloyd garrison who obviously had motives, he was all talk and no action which is a flag in my book. I always have known Lincoln wasn't a good person just on the basis of how the books and government hype him up but anyone have some real deep insight into all this?

R: 22 / I: 4 / P: 1

Kek made him, Kek will erase him

America is done for. Trump pussied out.

>siding with terrorists (((Saudis)))
>messing around with Iran
>messing around in Kikeland
>cementing the (((Police State)))

he's literally the guy from "Escape from L.A." now, a bigot pussy & insane clown

it's over. this is really the end.
trump is already worse than obama in his foreign policy. this will destroy the usa. anyone who is too blind to see this, is a burger.

(shit kike translation btw. it's "trumps packt with the devil". the kikes translate devil with daring game, because that's what this is for them, a game)

h ttps://

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 1

Disney Cuts Pewdiepie Ties

h ttps://w
Fiverr suspended the accounts of Mr. Kjellberg, the two men in the video and the Jesus actor whom Mr. Kjellberg paid to say, “Hitler did nothing wrong,” according to a person familiar with the matter. Of the actor’s suspension, Mr. Kjellberg said in a later video, “Isn’t it ironic that Jews found another way to fuck Jesus over?” Fiverr is based in Tel Aviv.

Mr. Kjellberg’s videos in recent weeks have drawn the praise of neo-Nazi websites like Daily Stormer, which the Southern Poverty Law Center on Thursday dubbed the “top hate site in America.”

On Jan. 23, the site changed its motto to “The world’s #1 PewDiePie fansite,” according to the Internet Archive, celebrating Mr. Kjellberg for “making the masses comfortable with our ideas.”

PewDiePie’s account also took down three videos with a total of about 23 million views—the Jan. 11 video, and ones from Jan. 17 and Jan. 22—after the Journal’s inquiries. In the Jan. 22 video, Mr. Kjellberg showed a man dressed as Jesus Christ saying, “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Since August, PewDiePie has posted nine videos that include anti-Semitic jokes or Nazi imagery, according to a review of his channel by The Wall Street Journal.
On Monday after the Journal contacted Disney about the videos, the entertainment giant said it was severing ties with Mr. Kjellberg, who as PewDiePie rose to prominence via clips of himself playing videogames or performing skits and making crude jokes.

R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 1


>Still, experts say foreign intelligence services are scrutinizing every clip and photo for possible insight into the inner workings of the U.S. government. That would include a 27-second video that White House social media director Dan Scavino posted to Twitter on Saturday night that features Trump’s entourage, including the military officer carrying the nuclear codes.

h ttps://

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 1

Is Trash Dove the new Pepe?

Hey vros, think it would be worthwhile to discuss duping the media into reporting non news and this might be one that sticks

R: 45 / I: 16 / P: 1

Hitler was a Rothschild bastard

Hitler was a Rothschild bastard

> The central bank of central banks: The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) was a result of Hitler.
>The United Nations (UN) was a result of Hitler
>Hitler captured and release a (((Rothschild)))

h ttps://

Anyone have this book:
Inside the Gestapo by Hansjurgen Koehler
The Mind of Adolf Hitler by Walter Langer

R: 18 / I: 1 / P: 1

Well, what then?

Trump is a kike, Putin is a kike, everybody that has ever seemed to have an inkling of hope has turned out to be a kike. Is there no leader at all? What are we (National Socialists) supposed to do other than prolong our existence? It's obviously not the right time to revolutionise in full, but there must be something we can do in the meantime other than proving anybody with hope is just a cryptokike.

What are we doing or what are we supposed to be doing?

R: 14 / I: 5 / P: 2

EPA cuts

So Trump's new budget will cut the EPA the most.

And the Exxon CE0 he made head the department filed a dozen lawsuits against the EPA, his arch enemy, and is he now under investigation for funding false information about climate change. Almost all of the emails demanded for the subpoena have gone missing. h ttps://w

Trump has captured the EPA and plans to nerf it. Hope you're not living in a polluted area.

R: 8 / I: 4 / P: 2

Annual 3/22 Happening Thread

Happy skull and bones day niggers, here's the rundown on the latest "terrorist attack"

>Gunshots heard outside Parliament, people run over with a car on the bridge in Westminster, many injured, person fell in river, police officer stabbed, attacker shot, identified as le peaceful shitskin etc.


R: 15 / I: 5 / P: 2

Weird UN religion

I don't know what I've stumbled into and hope that the hivemind can make sense of this. Seems that Occupy and the UN are related and tie back to some crazy new age religion. Across the years some Occupy twitter timelines have linked to

The Shift Network
Transition US
Various "Peace" organizations tying to the UN

Many of the twitter accounts for occupy and the above movements were started in early 2012. They all tie to the UN and new age religion.

h ttps://
This website shows the website registration for the first occupy website belonging to someone at a UN new age group.

Spiritual Caucus at the UN website
h ttps:// Home
h ttps:// About
h ttps:// Contact
h ttps:// Resources
h ttps:// History

What are the implications of this? It is fucking bizarre.

R: 40 / I: 3 / P: 2

Why are old posts from over a year ago being saved on Endchan's database?

Thanks to >>34988 making an error with quoting a different poster, he has linked instead to post >>3485, which shows us a post from January 6, 2016. I thought when a thread 404s, all posts are deleted for good. I guess the .xyz domain name should've been a clue. It's like deja vu from when 4chan deleted /new/ in 2009 and relaunched it in 2010, but saved all of the old posts from 2009 before shutting it down before too many goyim knew.

To see how many old posts are being saved, I'll just link to a random bunch of posts that should be gone by now:
>>1 >>200 >>2005 >>10000 >>12345 >>1488 >>9374 >>7890 >>3827 >>1920 >>2608 >>14928 >>7777 >>33 >>100 etc.

So, let's review our experience of End/pol/:
1. On a board using a strongly Zionist-connected domain name (.xyz, and according to h ttps://, "On .xyz domains, it's forbidden to defame: Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey, and Daniel Negari (CEO of XYZ[2]).[3]")
2. Has obviously shitstirring users who go unpunished (GLPtard, who the mod seems to protect, and the potato nigger spammer (likely learningcode or whoever the faggot was that spammed against "Germanics" back on who goes unpunished for at least a week after shitstirring and derailing threads (and who uses a proxy, making bans futile, post/thread deletion would be better))
3. And now, is apparently harvesting old posts even though they've supposedly 404ed.

R: 30 / I: 14 / P: 2

Paul Joseph Watson Is Of Jewish Ancestry

paul watson is now officially confirmed to have jew dna

he is working indirectly for cia (alex jones cousin is working for cia)
alex jones is also at least quarter kike and was married to a jewish woman and has two children with her.
jones discovered by zionist and his goal is to shift blame over to "illuminati leftist muslims"

he approved paul watson to shill for him with great success. p.j. watsons video views receive up to several million views.
main tactic of watson is to avoid mentioning anything uncomfortable for the average 99% mind.

example of watson tactic: date 1 april
american muslims youtuber puts a video online on praising donald trump.
wats falls for it and links a video on his twitter account and praises the muslim on youtube comment section
"oh wow you are a good muslim".
half a hour later he realizes its april the 1st so he deletes tweet and youtube comments.

this is basically his main tactic. he takes anything that benefits jew agenda and to bypass the average mindset and uses it for his purpose.

he has connections to: lauren southern (simonsen), the rebel, breitbart, milo, spence etc. and is a key person of hte alt-right, a jewish organization to hijack the right to elect a jewish "right" establishment

he is shilling for donald trump, le pen, wilders, afd
all of the are israel approved and jew financed or even jew created (like the afd)

watson himself denies to be jewish of ancestry yet i did a comparison of facial features to (((tony blair))) and watson matching jewish facial characteristics
(if anyone has his parents or grandparents photos please share them)

R: 24 / I: 9 / P: 2

Make Student Loans Dischargeable in Bankruptcy

Hello this is a crosspost from 8/pol/
as shitty and overrun with shills as it has become :( i'm still trying to do something pölkisch

The goal is to strike at marxist academia and cut off funds to universities. End the easy money in the form of loans to students. Stop 18 year old whites with their lives ahead of them from indebting themselves to the kikes so they can pay for their own indoctrination while gaining nothing in job prospects. If you want to MAGA, a great way to start is by killing the college racket.

I've made a petition for this on

If you think it's a worthy cause, sign the petition here:

h ttps://


>inb4 personal responsibility cucks show up
Making "personal responsibility" arguments against allowing student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy will be considered "not-an-argument" and off topic for this thread. I understand your position but the goal is to kill the college racket.

>pic related is unrelated but is my favorite dubs pic

R: 34 / I: 12 / P: 2

Future event predictions

There should be a thread like this up at all times, we need a centralized place to analyze narratives

A common question people ask is why did the jews create a conflict between Trumpstein, Brexit and the media, they essentially rendered their own propaganda sources as fake news, why did they do such a sacrifice?
I have the simplest explanation, but it also makes a lot of sense
>as you know the elections are selections, and the selectors are the same people who run the media, so this part is nothing new, the whole conflict was staged for a fact
>Trump is still viewed as an enemy of the state by the media
The direct implications of this:
>They will frame Trump, Brexit and Le Pen with Wilders as bad people, not with words, but with action
>They are going to achieve this by creating a catastrophical event and framing the said politicians as the people who were responsible for this
The possible catastrophies:
>A financial crisis
>Nukes dropped on North Korea, Teheran and Teheran allies ("You shouldn't trust Trump/Le Pen/(Putin?) the nuclear codes" was predictive programming)
>Those alt-right politicians would later be impeached, media would be shining in glory telling people that they were right all along, the jewish establishment (as viewed by the people, e.g. the "liberal establishment") would not get blamed for the events

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 2

Now we see the real Bernie Sanders

Now that he has nothing to lose from being honest it's obvious he would have been the best president we were offered. He has been attacking trump non-stop, and has reduced to give the DNA his list of supporters. In doing good so he has shown more integrity and rationality than any other recent former presidential candidate, including McCain.

h ttps://

h ttps://w

I was also impressed by his ability to listen during an interview with Bill Nye without interrupting or trying to steal the limelight.

R: 39 / I: 12 / P: 2

The American Problem and the Solution to it.

America is CANCER
h ttps://
"America from day zero was a nightmare of miscegenation, that was founded by the cultural spastics and degenerates of England. For starters, these people were the 'dispossessed;' they were a ragged compilation ranging from merchants in the elite to beggars who became indentured servants; but no one of nobility ruled the first British colonies, the rulership was made by whoever happened to make money. It is no shock that these people all sold out to the jews well before anyone in Europe.

The first American explorers and west-pushers always fucked indians, which is why there is the frequent faint stain of melungozation in almost every American you meet. it is subtle but it is there. Especially in the later colonizations of the American west there was more and more rapid degeneration of blood corresponding to the date of settlement. In california it happened right as the state was being developed and with gooks and niggers whereas in say new england and parts of the south there is some meek degree of racial health. The midwest, northwest/flyover country is a notable exception but only in the racial (white) or racial-subgroup (nordic) sense, not in the ethnic (germanic, celtic, slavic, in the way that New England and Utah are English).

From the start while there was much good blood in America it was always bastardized and spiritually soiled because of no aryan leadership and as a result no structure so eventually it bastardized. Later the same rule dominated time and time again, this is exhibited in the entire Northern war effort in the civil war being due to conscription of recent German and Swedish arrivals who were of racial health. Every 40-50 years America passes a cycle where its jewish degeneracy corrupts the soul of its host races, and it must therefore aquire new immigrants to fill the backbone of its economy. The slogan, written on that symbol of grand freedumb the new colossus: Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, that I may exploit and fuck them."
"America was always viewed as a frontier of Europe, where new and radical European ideas were already being applied. This was the case for capitalism, which was emerging subversively under the lords and kings of europe but reigned from the first day on in America; and indeed the very first English settlements were assets of the Virginia company controlled by the London stock exchange.

Liberal ideas had barely taken form, and were viewed as a moderate and small repair for the brutality and extremity of european monarchies were made into the heart of all hearts for american ideas. Technologies which in Europe were to be used where suitable in America formed the whole way in which the land was cultivated and the people lived. The ugly face of modern civilized christianity as all-abstraction, all-subversion, all-judaism without the pagan and esoteric traditions of early and medieval christianity which was just beginning to reveal itself in England (Puritans) was literally, the life of the first American communities.

R: 85 / I: 88 / P: 2

Literature Thread

/pol/ books and literature thread.
Post books you're reading and books we should read.

I'll start.

R: 88 / I: 32 / P: 3

The Faggotization of White Nationalism

The push for effeminization and 'softening' in racialist movements is nothing new: Hollywood pretend-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell's movement was alleged to have a substantial share of homos, Frank Collins/Cohen is a known jewish pederast, and there have been past explicit LGBT-themed "Aryan" movements in the US, the UK, and Germany (and likely other countries) in the 20th century.

But what makes the latest incarnation of so-called "white nationalism" (the kind of the last fifteen years, but especially the last five) particularly deadly is its inherent and deliberate wussified structure and core. Known faggots like Milo Yiannapoulos and Richard Spencer are now being astroturfed as the leaders of a jew-created 'movement' known as the alt-right, which to many Borg drone dipshits is synonymous with white nationalism in general. Further down the rabbit hole we find cretins like the drag queen James O'Meara and his My Nationalist Pony crap. O'Meara is associated with open homo Greg "Brown" Johnson and his Counter Currents website. David Duke, who has always looked like a weirdo, is steering his flock of sheeple into the Trump cult. Shalomfront, one of Duke's hangouts, is long known for pushing wimpiness in the WN crowd, from their gay as hell cover songs done by the gay as hell rabbit "Horus the Avenger", to the faggy downfall of the fedora-resembling-hat-wearing Derek Black.

The fake Charleston church shooting 'committed' by a bowlcut, low muscle dweeb who could pass for a high school freshman was purposely done to make it look like those who are young racialists are likely to be Asperger underweight weirdos with no conscience. The fake "Norway attacks" (why is it called that and not something like "Oslo and Utoya attacks"?) was done by a fictious sim who had "hidden" gay tendencies and was/is obsessed with video games and who lived with his mother at 32.

Even more "mainstream" right-wingers like (the probable jew likely using a pseudonym) Gavin McInnes and known jew and trans-sympathizer Andrew Auernheimer are obvious faggots.

How do we counter the faggotry being forced on us? Frankly, I would never call myself a white nationalist, which is now synonymous with "racist queersexual" to the wide-eyed masses.

Also, post whatever evidence you have of other subversive faggots in the "WN" community.

R: 12 / I: 5 / P: 3

So, are the Zainichi Japan's Niggers or Jews?

R: 49 / I: 13 / P: 3

Who is jewing who?

1)Who the fuck is jewing who anymore?
2)What happened with Did people there finally realize the place is a huge circlejerk that has lost all critical thought?
3)Is Trump jewing us for sure?
4)What is the future of pol?
5)How the fuck do I follow everything anymore? So much fragmentation, so much information and so much shit fake new dillution with the truth everywhere.
help me out please, love you all -no homo

R: 16 / I: 3 / P: 3

Truth in sci-fi

>Strictly extrapolative works of science fiction generally arrive about where the Club of Rome arrives: somewhere between the gradual extinction of human liberty and the total extinction of terrestrial life.

>This may explain why many people who do not read science fiction describe it as ‘escapist,’ but when questioned further, admit they do not read it because ‘it's so depressing.’

What science fiction do you think most accurately depicts the future?

R: 14 / I: 11 / P: 3

Dershowitz admits Jews control the country, says they earned it

I can't believe this Kike you got to see this for yourselves. The nerve of these people in unbelievable
h ttps://w

How has no one posted this yet?

R: 113 / I: 48 / P: 3

World War III Ahoy

>elect Trump hoping to avoid World War III with Russia
>get World War III anyway, with Putin using Iran as an excuse to involve Russia via proxy

Well fucking played, Jews.

R: 24 / I: 16 / P: 3


R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 3

Report: Israeli Security Officials met secretly with Trump Security Advisors
h ttps://w

February 5, 2017 11:27am

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli security officials reportedly met in secret with senior security advisers to President Donald Trump to coordinate policy between Israel and the Trump administration.

The meeting took place two weeks ago, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported Sunday, citing an unnamed senior Israeli official in Jerusalem. The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed to Haaretz that the meeting took place, but did not divulge what was discussed.

Mossad chief Yossi Cohen and acting National Security Adviser Jacob Nagel met with Trump’s National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn and other officials two days before the January 20 inauguration, according to the report. Cohen and Nagel also met in early December with Trump officials, according to the report. Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer, reportedly was present at both meetings.

The talks focused on Iran, the situation in Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to the report.

Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with Trump at the White House on February 15, their first meeting since Trump assumed office.

Since Trump took office, Israel has announced the approval of more than 6,000 new housing units in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem. On Thursday, the Trump administration said the new construction “may not be helpful” in making peace between Israel and the Palestinians, though the statement refrained from some of the thickets of disagreement that frustrated relations between Netanyahu and President Barack Obama, Trump’s predecessor, including neither calling for a stop on building in existing settlements, nor calling settlements an impediment to peace.

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 3

Obesity making people less intelligent

>I am allowed to be who I want to be
>Criticizing me on my weight is oppression
>Obese people deserve special treatment
>I am not fat, I am simply curvy
>Health at every size
>It's genetics

Obese people will make the most irrational decisions and will find any way to justify their unhealthy eating habits and lack of aerobic exercise. Attempting to brief obese individuals on why their obesity is negatively affecting them is considered going against political correctness and is considered discrimination. However, a quick look at the scientific articles that I have provided below will show that obesity is truly bad. Not only does it increase your chance of diseases such as heart disease, malnutrition, stupidity, hormone imbalances, and many other harmful effects, but it can permanently damage your brain and cognitive abilities and may leave you not as intelligent as you use to be, assuming you were intelligent in the first place.

Cognitive Effects:
h ttps://w
h ttps://w
h ttps://w
h ttps://w
h ttps://w
h ttps://w
h ttps://w

>"More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese."
>"More than one-third (35.7 percent) of adults are considered to be obese."

h ttps://w

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 3

Nationalism vs Internationalism

The battle which will decide the fate of all humanity. Which side will you take and why?

R: 18 / I: 1 / P: 4

Global warming

How do we convince the deniers and the Republicans that climate change is real. I swear only Republicans are agnostic on it or believe in scientific conspiracies. All you need is an aquarium and a heat lamp, or to watch an episode of Mythbusters to know own it's real, so why do half of Americans think CO2 gas isn't increasing temperature on our planet?

R: 88 / I: 41 / P: 4

Is there any difference between Kikes and Freemasons?

Both are vile, scheming, opportunistic, nepotistic, mammon worshiping, wealth obsessed degenerate rats with god complexes who fuck up the world for everyone else and believe they are kangz n shit.

Both use Talmud and Judaism as a frame of reference

Both engage in sophistry of the worst kind to defend their actions

Both operate like mafia organizations and subvert societies through infiltration, buying indulgence and with their cancerous memes

Both are full of rich inheritors and well connected people who don't have a single day of honest work in their lives. Is there anything more abhorrent than some clueless posh faggot thinking he is enlightened for reading some entry level stuff in between his management courses, and larping judaic rituals after attending his private lessons on how to exploit goyim/non-masons more efficiently?

I'd say they are our primary enemy. They serve as a shield of the international Jewry (or are at least their natural allies) and are heavily involved in subversion of chans. Please keep this thread focused on practical issues and avoid religious conspiracies that are usually associated with them. They need to be called out for their cancerous effect on society and for being nouveau riche niggers of secret societies.

R: 78 / I: 26 / P: 4

The "Potatonigger" spammer is a high-level Zionist agitator with connections to other White Nationalist websites

Thanks to patience and collection of data (and to a certain poster on here who tipped me on how to recognize the Alex Jones spammer and his or their alternate personas), I have gathered what I believe to be evidence of Zionist subversion and divide-and-conquer at work on both Endchan and elsewhere.

The individual I am writing about here is either one person, or perhaps multiple people in a certain "group" or "mould", who posts with different personas, some affecting a liberal, "normie", pro-Trump, anti-Trump, or a white nationalist poster. "His" (and to keep it simple, I will refer to this entity as a singular male person even though I am not sure it is just one person behind this character) file uploads virtually always have the first letter of each word capitalized, like a proper title might be. This will prove to be his Achilles' heel. For example, the first image uploaded shows a thread he created under his anti-Trump persona, with him later switching proxies to post under his conspiracy theorist mockery persona. Note the file names. All of them have first letter capitalization.

In the next file, you can see him spam his potatonigger images under different proxies, hijacking a thread concerned with the effeminization of white nationalism. Once again, first letter capitalization. I have included URLs in this image and others so that you may see the whole threads he derails and websites he may be linked to.

Now this is where it gets interesting. To cut to the chase, I believe the Potatonigger/Alex Jones spammer is linked to whoever is running, and may even be the same person or crew. By chance I stumbled upon a comment on made by the site master about how after the Jews, the Irish are the ones with the most dominance in the media and politics in America. And later, also by chance, as I was browsing different pages of and its related site, my arrow went across the images that were present on the sites, and I have noticed that their file names also have the same kind of first letter capitalization that the Endchan spammer has (albeit with dashes). Feeling suspicious about The Zog, I began snooping around and looking for possible signs of an enemy agent in the shadows.


R: 75 / I: 15 / P: 4

Normalizing Pedophilia on 4chan

Having gone to 4/pol/ for the first time in a while to see how dejected it is (though still not as bad as 8/pol/ lol), it appears that there is a schism going on over Milo Yiannapoulous, the known homosexual Jew who was astroturfed alongside Richard Spencer as the face of the astroturfed alt-right. Apparently Milo went on some podcast where he was talking about young teenage boys liking gay sex with older men, justifying his own (alleged) being a victim of child molestation by a priest when he was 13 (and the fact that it's a Catholic priest that supposedly sodomized him makes me doubt the sincerity of Milo's testimony. There's definitely some fakery going on with the Catholic child abuse scandal meme).

Well, needless to say, there was a huge amount of revulsion toward Milo, even more than normal, with posters disavowing him left and right (or saying he was a shill from the start) and that such behavior is to be expected from a homosexual Jew. But... there was/is also a pro-Milo backlash on 4chan and YouTube that either state that the "liberal media" is taking Milo's faggotry out of context ORRR... they are actually justifying pedophilia.

That's right. There are now many threads and posts on 4/pol/ that are exclaiming the age of consent laws to be Jewish constructs, or that pedophilia is red pilled (a term which came from the Wachowski trannies), or something along the lines of "I didn't like Milo at first, but now that he's a pedo is he /ourguy/?" with /ourguy/ being a new astroturfed Zionist meme on 4chan, kind of like Kek and "spiraling".

Honesty, I've never felt so disgusted looking at 4chan before. Not even when I first saw all of those gore threads in 2007 did I feel so repulsed. Not in a nauseating sense, I didn't feel ill, but I could feel something in my mind saying this is fucked up... this is so fucked up.

So does it appear that pedophilia is the next thing the Jews are going to try to normalize on the so-called "right"?

And is it possible that they're pushing zoophilia with all of these retarded wolfgirl/awoo anime pictures that are spammed to death on 4shit and elsewhere?

Also what happened to Endchan? This place is dead as fuck now.

pic unrelated or not, idk

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 4

Anyone notice an increase of wolves in various media and platforms? Even (or especially) in white nationalist circles, wolf imagery is getting around places.

Why might this be? It's also in hipster cuckshit media too, like indie gamers and artists and whatnot.

R: 123 / I: 18 / P: 4


Anyone who's smart knows that there are certain internet memes that are used profusely by jewish agents, so let's create a list to document all of those that (((they))) love to use, and how best we can counter it.

Memes associated with ultrakike shilling that I've noticed are as follows (feel free to add to this):

-Pepe the Frog and any variations of (like Kek)
-Ebola-chan/Winter-chan/Anything-chan (Ebola might be a hoax btw)
-fam, famalam, senpai, desu, salty, take an L, any nigger and weeb speak basically
-Based (which is nigger hipster in origin but has taken a life of its own, commonly used for Zionist puppets, such as "Based Assad", "Based Farage", "Based Marine Le Pen", or (unironically) "Based Putin")
-"You have to go back" and anything else Trump related (includes Shadilay, "make x pay for it", etc.)
-wtf i hate x now
-Shirtgate (and anything with -gate as a suffix, btw "gate" has a gematria of 33)
-Moloch, Baal, etc. (I don't believe in Satanists and think the idea of Luciferians running things is also a kike lie, but I do find "ironic" deity worship annoying and stinking of a psyop)
-(possibly) kek, lel, topkek
-"he does it for free" (check the gif in the new sticky)
-Tyrone (also known as "Based Tyrone", he is an African man in a business suit who's paid to read stupid Zionist shill memes; he's probably not an agent himself and might not even be aware of the vile origins of what he's reading, but the kikes love to dish him out)
-Old memes that should be as dead as over 9000 and O Rly by now: Polandball, Spurdo Sparde, Dolan, Wojak/tfw face, Ragetime variations (these may have been innocent gentile fun memes at first, but they're widely used by the enemy now)
-Trollface aka Coolface (IMO the creator of Trollface should be investigated like Matt Furie; though the Zionists don't use Trollface in alt-right circles, Trollface has been used in many other areas and was very popular with teens, newfags, and normals some years ago. The widespread adoption of trollface should thus mark it and its creator for intense scrutiny)
-lolcats (same with Trollface, not in the alt-right so much, but it's been adopted everywhere else)

Anything else to add to this?

Also this could be a meme discussion in general.

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 4

A handbook of leftist activism that the right can learn from.

R: 39 / I: 11 / P: 4

Mcgowan Weird Scenes From The Canyon

Anyone here heard of this? Subcultures and popular music were made by military complex?

An anon posted on hatechan about the 1990's Washington state punk scene and riot girls following the pattern coming from military parents. They posted compelling evidence of the pattern. Do you remember or have more to add?

R: 64 / I: 11 / P: 4

During the past several years, we have witnessed a huge, coordinated attack by (((powers that be))) on chans and other previously obscure online communities.

The mass media brainwashing, relativization of everything and rabid anti-intellectualism have taken over what seemed to be one of last bastions of intelligent thought and free speech on the internet.

Left wing and right wing communities have undergone the same neutralization process. Left wing became SJW's, Right wing became alt-kikes. There is a clear neutralization pattern for any kind of non-conformist movement that emerges and starts gaining fraction. What we have witnessed happen with 4chan/GG, also happened with /pol/. And it seems to be the overall blueprint for controlling dissent on the internet

>Hyperreality is seen as a condition in which what is real and what is fiction are seamlessly blended together so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins.[1] It allows the co-mingling of physical reality with virtual reality (VR) and human intelligence with artificial intelligence (AI).[1] Individuals may find themselves, for different reasons, more in tune or involved with the hyperreal world and less with the physical real world.

So there you have it, AI, "meme magic" , echo chambers and everything else in one package

>In his analysis of the spectacular society, Debord notes that quality of life is impoverished,[6] with such lack of authenticity, human perceptions are affected, and there's also a degradation of knowledge, with the hindering of critical thought.[7] Debord analyzes the use of knowledge to assuage reality: the spectacle obfuscates the past, imploding it with the future into an undifferentiated mass, a type of never-ending present; in this way the spectacle prevents individuals from realizing that the society of spectacle is only a moment in history, one that can be overturned through revolution

And here we have constant shilling with irrelevant garbage, fake news and reality TV politicians.

Constant influx of millennials which got raised on this is not helping either. Basically, the fight between "leftists" and "rightists" that is a centrally spun narrative today is a fight between 1984 and Brave New World.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

Abe Foxman Says Wave Of Anti-Semitic Hate Is No 'Crisis' — And Jews Should Lay Off Trump
h ttps://

Nathan Guttman | Mar 2, 2017 (Updated Mar 5, 2017)

Abraham Foxman has been delivering a surprising message to Jewish leaders in recent weeks: Stay calm and lay off President Trump.

“I’m telling them: ‘Cool it, cool it,’” he said, “But it’s very tough. People are very emotional.”

The former national director of the Anti-Defamation League, who had spent a lifetime calling out any expression of anti-Semitism, big or small, spoke to the Forward amid a wave threats to dozens of Jewish community centers and vandalism incidents targeting Jewish cemeteries.

“Serious but not critical” is how Foxman views this wave of hate crimes. That’s why he is sounding a contrarian voice to the Jewish leadership and urging it to ease off on President Trump.

Foxman spoke before the arrest of a St. Louis man for allegedly making several of the JCC threats.

He said he was satisfied that Trump condemned anti-Jewish attacks during his address to Congress Tuesday, after seemingly avoiding taking a firm stance.

“OK, enough. He uttered the words,” Foxman said. “Now its time for law enforcement to do the work.”

Foxman is no Trump supporter and he tries to remain non-partisan even after retiring from three decades at the helm of the Anti-Defamation League.

Even though Foxman believes Trump empowered haters with his appeals to far right wing white nationalists, he does not think the president himself is a bigot.

“He legitimized it, but he did not create it,” Foxman said. “Trump is not an anti-Semite.”

Foxman, who now heads the center for study of anti-Semitism at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in in New York, believes the Jewish community is making a serious mistake in trying to pin the raise of anti-Semitism on Trump and in expecting the president to come up with the answer to the problem.

Instead, he suggests the community take a step back from political score-settling and focus on the culture in the country that has created the wave of hate.

“We woke after the elections up to discover that our country is not as loving of each other as we’d like it to be,” he said. “It’s convenient for us to blame (Trump).”

He believes, in fact, that Trump is “slowly, slowly” beginning to “put the cover back” on the sewers where anti-Semites and bigots thrive.

The danger, Foxman believe, is with the Jewish community’s reaction to the rise in anti-Semitic incidents. He argued that the issue “has been hijacked politically by Democrats who’ve made it a political issue to attack Trump, and by Republicans who have made it a political issue to defend him.”

Foxman believes that the demand that Trump come up with a plan to combat the anti-Semitic attacks is misguided, since it is up to the Jewish community to suggest such plans.

“The whole issue has become a political football and that doesn’t serve us,” he added.

Foxman sought to offer some historical perspective, which, he believes, would put the recent surge in threats and attacks against Jews in the right perspective. He pointed to ADL and FBI annual reports that find, year after year, Jews to be the leading target of hate crimes in America, and to polls that show 10 to 12% of Americans are “seriously infected” with anti-Semitism.

During his years at the ADL, Foxman experienced incidents where Jews and non-Jews were killed in anti-Semitic attacks including in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and in Washington. Those deadly incidents put the wave of bomb threats at Jewish community centers and synagogues into perspective.

“I am not shocked that this is happening,” Foxman said. “What we’re seeing now is serious, but it is not a crisis.”

Would an earlier response from President Trump make a difference? Foxman is skeptical.

“Does anyone think that had he condemned it earlier we wouldn’t have threats to 90 JCCs? I don’t think so,” he responded. “It would have made us feel better. But that’s all.”

R: 22 / I: 5 / P: 5



>born to late to colonise the world
>born to late to colonise the galaxy
>born just in the right time for the anglo-saxons to get BTFO

h ttps://w
>Is there an anti-Trump wave in Europe? Yes, that seems to be the case. Saw it in Austria. Stronger in Netherlands.

h ttps://w
>“Wilders couldn’t win the election. I am relieved, but we need to continue our fight for an open and free Europe,” says Martin Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament, and contender in the German election.

h ttps://w
>“This is a great result. Not only for the Netherlands. There were so many journalists around to see what would happen. The Netherlands stopped the populist sound.”

h ttps://w
>A nationalist surge at elections in Northern Ireland and a Scottish demand for a second independence referendum have raised doubts over whether the United Kingdom can hold together after it leaves the European Union.



R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5

Did Canada Have Hippies?

>Quebec used to be as Catholic as Spain or Ireland ; everyone believed. At a precise moment, during the year 1966 in fact, the churches suddenly emptied in a matter of months. A strange phenomenon that no one has ever been able to explain.

Did hedonism beat Christianity before Islam?

h ttps://

R: 30 / I: 14 / P: 5

Encyclopedia Dramatica

What happened to ED? It used to be funnier, if raunchier and more immature, but now it reads like a neoconservative/alt-right hack site. Is ED in any way connected to Intelligence agencies and corporations? I know they have Google cookies laced in their site, just discovered that today.

R: 13 / I: 0 / P: 5 is known for the fucked up pregnant Frozen Elsa games and other fucked up games marketed to kids.

The owners from 1996 shown on the internet archive are not the current owners. Those owners had it as a games review website only and did not create any games. The fucked up games were created by the current owner. currently is owned by Hallpass Media.

Share this with the other imageboards.

The owners' twitter shows that he is also making educational games for kids.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5

Based Irish Appreciation Thread

Since the nBo is a proud based Irish man, we are going to honor our secondary greatest allies ITT.

I'll start: Ernest Walton
He disintegrated lithium together with John Cockroft by himself (since he's Irish (which makes him twice as smart as a mere mortal)).
h ttps://w

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 5

Wikileaks blockchain investigation

What happened to the wikileaks blockchain investigation? Everyone was saying it was a larp… In fact too many people were saying this and it was weird. I found some pockets of intense activity and there were some very strange things that happened. Now nobody talks about it anymore. What happened???

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 5

Creamy Irish Potato Soup with an Ashkenazi Twist
h ttps://w

By Ronnie Fein | Tagged: featured, nosher, Recipe, soup, St. Patrick's Day, vegetarian, winter

Yield: Serves 6

Driven by a lust for riches, the 16th-century Spanish conquistadores set out for El Dorado, a mythical kingdom of gold and plenty. What they found instead was Peru, and plenty of potatoes. And that turned out to be the real treasure.

The men brought some potato plants back home with them and the tubers became lifesavers among the poor throughout Europe from Spain to Ireland to Germany to the shtetls of Russia.

At first, potatoes were met with mixed reviews in Europe. The Scots wouldn’t eat them because they weren’t among the foods mentioned in the Bible. Potatoes only became a staple in Ireland, some say, because Sir Walter Raleigh planted them on his estate there. The French originally thought potatoes were poisonous, mostly because cooks discarded the fat, lumpy part and served the leaves, which can be toxic.

It was only after French chemist Auguste Parmentier won a contest to discover a food that would reduce “the calamities of famine” that potatoes became a staple of the French diet. And everywhere else.

To stop massive starvation among the poor in 18th-century Prussia, King Frederick II forced the peasants to plant potatoes – with consequences for those who refused. (To this day, visitors to the king’s grave in Potsdam leave potatoes as a calling card.) Empress Catherine the Great did the same in Russia, for the same reason.

So, despite Europeans’ initial reluctance to accept this South American staple, it became clear to everyone that potatoes are incredibly valuable. They are easy to grow, and they thrive in all sorts of climates. More importantly, potatoes are filling and nutritious (rich in starch, potassium, copper and vitamins B6 and C).

It’s a perfect food for the poor.

The potato certainly was a blessing for the poorest of Ashkenazi Jews in Eastern Europe, who paid tribute to the tuber by composing a song:

Sunday potatoes
Monday potatoes
Tuesday and Wednesday potatoes
Thursday and Friday potatoes
But on Shabbes [Shabbat] something special
A potato kugel!
Sunday potatoes again

In every culture where the poor depended on potatoes, there’s a recipe for potato soup. France boasts the world-famous Potage Parmentier, made with leeks, in honor of the renowned scientist. In Ireland they serve a St. Patrick’s Day specialty — potato onion soup garnished with bits of crispy bacon. Our Ashkenazi classic, Kartoffelzup, is very similar to both the French and Irish versions.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I offer a rich, but easy soup based on a combination of Irish potato soup and Ashkenazi kartoffelzup. You can garnish it with crispy kosher beef (or lamb) bacon if you substitute a non-dairy product for the cream. But I prefer the dairy version and use roasted shiitake mushrooms in place of the bacon because it has a similar smoky, meaty flavor. For sheer indulgence, serve the dairy version with a dollop of sour cream on top. Long live the potato.


R: 27 / I: 10 / P: 5

Trump Praises Irish 'Fight' at White House Ceremony
h ttps://w

By Henry C. Jackson | 03/16/17 07:51 PM EDT

President Donald Trump credited the fighting spirit of the Irish people with helping to build the United States during a St. Patrick's Day reception with the Irish prime minister on Thursday.

"I know a lot about the Irish. They fight. They're tough," Trump said.

In praising the close ties between the U.S. and Ireland Trump credited the Irish people with making the country more prosperous.

"They contributed mightily to America's innovation and America's prosperity," he said. "It's inspiring and really helped a relatively young nation."

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny thanked Trump for the warm reception and said he was grateful for the United States' leadership, saying he was "proud to be here for a new era." He said he and Trump had a "first class" meeting.

"The job you hold is exceptionally demanding and exceptionally difficult," Kenny said.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 5

Trump’s Mideast Surge has Pentagon Debating ‘Mission Creep’
h ttps://w

With growing pressure to step up the fight against the Islamic State, U.S. commanders grapple with how to do more while keeping local allies in the forefront.

By Bryan Bender | 03/17/17 05:11 AM EDT

President Donald Trump’s pressure on the military to "demolish and destroy" the Islamic State is raising anxiety inside the Pentagon that the United States could end up in another open-ended ground war, according to current and former military officials.

The U.S. has quietly sent hundreds of additional troops to Iraq and Syria since Trump took office, and is considering dispatching thousands more to counter ISIS, fight militants in Yemen and stem a Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan. But the deliberations are testing Trump’s promise to steer clear of foreign entanglements, and has his military commanders questioning whether they can maintain their meticulously drawn line between supporting local forces and leading the fight.

"How much more blood do we want to shed for Iraq?" asked one senior officer who recently returned from the war zone.

The escalating risk of U.S. casualties is shadowing the Pentagon’s internal strategy sessions, the officials said in interviews. Trump’s demand for a more aggressive strategy also raises concerns among commanders about whether they can accomplish the mission without turning U.S. troops into a substitute for local fighters, which until now have depended only on U.S. military advisers, special operations forces and air strikes.

"Some call this accelerating the campaign; some call it mission creep," said one military officer involved in the discussions who was not authorized to speak publicly.

Some lawmakers say the U.S. military role in the region is steadily expanding with little if any debate about the implications.

"What we see happening is the classic definition of mission creep," said Rep. Jim McGovern, a Massachusetts Democrat and leading anti-war voice on Capitol Hill. "A few hundred here, a couple hundred there, a few more hundred here. You see our military footprint expanding ever more."

Trump has straddled the issue — speaking out about the urgent need to defeat ISIS and criticizing former President Barack Obama’s “leading from behind strategy,” but also expressing wariness about large-scale military involvement in the Middle East.


R: 175 / I: 50 / P: 5

Deutsch/pol/ Nr.1 - Tor auf fullchan ist wieder RIP Edition

Tor auf fullchan ist wieder RIP Edition

Das nervt langsam. Die scheren sich einen Dreck um Anonymität. Wo sollen wir hin? Was sollen wir tun? 8chan wird zum Trump-Wahlkampfboard.

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 6

Even on Their Special Day, Irish Immigrants in America Have Reason to Fear
h ttps://w


On this St. Patrick’s Day, the closest thing America has to a national holiday of immigration, unless you count Thanksgiving, feast of the undocumented Pilgrim, let us pause to honor the immigrants everybody loves.

It’s an annual rite, when the tale of the uprooted, transplanted Irish gets a fresh retelling, plus a parade up Fifth Avenue. Even the Trump administration, busily working to hunt down and wall out poorer, browner immigrants and refugees, paused this week for the spreading of the sentimental slurry.

Vice President Mike Pence went first.

“The bond between the people of America and the people of Ireland stretches back into the mists of American history,” he told a group of prominent Irish-Americans on Wednesday night in Washington. “Drawn by the promise of this brave new world, the sons and daughters of Ireland began leaving their land for ours as far back as the 17th century. They came here, one by one, or sometimes in small bands. But what they lacked in numbers, we already heard tonight, they more than made up in courage.”

President Trump was next, at the Capitol on Thursday, hailing the “tremendous” contributions and success of Irish immigrants and their descendants in the United States.

What both men said was boilerplate. But the dishonesty behind the clichés makes one wish that the ghost of Maureen O’Hara would rise from the mists and slap them both across the head. Because those sugared words fail to acknowledge the Irish sons and daughters living here now, without legal status, who are terrified by the Trump administration.

They make up a small fraction of the national unauthorized population of 11 million. But these 50,000 or so Irish, like the others, are stranded by the failure of immigration reform, and threatened by the administration’s deportation regime. Many have lived here for decades. They have bought homes, built businesses, reared children. They are doing what immigrants here have always done, while the administration puts new effort into hunting them down and removing them.

The fears are real. The Ireland Funds, the very group Mr. Pence praised on Wednesday, pledged $100,000 last week to a coalition of Irish-American centers around the country to give humanitarian and legal assistance to unauthorized Irish immigrants. On Thursday afternoon, Ireland’s minister for the diaspora and international development, Joe McHugh, visited one of the sites, the Aisling Irish Community Center in Yonkers, which offers social services, health screenings and other assistance to those it calls “the forgotten Irish.” Staff members there said anxiety among undocumented Irish is peaking because of Mr. Trump. There is more talk of moving back to Ireland, or to Canada.


R: 8 / I: 4 / P: 6

‘I Am an American Because of Him’: The Journey of Pence’s Grandfather From Ireland

h ttps://w

It is difficult not to view the experience of Richard Michael Cawley, who came to the United States nearly a century ago, through the prism of current events.


WASHINGTON — The S.S. Andania, plain and sturdy, pulled into New York Harbor on April 11, 1923, after a slow journey from Liverpool, England. In a third-class cabin was a gray-eyed Irishman named Richard Michael Cawley, fleeing poverty and war.

The son of a tailor from a rural village, Mr. Cawley, then 20, had come of age during a guerrilla conflict. Now, with Irish fighting Irish, he had made his way to America to join his older brother and uncle.

He would settle in Chicago, a city bursting with Irish Roman Catholic life; marry a teacher; find work as a streetcar driver; and sing ballads by the piano on Saturday nights. He would become an American citizen, march in St. Patrick’s Day parades and visit Ireland, looking, one cousin marveled, like “a real Yank.”

It is a familiar American tale, except for this: Mr. Cawley’s grandson and namesake, Michael Richard Pence, is the vice president of the United States, which is in the thick of a roiling immigration debate.

On Thursday, Mr. Pence, wearing a spray of shamrocks in his lapel, welcomed Enda Kenny, the Irish prime minister, for breakfast at the vice president’s residence as part of the White House’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities. For Mr. Pence — who calls his grandfather “the proudest man I ever knew, and the best man I ever knew” — and his family, it is a deeply personal celebration.

“He’d be busting his buttons, that’s what he’d say,” Mr. Pence’s mother, Nancy Pence Fritsch, 84, said of her father, who died in 1980.

The story of Mr. Cawley — pieced together from interviews with historians and relatives in the United States and Ireland, as well as archival documents — is one of family ties and a man whose experience had an impact on Mr. Pence. Some facts have been lost to time; memories do not align perfectly with the written record.

When Mr. Pence was a toddler, overshadowed by talkative older brothers, his grandfather taught him to recite “Humpty Dumpty” in Gaelic. As a boy, he shared the older man’s admiration for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt, though both eventually left the Democratic Party. He inherited Mr. Cawley’s sense of humor and easy manner, Mr. Pence’s oldest brother, Gregory Pence, said — qualities that helped him thrive in politics.

Mr. Pence declined to be interviewed; a spokesman, Marc Lotter, when asked about Mr. Cawley’s immigration status, said he “entered this country through Ellis Island.” Barry Moreno, the librarian and historian at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, reviewed the ship’s manifest and other records and said Mr. Cawley’s paperwork — including a 1936 document stating that he had been “lawfully admitted” — appeared to be in order.

Mr. Cawley’s journey does not offer a precise parallel to those of today’s refugees escaping war-torn nations like Syria. Mr. Lotter said President Trump’s efforts to restrict immigrant travel would not have applied to Mr. Cawley because “Ireland is not compromised by terrorism.” But with Mr. Pence defending the president, and the Irish divided over Mr. Trump, it is difficult not to view Mr. Cawley’s experience through the prism of current events.

In a recent speech to Latino small-business leaders, Mr. Pence pledged that he and Mr. Trump would “show great heart every step of the way” regarding immigration, before recounting his great-grandmother’s farewell to her son.

“She told him she was going to get him a one-way ticket to America,” Mr. Pence said, “because, she said, ‘There’s a future there for you.’”


R: 167 / I: 66 / P: 6

The Truth about PEPE / KEK

I have come across information which leads me to think, Pepe is a Jewish plant.'
First, Dan Pena says he is obsessed with Frogs, and kisses them regularly...
Kek is great right.. Right anons?
Then, Dan Pena admits the only day he takes off, is the highest Jewish Holy Day.

Weird, right?
Let's dig further

Some post about Jewish Geometria led me to the term, Jahbulun - a "demon" worshipped by Free Masons.
>pic of Jahbulun
Notice the Free Mason symbol hangs below the Frog's neck.

Then I searched: "Jews Worship Frogs", & I immediately find this...
>Podwal’s ink drawing, “The Frog who taught Rabbi Hanina the whole Torah” (1982), illustrates his interest in esoteric tales
>Like a good pet owner Hanina fed the frog, which grew to an enormous size. First he had to build a cabinet to house it, and when it got even larger, an entire room. The frog literally ate Hanina out of house and home, but it recognized the imposition it was presenting and offered Hanina whatever he wished. Hanina asked to be taught the entire Torah, and the frog agreed. It wrote the Torah on paper, which Hanina consumed.

Lastly, to put the nail in the coffin... PEPE is a hebrew name for Jehovah Increases

Anons, I think you are having a giant troll pulled over on you...
I think we need a different, non-Jewed Symbol


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 6



>Syrian army shot down Israeli jet

>Israeli jets breached Syrian air space early in the morning and attacked a military target as an act of aggression that aided Islamic State.

h ttps://w
h ttps://

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 6

Memory Hole Thread

Like QTDDTOT but with news-stories or events that got memory hole'd.
Starting off with a cartel cover-up right here on American soil.

Story goes that an Ohio family with a dudeweed operation got slain in a professional style.,_Ohio,_shootings

Initial news coverage suspected a cartel connection, but later this was denied with no good reasoning.

No arrests were ever made, but one of the victim's relatives got arrested for drug-trafficking
h ttps://

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 6

Should it be legal to genetically engineer catgirls? What about other animal human hybrids?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 6

h ttps://

Notice anything?


R: 191 / I: 217 / P: 6

/pol/ webms

Post the best /pol/ webms you have. I'll start.

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 6

In Prayer at Trump Inauguration, Marvin Hier cites Psalm remembering Jerusalem, Zion

Founder of Simon Wiesenthal Center blesses President Trump, America, its allies

By Times of Israel staff and JTA January 21, 2017, 2:58 am

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, offered a prayer at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on Friday, pointedly citing a Psalm remembering Zion and Jerusalem.

In his 2-minute blessing that quoted liberally from the Talmudic Sages, Hier prayed: “Eternal God, bless President Donald J. Trump and America, our great nation…[and] all of our allies around the world who share our beliefs.”

“By the rivers of Babylon, we wept as we remembered Zion… If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill. The do-er of all these shall never falter,” Hier said, the words taken from the Biblical Psalm 137.

The reference came less than a month after the US abstained in a UN Security Council vote, and chose not to use its veto, allowing through a resolution that slammed Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where Judaism’s holiest sites are located, and designated all territory captured there in the 1967 war as being unlawfully occupied by Israel from the Palestinians.

“The freedoms we enjoy are not granted in perpetuity, but must be reclaimed in each generation. As our ancestors have planted for us so we must plant for others,” Hier said Friday, adding that “a nation’s wealth is measured by her values and not by her vaults.”

The 77-year-old rabbi had faced criticism for offering the prayer and even fielded a petition calling on him to withdraw from participating in the inauguration.

“I believe that all of us should pray for his great success, because his great success means our great success,” he said ahead of the ceremony.

Hier said he accepted the invitation by the Trump team to offer the prayer immediately because “it was the menschlichkeit thing to do,” using the Yiddish word meaning honorable, “and I am proud to do it.” Hier said his participation would be in line with previous blessings he offered to a bipartisan array of presidents and presidential candidates over the past three decades, though never as part of inaugural festivities.

Critics within the Jewish community had insisted that this time was different — saying Trump’s presidential campaign targeted minorities and at times invoked tropes that many, including the Anti-Defamation League, considered anti-Semitic. The Wiesenthal Center’s own 2016 report on global anti-Semitism noted that a prominent group of neo-Nazis has embraced Trump and that Jewish journalists critical of the Republican presidential candidate were frequently targeted with anti-Semitic tweets.

Hier was among six faith leaders to accept the invitation to participate in the inauguration. The others included Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, and Franklin Graham, a prominent Christian evangelist.

Hier is believed to be the first rabbi to speak at a presidential inauguration since 1985.

Hier has known the parents of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner for decades. The Hiers and the Kushners have gone to the same kosher-for-Passover resort, the Arizona Biltmore, over the years. The Kushner family, prominent real estate developers, have also been generous donors to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Named for a famed Nazi hunter, the Center is an NGO with the stated purpose of teaching about the Holocaust, confronting hate and promoting human rights.

R: 17 / I: 7 / P: 6

anti no fap redpill

the secret agenda of nofap EXPOSED
I got banned from 8pol for posting this.

it's worth a read and I make my points quite well.

thread archive showing shills freaking out possibly showing shillmods spamming a thread to death before banning the OP and deleting the thread like they always do. notice the few actual legit posters in the whole thread.

h ttps://

I will now commence dumping the copypasta for those who want the most up to date version of my anti no fap red pill.

nofap is actually a femminazi sjw shill psy op designed to attack males in another way (more so than the ways straight white males are already being attacked)
nofap is the response to the existance of lonely males who use the internet, mainly us. 8chan. nofap is also partially a response to groups like mgtow (men going their own way) and additionally an attack on groups like /fit/ (fitness and exercise type groups) so it's a multi angle attack.

nofap is designed, like many psy ops usually are- to make a certain group of people believe something that isn't true, and to make them doubt themselves besides other things. in this case one of the most obvious things this is meant to cause is to get males to believe that fapping is bad so that they get pent up and can't think clearly and become desperate and make poor choices in order to get relief, mainly by "being an outstanding gentleman male who does not stoop to the low level of the dirty fapper and getting a girl friend".

the thing here is that the sad truth is that most women are shit these days, by their own fault or by the fault of our insideously designed society that brainwashes women to their own insanity and shapes their personalities to be so hostile that they drive all men away and realize they are still alone for some strange reason years later in their lives. "you are a female so you are a victim!" "you are simultaneously a strong independant woman!" "feel bad about yourself!" "feel proud about yourself" "all men are exactly the same!".

sadly the femminazi sjw's who are responsible for convincing most women that all men are the same are also the same ones responsible for convincing many men that all women are the same. this is simply not true but the nasty and unlikable minority of bad men and bad women responsible for those nightmare marriages it's common to hear about, are in the end the ones who give the larger group of decent people a bad reputation but only with the help of the femminazi sjws who help to spread these lies about how they want others to view the whole group as a stereotype.

R: 10 / I: 2 / P: 7

Trump expanded the CIA's droning abilities, right now imcoonphy is already in full blast damage control@ 8cucks.

h ttps://w ww.usnews.kekcom/news/politics/articles/2017-03-14/report-trump-gives-cia-authority-for-drone-strikes

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 7

Other People’s Babies and American Values

Brought to you by the kikes at National Review

Steve King’s dangerous belief that demographics are destiny undermines American exceptionalism and the integrity of conservatives.

What is at stake in the long-running battle over illegal immigration? The answer from the overwhelming majority of Americans who worry about it is “the defense of the rule of law.” Others speak of the economic impact of unskilled workers on employment and wages. But for a minority, there is something else at issue. They think that the influx of Hispanics from Mexico and Central America or immigrants from the Middle East — whether they arrive legally or illegally — is a threat to the fabric of American culture and values.

That is the context in which we must understand Representative Steve King’s tweet this past weekend:

> Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.

King’s tweet was in support of Dutch politician Geert Wilders, whose nationalist party is a serious contender in Wednesday’s general election in the Netherlands. King also included a link to another account that praised Wilders’s stand against immigrants:

> Hundreds of Islamists shouting “Allahu Akbar” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Wilders is right for over 10 years.

This is not the first time the Iowa congressman has courted controversy, but it is vital for conservatives and the Trump administration to make clear that their concerns about immigration have nothing to with King’s suggestion that the threat to Western civilization is “other people’s babies.”

The challenge that nations such as the Netherlands face from large-scale immigration raises questions about how a national identity rooted in a homogeneous ethnic and religious culture can accommodate newcomers. The question isn’t merely whether immigrants accept the country’s laws; it’s also whether those who don’t share a common ethnicity and who practice a different faith will transform the nation into a place that isn’t Dutch. The threat of Islamist terrorism and the establishment of ethnic minority communities that become “no go” zones for Europeans have transformed Wilders from a xenophobic outlier into a man whose party is among the largest in parliament. Electorates all over Europe are replicating the trend.

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Flynn was working for the Turkish government

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h ttps://

b-but Turks are akshually huwhite (just like OUR BASED GOD EMPEROR's GRANDKIDS) and N-Nato buddies, trust me

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(((Wall St.]]] Relieved as Trump Picks [[[Irish]]] (((Goldman Sachs))) Banker as Treasury Deputy Secretary
h ttps://w

By (((Ben White))) | 03/14/17 09:33 PM EDT

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump on Tuesday nominated one of the more low-profile but high-powered bankers on Wall Street to serve as Treasury Secretary (((Steven Mnuchin’s))) deputy.

[[[Jim Donovan]]], a Goldman Sachs partner chosen to serve as deputy secretary, is expected to play a critical role in helping (((Mnuchin))) manage the sprawling Treasury Department and push through major legislative goals including fundamental re-writes of the corporate and individual tax codes.

Progressives will almost certainly target [[[Donovan]]] as yet another Goldman banker joining an administration already packed with former executives from the powerhouse bank, including National Economic Council Director (((Gary Cohn))) and top White House advisers [[[Steve Bannon]]] and Dina Powell.

Trump regularly knocked the financial industry during his populist run to the White House, singling out Goldman for specific criticisms. Trump’s final ad of the campaign portrayed Goldman CEO (((Lloyd Blankfein))) as a sinister force of globalism. He criticized Ted Cruz’s wife for her work at Goldman and his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, for her paid speeches to the Wall Street bank.

The nomination of [[[Donovan]]], a Goldman Sachs partner who helped raise money for both Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, comes after reports emerged that White House chief of staff Reince Priebus had pushed back against (((Mnuchin’s))) selection for the Treasury deputy job.

[[[Donovan]]], who lives in Virginia, joined Goldman in 1993 and covered major clients in both investment banking and investment management. He made partner in 2000 and worked with then co-presidents John Thain and John Thornton on broader strategy for Goldman as a whole.

For the past eight years, Donovan has also served as a professor of corporate strategy at the University of Virginia law school, where he became a student favorite, according to the school’s former dean, [[[Paul Mahoney.]]]

“He has just been an enormous hit with the students here. He’s received near perfect evaluations for both courses he’s taught every time he’s taught them,” [[[Mahoney]]] said. “The students rave about both the depth of his knowledge and the fact that he’s also taken the time to get to know them and urge them to develop their own ideas in classroom discussion.”

Thornton, the former Goldman co-president, said [[[Donovan]]] would bring a sharp focus on detail and execution to the Treasury department.

"He's in the top 1 percent of all the most able people with whom I have worked.” he said. “He’s a fundamental thinker at a strategic level and can operate at the granular level of ‘how do I get this done?’ To me, he’s a superb choice and will be extremely valuable to Mnuchin. Things will get done.”


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Trump begins WW3 as predicted in the Bible

The End now has a date: Summer 201x

h ttps://

Bye bye USA, seriously.

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Were the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome faked?

Channon Christian (CC, 33) basically suffers from the same facial copypaste symptom that the 9/11 vicsims suffer from. Practically no facial irregularities between the photos, as if she only gave off one expression.

Also, for all the talk about the Knoxville murders not being given any attention in the media, it actually was - by all of the large white nationalist medias, as well as some large neocon heads like Michael Savage and Ann Coulter (and years later Glenn Beck). In fact, this was the number one go-to black-on-white murder story, being continuously cited years after it allegedly happened.

So the questions are, were the Christian and Newsome murders faked, and if so, why? And why have all of the WN media been primarily focused on this one specific event, even pigeonholing other (real or fabricated) black-on-white crimes? And is it odd that Channon Christian's parents later went on to Glenn Beck's TV show?

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The most dangerous weapon in the world, hiding in plain sight.

This is not a drill.
>cell phone towers are weaponized death rays ready to nuke the planet or act collectively as a super powerful HAARP-like machine.
>Orgonite converts harmful rays into healthful ones, and can be "gifted" near cellphone towers to negate the effects. The larger ones make chemtrails harmlessly dissipate.
btw Wilhelm Reich is a notable person related to this topic.

h ttps://w

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/pol/ will die

Death to infidels, communism will prevail.

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Patriotardism? White Trashionalism?

No thank you.

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Is the Turkish situation an American psyop?

So is Erdogan retarded, or is this an American intelligence operation to make Wilders win in the Netherlands?

Remember, no matter what Trumpcucks say, the military-industrial/corporate American complex i.e. the deep state has been turning right-wing a long time ago.

Also the EU had a bigger economy than the USA in 2015, so it's in USA's interest to disband the EU. More than that, EU was a united voice against the Iraq war in the early '00s, ((interestingly)) enough that's when it started to get destabilized.

R: 20 / I: 1 / P: 8

Was Prussia a Jewish creation?

For those with only cursory knowledge about Prussia (and with Prussia in this post referring to the German-speaking Prussia formed in the Middle Ages), Prussia as we historically know it was formed when the Teutonic Knights conquered the originally Baltic-speaking pagan Old Prussians in order to convert them to Christianity at the behest of Poland and the Vatican. As you can read, the Teutonic Knights were apparently very brutal in the way they conquered the Old Prussians and employed tactics that look startlingly akin to those of the Bolsheviks. Eventually their heavy hand took a toll on the original Prussians and over time they died out and were assimilated to the new German settlers from the west, attracted by cheap land and to get away from overpopulation.

But on to the Teutonic Order. Look at the Prussian Teutons in the pics I've attached. These Teutonic Knights look, well, jewish. Way too dark and/or facially weird for Germans. You can find other portraits of "Teutonic" Knights and clergy that are similar to this. The way they broke treaties and basically killed whomever, including Germans and even Swedes just raises an eyebrow of whom was behind this and for what purpose.

And for a practice that was forced upon the Old Prussians that has extremely jewish undertones:
East Prussia specifically had one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the German lands. The cause of this likely comes from the Teutonic Knights ordering the new converts in Prussia to have their newborn babies baptized within eight days of birth, otherwise the mothers could face extreme punishment. This law was in effect for a few centuries after it was instituted in 1249, but was so ingrained that it was practiced even after no longer being a requirement. The eight day requirement strongly echoes the rite of circumcision for Jewish newborn males on their eighth day of life.

Prussia of course then spread westward, infecting more traditional parts of Germany and changing their culture as well.

Thomas Sheridan also brought up a point that the joyless, uptight automaton stereotype that Germans have today also comes from Prussian culture and that before, Germans had a more down-to-earth feel by foreigners, and were maybe more relatable to the Irish stereotype (hospitable but without the alcoholism), with southern German, Austrian, and Swiss cultures holding on best to this antiquated stereotype.

There are rumors that the royal families of Europe today are mostly Jewish, including the British, Dutch, and even the Romanovs (Miles Mathis theorizes that the Romanovs faked their deaths). Well, the Hohenzollern dynasty is what ruled Prussia and eventually Germany for centuries, and guess who've I uploaded?


I am also not implying that Prussian society is all negatives and no positives, of course not, and I believe that there were positive accomplishments made, but nevertheless we must take a critical look at all nations' histories, especially in light of how we know the world runs today. Prussia had a major impact on the United States and gave birth to the world some very important philosophers (a large number of which I believe were of the enemy and spewing poison, such as Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Nietzsche).

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Question is what are YOU gonna do about it???

What are you solutions, White man?

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Trump's Entire Presidency Is Being Run Like How His People Are Running His Online Communities.

I was just thinking about this and thought it was kinda funny. All dissenting opinions are being silenced and any negativity at all in regards to Trump is met with bans and bullshit shilling.

I hate CNN so it's funny seeing them get BTFO'd, but I also see the similarities between how he's handling criticism from them and how his online communities (8chan and r/t_d) also handle any sort of criticism at all about Trump. They both also make absurd statements and just repeat it over and over again and expect people to believe it even though there's zero evidence to support it. The narrative is most definitely being set for something big, we are to believe in Trump and Trump alone in whatever is about to come.

I don't really know what the point of this thread was, I guess I just wanted to point out how the exact same agenda we've been running into since his campaign started and after his people bought up redditchan(I don't mean for this to thread to be about more 8chan meta shit by the way) is the exact same agenda we're seeing now coming out of the white house in regards to any press that isn't 100% in support of the God Emperor.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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When did Alex Jones turn into an alt-righter?

And why, even? Why did his bosses turn him from a conspiracy theorist who talked about globalists to a run-of-the-mill Trump shiller?

R: 132 / I: 120 / P: 8


There's a new hope in the air in Europe...

R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 8

Tom Delonge

I'll just leave this here.

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h ttps://

>Aircraft carriers, championed by Trump, are vulnerable to attack

>The cost of a single new, Ford-class carrier – $10.5 billion without cost overruns – would consume nearly 20 percent of Trump’s proposed $54 billion increase in next year's defense budget.

>In order to be relatively safe, a carrier would have to stand off by 1,300 nautical miles, or 2,300 kilometers – out of range of the Dong Feng missiles. And the F-18s have a range of only 400 nautical miles (equal to 460 statute miles or 740 kilometers) to a target with enough fuel to return.

>For carrier commanders, the most feared weapon is a 150-year-old one. A single, submarine-launched torpedo could send a carrier to the bottom.

> For the cost of a single carrier, a rival can deploy 1,227 anti-carrier missiles.

On one hand, Reuters is showing it's hand too much. I liked it more when they were only subtly liberal-leaning, but nowadays they just - albeit still respectfully - attack anything and everything Trump does.

On the other hand it's an interesting and substantial article.

Aircraft carriers are only useful against nigger/arab-tier opponents nowadays. I love how they look and they still project soft power. I'd love to see the yanks (especially the Midwestern Huwhite Blue Collar Reupblican voterbase of Trump) cry and be butthurt if China, Russia, Iran or ((someone)) sank them.

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Drug wars

How do we fix the drug wars? Seems to me if certain deadbeats in America would stop smoking coke and meth there would be no more demand, and no financing of corrupt Mexican officials or gangsters. There would be little need for a war and a clampdown assault riffle ownership and on gun smuggling.

Stop telling your kids not to smoke because it's bad for you and will ruin your life, because we know from 50 years of experience that it doesn't work. Try telling them you're financing gangsters who are terrorizing Mexico, kidnapping and murdering innocents, and who are establishing footholds to do the same in in America because a handful of addicts can't buy luxury goods from them. Maybe associating drugs with feeling guilty for having a hand in the murder of civilians will work better than continuing to try to make drug users associate drugs with personal shame. Guilt trips work better than shaming on Americans.

>inb4, dude just legalize pott and it'll stop.
Maybe it'll help if the druggies could stop at one addiction, but it won't stop the problem of meth and coke smuggling. And those drugs are more dangerous. We'd be much better at containing the violence if we just could stop kids from getting addicted to any of the hard drugs in the first place.

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Can someone redpill me on chemtrails? I just started researching it and I'm having a hard time figuring out where to start and how to parse bullshit from truth (if there is any).

R: 142 / I: 78 / P: 8

General Red-Pilling Thread

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 9

'Sweden is doing well' PM insists hours before police shot at rioters in Stockholm suburb

Sweden’s capital was plunged into chaos on Monday as police were forced to fire at rioters after a violence erupted in the suburb of Rinkeby, which has been labeled a ‘no-go zone’.

In a desperate attempt to protect themselves from a 30 strong mob, which was throwing rocks, the officers were forced to fire a shot into the rampaging crowd.

Just hours earlier the Swedish PM hosted a joint press conference in Stockholm with visiting Canadian Governor General David Johnston.

In a speech, clearing intended to ridicule Donald Trump’s speech over the weekend where he told a Florida rally that Sweden was facing a crisis. Mr Löfven insisted the liberal nation was “doing well” and was a country of opportunity.

“Let me put it like this I was, like many others I believe, surprised by the comments made about Sweden this weekend,” he said.

“Sweden like many other countries, we have opportunities, we have challenges, I believe that goes for every country in the world.

“Two weeks ago I traveled around the country and I could see people's worry but also people’s expectations and their dreams. We have challenges, no doubt about it.”

Continuing his dismissal that Sweden is facing turmoil as more than 50 areas have been labeled as ‘no-go zones’ where police officers are regularly attacked and citizens are afraid to speak to officials, the PM said the Scandinavian country was handling the issues head on.

Mr Löfven said: “Do not forget that in international rankings in issues such as equality, human development, competitiveness, like our guest today from Canada, [we] are doing very well.

“So yes we have opportunities, we have challenges we're working (on) them every day.

“But I think also we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly, and for verifying any information that we spread.”

Following up on the TV channels report, President Trump told the rally on Saturday: "You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden.

"Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible.

“You look at what's happening in Brussels, you look at what's happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice, take a look at Paris."

Despite police officers taking to social media to express their frustration with the increasingly lawless tendencies across the nation, former Swedish PM Carl Bildt roared on Twitter: "Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound.”

On Monday he added: "Last year there were app 50 per cent more murders only in Orlando/Orange in Florida, where Trump spoke the other day, than in all of Sweden. Bad.”

h ttps://w

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Jewish Liquor-Merchant Attempts Mini-Holohoax

On 21 January 2017 Jewish liquor-store owner Scott B. Young started a fire in his own store, broke the display-window, and spraypainted the words "Burn the Jew" on the back door and two swastikas (see photo) next to the door.

He then told police that two bearded men in black had robbed him at gunpoint, then started the fire and shut him in the store, spraypainting "Burn the Jew" on the back door as they left. He said that he had escaped the fire by breaking the display-window and climbing out.

This particular Jew was not so clever, however, since he left the used can of spraypaint under his counter, and could not even devise an explanation when police found it. And, although he claimed that he had climbed out through the display-window after breaking it, shards of glass and other items on the sill were undisturbed. Police also noticed, contrary to Young's story, that the door had been open when "Burn the Jew" was sprayed on it.

On 16 February Young was charged with seven crimes in connection with his hoax. (A. Gorosko, Newtown Bee, 21 February 2017)

By presenting himself as a survivor of an anti-Semitic attack, the Jew obviously hoped to give himself a sacrosanct status that would discourage scrutiny of his fake insurance-claim. This is the Holocaust reparations scam in microcosm.

h ttps://

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Venture Capitalist helps shitskins invade Canada

US Visas
By Sam Altman

We’ve heard from some founders that they’re nervous about applying to YC because they worry they won’t be able to get visas to attend interviews or the summer program.

We will hold a day of interviews in Vancouver for founders we’d like to interview but can’t get US visas. We will also experiment with allowing companies that we’d like to fund but are unable to get visas for the duration of our three-month program to participate remotely.

We provide immigration assistance and advice, and we try to help find ways for everyone we want to fund to be able to come here. While we understand that remote work works really well for some companies and some programs, we don’t think it’s optimal for our semi-annual batches.

Our goal is to fund the most talented founders in the world, no matter where they live. We think it’s an incredible asset for our country that so many of the best people in the world want to come start their companies here.

h ttps://

I don't know if Sam Altman is a Jew or not. His mother is named Connie Gibstein and is an MD in St. Louis.

R: 49 / I: 4 / P: 9

Is GMO real or is even that a hoax?

Can genetic engineering actually be done (whether at current technological levels or at all)? What negative effects would GMO have unto itself? Are there worse elements that go into our food, including so-called "organic", "natural", non-GMO foods, such as unwanted minerals, chemicals, or other stuff?

h ttps://

(beware, Fakeologist is a disinfo agent who deflects from the Zionists and tries to pin everything on the Jesuits, or at least he/they have been on that route for over two years)

R: 17 / I: 13 / P: 9

Potentially weaponized vaccines

Last month Saudi Arabic Sharia-sheik Abdulaziz Hamad Aljomaih bought a Danish state owned vaccination factory from the danish politicians.
The factory that has assets of 155 million DKK was bought for a mere 15 million DKK. Sharia-Sheik celebrates with huge galla party.

- The vaccination factory produces vaccines for danish children.
- The profit of the company now risks going in a tax haven.
- The Sharia-sheik has strong ties to radical muslims and has donated money to the muslim brotherhood.
- The state used 30.6 million DKK to find a buyer.

People in Denmark have almost no confidence in the political system.
I don't know anyone who trust the politicians anymore and most people think they are absolute moron plebs that are only in it for the money.

R: 24 / I: 11 / P: 9

WikiLeaks Vault7

Press release
h ttps://

Document list
h ttps://

h ttps://


R: 34 / I: 6 / P: 9


h ttps://w

h ttps://

>President Donald Trump wants to pass an immigration reform bill that could grant legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants living in the US, a senior administration official said Tuesday.
>The President is eager to pass a compromise immigration bill in his first term that would stop short of granting a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants, but would allow undocumented immigrants who aren't serious or violent criminals to live, work and pay taxes in the US without fear of deportation, the senior official told reporters Tuesday at the White House
>“The time is right for an immigration bill as long as both sides are willing to compromise,” Trump said at a lunch with news anchors.

R: 238 / I: 55 / P: 9


Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread



go here.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 9

proof of severe shill mod corruption on 8ch/pol/
I exposed the real nofap agenda and found this

thread archive:
h ttps://

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How did Scott Adams become such a wingnut? He sees Bill Nye say, "I don't know a precise number," and uses it to exclaim that Bill Nye was hallucinating, experiencing cognitive dissonance, and to suggest Global Climate Change isn't being pushed by skeptics. He also truly blogs as a Trumptard who thinks Trump can do nothing wrong, because he is a "visionary leader" and "master persuader" (Scott's choice of terms.)

h ttps://

I used to think he was grounded and on point, but what the fuck went wrong went wrong with his thinking? Did he develop a brain tumor? His delusions of grandeur have grown such that he is even thinking of running for president once he builds up a political fanbase.

It also looks like he'll draw fewer cartoons and spend more time blogging on youtube soon, as his drawing skills decline woth age. Is he just acting like a wingnut for the money since most of his audience are white collar Republicans who consume whatever the Wall Street Journal says?

h ttps://w

R: 96 / I: 16 / P: 10

Is MillionDollarExtreme controlled opposition?

1) This board needs to allow video embedding in lieu of uploading files.

2) What (((links))) does Sam Hyde and the whole Million Dollar Extreme spiel have to "them"?

This is a guy who says openly racist and antisemitic things, though in a weird way, yet gets a show on Adult Swim and despite already being known at the time, "tricked" a TEDx conference into hosting him?

Something is up with this guy.

Here's his latest stunt getting up and personal with Chelsea Clinton. Nothing off?

h ttps://ww

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 10

Israeli Impersonates ICE Agent

h ttps://

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — The FBI and other authorities raided the home of a Maryland man last month after he allegedly impersonated an ICE agent in Virginia on more than one occasion and attempted to enforce criminal laws, court documents show and sources confirmed with ABC7's Kevin Lewis Monday. The man, who was arrested at his home and has since been released on bond, was working at the Washington Post at the time, according to court documents.

Court documents show Itai Ozderman, 35, who was born in Israel and now lives in Gaithersburg, had his home raided by Montgomery County police, SWAT units and the FBI on Feb. 22 at around 6 a.m.

Sources and court documents say Ozderman worked as an I.T. engineer at the Washington Post at the time of the raid. It is unclear what Ozderman's employment status is today.

When the warrant was served on Feb. 22 at Ozderman's home in the 100 block of Elmira Lane, court documents say 10 weapons, including handguns, assault rifles, and a shotgun, were recovered.

Sources tell ABC7's Kevin Lewis that Ozderman impersonated an ICE officer throughout Falls Church, Va. on more than one occasion. According to sources, Ozderman would 'patrol' while wearing a bullet proof vest with an ICE placard and a Baltimore County police badge.

During the search, court documents say authorities also recovered body armor, weapon magazines, bullets, a silver Baltimore County police badge and a working police radio.

Baltimore County police officials say Ozderman has never been an officer with the agency.

ABC7 has reached out to the Washington Post for comment. As of 3:20 p.m. ABC7 has not received a response.

This is a developing story and will be updated.


I wonder why it took them two weeks to report this.

R: 6 / I: 3 / P: 10


h ttps://

It's about the use of violence and why condemning acts of violence by far-right individuals is counterproductive.

R: 16 / I: 3 / P: 10


What happened?

R: 4 / I: 4 / P: 10

"Reactionary Jew" Identified

>Nadav Salomon
>Faceberg: h ttps://
>Friends: h ttps://

R: 4 / I: 2 / P: 10

Republicans shouldn't be allowed to vote

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 10

Trump to cut EPA budget by 1/4th

And he'll cut lead pollution cleanup by 30%
h ttps://w
We're gonna have a two-tier society: the retarded blue-collar types who drank leaded tap water, and the Globalism toting elites.

America is gonna be like the Chemical Plant Zone, might as well change it into the national anthem.
h ttps://w

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 10

Everything you Need to Know about Trump and Russia
h ttps://w

Having trouble following the fast-moving developments about the Trump team’s ties to Russia? Here’s a primer to get you up to speed:

President Trump got to know Russian President Vladimir Putin “very well,” but he doesn’t “know Putin.”

Putin sent Trump “a present” and they spoke, but Trump has “no relationship with him.”

Trump has “nothing to do with Russia,” but his son has said “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets” and “we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

Russia definitely hacked the Democratic National Committee, unless it was a 400-pound man in his bedroom or a guy in a van down by the river.

U.S. intelligence agencies allege that Putin meddled in the election to try to get Trump elected, but this was all a “ruse” and a “fake news fabricated deal to try and make up for the loss of the Democrats.”

There was “no communication” between Trump’s team and Russia during the campaign and transition, except for communication with Russia by Trump’s future national security adviser, his future attorney general and his son-in-law and two others.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions “did not have communications with the Russians,” except for the two meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak he neglected to mention under oath.

Sessions then said he never discussed the campaign with Russians, which is not what was alleged.

Sessions had “no idea what this allegation is about” regarding his Russian contacts but had enough of an idea what it was about to declare “it is false.”

Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, but this decision is unrelated to the discovery that he spoke twice with the Russian ambassador despite his claims that he had no such meetings.

Sessions cannot confirm the investigation he recused himself from exists or will exist in the future.

Sessions believes that perjury is one of the constitutional “high crimes and misdemeanors” and “goes to the heart of the judicial system,” except his false testimony under oath to Congress was not a false statement but a case of speaking too quickly.

Sessions met with the Russian ambassador during the time Sessions was serving as a surrogate for the Trump campaign, but not in his capacity as a surrogate for the Trump campaign.

Sessions remembers nothing of his meetings with the Russian ambassador, except that he remembers clearly talking about terrorism and religion and Ukraine and he’s sure they didn’t talk about the campaign.

It was a total coincidence that around the same time Sessions was meeting with the Russian ambassador, Trump gave an interview that ended up on Russian state-owned TV saying he didn’t believe reports of Russian influence in the U.S. election.

Trump, Trump’s press secretary and a broad swath of Republican members of Congress said there is no reason for Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation from which Sessions recused himself.


R: 390 / I: 103 / P: 10

Trumpstein won

How much time till the goyim wake up and realize that this win wasn't by the people nor for the people?

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 10

Great Compression

Explain the great compression to me. What is the cause of income inequality shrinking in America from the 50s until the 1970s, and then it ballooned under Regans deregulation? Why don't we talk about the policies that worked during that Era today? This chart is the smoking gun that ought to blow Wall Street deregulation pundits out of the water.

h ttps://

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 11

Rick Perrry forgets his policy again

>Rick Perry: I want to abolish the Department of Energy!

>Trump: How about I put you in charge of the Department of Energy!

>Reporter: Are you gonna abolish the your department now?

>Rick Perry: I don't want to abolish my department...what was it called again?

"Perry, who once claimed that he wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy, recanted during his confirmation hearing in January, stating: "My past statements made over five years ago about abolishing the Department of Energy do not reflect my current thinking."

h ttps://w

h ttps://w

R: 27 / I: 16 / P: 11

Useless TV Actor Acts Out With VCR!

How does this cow hoard VHS tapes, that should be illegal!

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 11

No beastiality videos in OR

h ttps://
Possession of beastiality will be a crime in Oregon. How regressive! I didn't stand up when they went for the pedos because I wasn't a pedo, but when they come from my porn there will be no one left to stand up for me.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 11


R: 26 / I: 7 / P: 11

Terrorists, everywhere.

Are your ready for to d- for duty, goy?

youtube. com/watch?v=y0BIR9seQTg

veteranstoday. com/2017/02/17/trump-and-bibi-crank-up-the-iran-nuke-scare-con

R: 58 / I: 4 / P: 11

Freedom = Plants and Seeds

If they prosecute Americans for smoking pot, and do not go after the mexicunts drug lords instead, then yes, I will go against Trump.

Obama that fraud could have enabled farming and plants and freedom, but he didn't.

If Trump also fails in this, he is dead to me. Yes I realize this will allow all the shills to jump on me trumptard endchan prime. What can I say, if he is the same lack as Obama then thats that.

R: 2 / I: 4 / P: 11


+103 Base64 -> OpenSSL encrypted file, salted
+10 Base64 -> OpenSSL encrypted file, salted
+1 Base64 -> GIF
+1 Base64 -> PNG
+3 Base64 -> Messages
+3 gzips
+2 Private DER key
+1 OpenSSL encrypted file, salted
+1 PGP data
+1 PDF
+28 Bitcoin blocks
+43 Litecoin blocks
+2 Private DER keys
+1 GPG key trust database
+2 GPG Symmetrically Encrypted Data
+2 Private DER keys
+1 Certificate in DER format
+115 Dogecoin blks
+1 PDF
+1 Private DER key
+17 OpenSSH public keys
+3 PEM DSA private key
+11 RSA public keys
+21 Namecoin blks
+5 PGP data
+162 Zip files
+119 JPGs
+496 PNGs
+1 Private key
+13 OpenSSH public keys
+13 HTML
+1 OpenSSL encrypted file, salted
+2 GPG Encrypted Data
+170 JPG TX IDs
+14 PNG images
+5 plaintext messages
10+ GPG key trust dabases
15+ Private keys
6 Certificate in DER format x509
10+ PGP symmetric key encrypted messages
50+ PGP data
5 encrypted PGP data
12+ OpenSSL encrypted file, salted
74 Gzip files
15 Zip files
7 Multipe-part Zip files
1 OpenSSH RSA public key
1 OpenSSH ECDSA (Curve P-256) public key
10 XML
700+ PNG
200+ JPG
12 MP3s
23 MP4s
100+ Magent links

R: 17 / I: 4 / P: 11

Behold! The lineage of the outerchans is complete!

I am an ancient oldfag of aeons long ago. My oldfaggotry truly knows no bounds. Behold my survey and historical collection of the compostion of faggotry from across all known outerchans. See it and behold!

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 11

Donald Trump's 'Shadow President' in Silicon Valley
h ttps://w

Billionaire iconoclast (((Peter Thiel's))) fingerprints are all over the administration.

By Eliana Johnson | 02/26/17 07:06 AM EST

In early December, the name of a candidate to be the science adviser to the president began percolating in Trump Tower: David Gelernter, the reclusive Yale University computer scientist known for his dripping disdain for the liberal intellectual elite and for surviving an attack by the Unabomber.

Gelernter had no connection to Trump or his top political aides. And he would be an unconventional choice for the post: The 61-year-old professor is neither a physicist nor biologist, as is typical for the post, but a pioneering technologist credited with predicting the rise of the Internet.

But Gelernter has long been friendly with Peter Thiel. He regularly attends an annual conference of iconoclastic thinkers that the Silicon Valley billionaire hosts on the French Riviera. So it was on Thiel’s recommendation that Gelernter sat down at Trump Tower with the president-elect, his chief strategist Steve Bannon, and Thiel himself four days before the inauguration. The meeting followed a prior discussion between Gelernter and senior transition officials.

Gelernter’s potential elevation is just one small sign of Thiel’s growing stature in Trump world. He was a near-constant presence throughout the transition: Working with a staff of four to six aides from an office in Trump Tower, Thiel dispatched associates from his investment firms to help staff agencies across the government. Their reach extended from the Department of Commerce to the Pentagon and eventually to the White House, where one of his closest aides, Kevin Harrington, was recently elevated to the National Security Council.

“Once Election Day came and went, Peter Thiel was a major force in the transition,” said a senior Trump campaign aide. “When you have offices and you bring staff with you and you attend all the meetings, then you have a lot of power.” At the Presidio, the old Army fort in San Francisco where Thiel’s investment firms are housed, many of his employees have taken to calling him “the shadow president.”


R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 11

8chan immigration

Have you noticed how full/pol/ went to shit? Even as a newfag it is unbearable how the quality dropped. Also are there currently any other avaible alternatives to 8chan like endchan?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 12

Canadian "Human Rights" Lawyer Richard Warman still acting like a faggot because no one has killed him yet

If you want to express a political or religious opinion on Facebook, you'd better run it by Richard Warman, who does something or other in the Department of National Defence. A chronic complainer under Sec. 13 (now repealed) of the notorious Canadian Human Rights Act, he damaged dozens of people's lives -- people who had views he deemed hate. Then, if you criticized him, he was likely to slap you with a libel suit. When his Sec. 13 toy was taken away, he switched to other methods of policing thought in Canada. A recent target was the zany, satirical newspaper YOUR WARD NEWS.

Now, he's after Facebook pages that are critical of Islam. Criticism of privileged minorities is, among the politically correct, "hate"

Facebook has removed some of these pages. That's not surprising. Facebook President Mark Zukerberg is a fervent Zionist and did a deal with German thought control freak Angela Merkel to suppress German immigration critics expressing their views on Facebook.

The National Post (February 21,2017) reports: "A half-dozen Facebook pages were offline Tuesday following a complaint by Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman, who had raised concerns they were engaged in hate speech against Muslims. Among them was “Canadians Against Islamization.” Banners bearing the same name were displayed by protesters at a small anti-Muslim demonstration Friday outside a downtown Toronto mosque.

'It only takes a 30 second Google search to confirm why most of these individuals and groups are a problem in relation to hate speech,' Warman said. 'Hate speech has no place in Canada.'”

Notice, the victims got no trial or right of response. And what is 'hate spech'? Why it's speech some privileged minority hates.

Warman, who has long battled far right websites, had sent a list of suspected Canadian anti-Muslim pages to Facebook following the Quebec City mosque attack that left six worshippers dead.
Facebook has 'taken action on those that qualify as hate speech,' a company spokeswoman said Tuesday. While some of the pages were removed, others remained up but specific posts were deleted.

Six of the 22 Facebook links in Warman’s complaint were no longer online, among them the Cultural Action Party, Canadians Against Justin Trudeau and Soldiers of Odin – Ontario South.

'The reason I forwarded the list of Facebook profiles to their management in Canada is because they had been reported to me with concerns about hate speech,' Warman said." [Who reported them? Was Warman's complaint written on his own time?]

"According to Facebook’s community standards code, the company removes content that 'directly attacks' people based on their race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

'Organizations and people dedicated to promoting hatred against these protected groups are not allowed a presence on Facebook,' it reads. 'As with all of our standards, we rely on our community to report this content to us.' But most of the links Warman had complained about were not taken down, despite having provocative names such as the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam and the Canadian Anti Islamic Force.

h ttps://

R: 91 / I: 40 / P: 12

Putins unsure postion

Putin has held the Russian political sphere firmly in his grasp for some time now. What I would like to talk about in this thread is his position as the leader of Russia and how it is a more unstable position now then even even though at a cursory glance it appears to be solid. Russia is a country that typically has a 2-5 year delay for political action to follow major events the most major events concerning Russia are the war is Syria the war in the Ukraine and western sanctions. The sanctions have hurt Russia even if they pretend they have not while the Russians have not cut jobs they have significantly cut the amount people have been getting payed for jobs since the sanctions began. For a country with such a small national income large scale military actions are not plausible in the long term. So this puts the war in Syria in

R: 13 / I: 1 / P: 12

dollar collapse incoming

bitcoin at $1197
gold at $1249

Make Peter Schiff right again.

I want Americans to suffer and to lose faith as they realize that their magic orange guy won't save them from the consequences of fucking up the world for decades.

R: 22 / I: 4 / P: 12

(((Chiquita Brands Interational Inc.)))

Joseph Safra was born in Aleppo, Syria, to a Jewish Lebanese family with banking connections dating back to Ottoman times.

Safra is the co-owner of Chiquita Brands International inc.

The Safra Group is based in Brazil.

This may be useless information, but it serves as more evidence that Jews control the world.

R: 40 / I: 38 / P: 12

60 Ton Thread

Eiffel Towers

Bad Bird

China Honeypots

R: 15 / I: 8 / P: 12


saw this on 8/pol/ so repostan

6:47 he shows airplane + 2 towers/papers = death + zionist star


As you might have heard, youtube and disney cut ties with pew "the hero" die "of whites" pie.

Disney and youtube reportedly gave $50 million to pewdiepie's company for exclusivity, yesterday they cut ties and cancelled his show, now he's pissed and fully


R: 14 / I: 4 / P: 12



h ttps://

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 12


I herd that they are IN BED with goblins!

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 12

Trump revokes transgender bathroom requirement

You can't spy on women through the cracks? I want mixed bathrooms and locker rooms for my perverted son to check out his future girlfriends before he blows his allowance wooing someone who hides her ugly parts. Trump took a picture holding an lgbt flag, but I guess that means nothing.
h ttps://

R: 101 / I: 28 / P: 12

I just can't follow anymore. Is everyone so naive or am I just miserable?

1)They didn't want Trump in & now they are scared
2)They controlled both sides
3)They wanted Trump in
4)They didn't want Trump in but they hijacked him already
5)They are in conflict with themselves(different sides/groups/families) so we can't think of it as what a unipolar source directs us to?
6)They control Trump be he going rogue
7)ADD as many as you fucking want/can

Totally plausible "Assange is a shill" theory:
h ttps://

"(((Who))) controls Trump?":
h ttps://

"(((Paul J. Watson))) exposed. Says no jewish influence around"
h ttps://ww

How can Trump be anti system while deep into connections with the most prominent riggers of the system?
The alt-right sadly reeks of shilling with people like Alex Jones and Paul j.w.
Assange has a pretty questionable backround.
We know they wouldn't just let us seize control.

But it DOES seem that they are(or at least trying to show that they are) fighting Trump back through all the protests and pre election bullshit.
h ttps:// - Who doesn't think this is TOO obvious? Reverse psychology anyone?

All of the positive/optimist theories sadly don't cut it for me. I tend to gravitate towards something along the lines of "They control both sides, the alt-right/internet/meme one is an experimental one as the internet although dirty already as it is - is still a fairly fresh medium which they still are working out. They didn't really know who would win and perhaps but Trump phenomena was quite stronger than they thought but it does not matter at all. All part of the plan."

After all anons, don't we all know that they are not stupid enough to think that for the years to come the CNN/TV newspaper are going to be their vessel of choice which they travel their worldview to us goy? EVERYONE knows the TV/old media is phasing out rapidly. You think the world elite doesn't know?

Our best chance is that they don't grasp it good enough already - and that juice is already running low.

Share your thoughts, I am fucked.

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 13

Watching Fox News?

Does anyone here watch it and take it seriously as truthful? I want to hear from Republicans especially.

BTW the average age of the Fox channel viewer is 67.

R: 7 / I: 5 / P: 13

h ttps://w

This time, though, he came with an extra prop — Air Force One. The power and prestige of the presidency is unmatched, and when the blue-and-white plane rolled up next to the hangar to the theme song from the Harrison Ford movie “Air Force One,” the crowd, estimated by the local police to have numbered about 9,000, exploded. The president and Melania Trump — who later introduced her husband with the Lord’s Prayer — emerged from the plane to Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.”

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 13

So all of it was just a big show.

8/10, almost believed it.

Americans should find other entertainment than the elections.

R: 17 / I: 2 / P: 13

blacksfortrump2020 at Trump Florida Rally

If you were watching the campaign rally that took place today in Florida, then you undoubtedly saw several signs for ""

h ttps://

In fact, this is just a landing page that redirects to h ttps://w Let's see what our melanin-enriched brothers have to say!

h ttps://
h ttps://

Trump Keeps his word everything he promises he's done and is doing. Don't forget Blacks For Trump Blacks we fought for you, we are not responsible for you winning the Election all we are are the helpless that made our good White Republican brothers happy & comfortable because Black & White in unity is the Whole body of Christ 1Cor. 12:12-13 & as Christ we are the Comforters in unity we make each other comfortable about making America great.


(ISHMAEL) (arabs & East Indians) are killing us (Americans BLACK & WHITE) all over the world on TV.

And so on...

The page is essentially a time-cube-quality diatribe that asserts that Blacks and Whites must unite against Democrats, who are purported to be "the real racists," as well as the "Phoney Black People" (i.e., the Arabs and East Indians) who are killing us. Furthermore, the pages proclaims that whites and blacks are brothers who are UNITED IN CHRIST.

Now it's no secret that Christianity, a religion from Sand-nigger land, has been used to argue for bilateral globalisation by both importing Africans and other sub-humans into White lands as well as establishing Christian missions in shitskin land. What is less clear, however, is why FOUR signs with w were allowed to be placed right behind the camera. In any political rally, the people right behind the camera are carefully chosen, so it's no accident that those signs were there. It makes you wonder who's really operating behind the scenes in the Trump campaign.

R: 44 / I: 10 / P: 13

List any decent /pol/ and /new/ (or related) imageboards that aren't corrupted with kike moderation.

I'm just getting really tired of all the Trump shilling on the other boards, the kikery that trolls on here play with the mods doing nothing about it, and imageboard psyops being run against us.

So list any decent-enough boards that I can go to to actually discuss things without being kcmodded or have shitposters shit up threads without repercussions.

>inb4 kikemod locks thread for "metashit" ie shut it down before the goyim know

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 13

Hey /pol/, /intr/ here.

I just wanted to tell you all that /intr/ is the best board in endchan.

Now before agreeing with me come check it out it's the number one board on the site!

R: 42 / I: 30 / P: 13

Imagine no religion and no ideologues

Whenever religion dies it will be replaced by whatever brand of ideology that is in vogue, perhaps feminism or globalism in the new future, until people learn to not accept ideologies any more than religions. Most people still feel the need to enslave themselves to an ideology, in place of religion which is itself a replacement for some higher patriarchal head, or a nationalistic cult leader, or a father who tells them what to do.

I'm sure that despite our lip service to the virtues of individualism, most people secretly love to be told what to do because it frees them from the terrible pain of having to think and be responsible. They love when a big fatherly man takes control of their joystick and pushes their hot buttons, and riles them up behind a cause that gives them a purpose. They don't want to think that hard, and so they don't want a direct democracy, and we won't get one--which is good since they people don't really think yet. All they really want is the confirmation bias of being accepted for their views, and above all to be loved or respected by their peers--they would rather run together even if their peers are lemmings who summarily run off a cliff as their biological systems of self-preservation misfire. We evolved in tribal societies, and aren't prepared for the expanding choices and responsibilities of the modern world.

Once the majority worldwide have become atheist on their own accord, it will be a milestone in human history and verifiable proof that we have "evolved" towards more rationality. At that point we can feel a lot more confident that direct democracy is viable, because people will be better at peering through deceptions, sharing information, and making sound decisions. As long as we can compromise, there won't be cycles of revenge, or violent radicals, and appointing leaders to mediate between us will be less necessary. Once people start acting in their own true interest rather than for a construct, power will naturally tend to decentralize, and nation-states will weaken. There will be fewer wars because few people will be willing to sacrifice themselves for them, once it's obvious that it's not in your self-interest or that of your immediate peers. And our desire to do things collectively for a cause could be apply itself to crowd-funding for science, creative, or public works, assuming capitalism survives or another divisible labor allocation method, without the need for "angel investors" to get things done. And empathy will glue the new Utopian society together.

The alternative is a dystopia of competing class based theocratic/nationalistic/corporate oligarchies derived from the current failed state of the world. (Perhaps a form of Marxism will be revived as the basis of utopia, but the idea was simply too far ahead of its time given our highly centralized power structures, and how much irrational people willingly permit at present.)

R: 28 / I: 9 / P: 13

Why are you here? Ideology is a spook.
h ttps://w

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 13

President Trump Stands With Israel
h ttps://w

President Trump stands in solidarity with Israel to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between our two nations and to promote security and prosperity for all.

Stand with President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Add Your Name:





By submitting, you agree to receive White House emails about this and other issues.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 13

muslim child rapist


D.O.B 12th December 1978



shanghai China



WECHAT: Hottie-Danielo

FACEBOOK: h ttps://w

LINKEDIN: h ttps://w

SKYPE: shemsihoti

M1NT -
Cross Tower - 3/F 318 Fu Zhou Rd ,
HuangPu District ,
Shanghai, 200001 CHINA
Tel:+86 21 6391-3191 / Fax: +86 21 6391-3161

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 14

Trump Reaffirms Bond With 'Cherished Ally' Israel in Weekly Address
h ttps://w

President Trump underscored his friendship with PM Netanyahu, and his support for Israel.

By: Hana Levi Julian
Published: February 18th, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump reaffirmed the ‘unbreakable bond’ between Israel and the United States’ in his weekly address this weekend, underlining his friendship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The United States also reaffirmed our unbreakable bond this week, with our cherished ally Israel. It was an honor to welcome my friend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House,” President Trump said.

“I affirmed to the prime minister America’s commitment to working with Israel and our allies and partners toward greater security and stability.

“The threat of terrorism – and believe me, it is a threat – must be confronted and defeated, and we will defeat it. We share with Israel a deep conviction that we must protect all innocent human life.”

This weekend Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez and other top officials at the European Security Conference in Munich.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 14

White House Statement: 'President Trump Stands With Israel'
h ttps://w

"Our deeply rooted ties reflect our shared values, strategic interests, and dynamic economic and trade relationship."

By: Hana Levi Julian
Published: February 17th, 2017

At around 7 pm ET on Thursday, the White House released a statement expressing President Donald Trump’s pleasure at having hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as his “honored guest” the previous day.

The president underlined America’s support for Israel “especially in the face of terrorism,” a statement that appeared to be a clear response to reports earlier in the day of threats of “painful bloodshed” by the Palestine Liberation Organization if the two-state solution were to be abandoned. PLO representatives had already begun the saber-rattling earlier in the week.

“President Trump has made it abundantly clear that the United States stands firmly with our ally Israel, especially in the face of terrorism,” the statement read. “Our deeply rooted ties reflect our shared values, strategic interests, and dynamic economic and trade relationship. President Trump is making it his administration’s duty to promote Israel’s security in order to establish a more peaceful and prosperous Middle East,” the statement continued.

“Yesterday’s meeting represents a key step toward strengthening security and counterterrorism operations to protect the United States, Israel, and other nations from the growing threat of terrorism around the world. The President and the Prime Minister agree on the importance of tough sanctions and constant vigilance to ensure the safety and security of all.

“As Israel’s largest bilateral trade partner, the United States is eager to expand its economic partnership, which is nearing $50 billion annually. President Trump reaffirms the unbreakable bond between the two nations, and together with Prime Minister Netanyahu, is finding new ways to make our alliance even stronger,” the statement concluded.

At the foot of the page was an invitation:
Stand with President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

and beneath in bold white letters on a red banner: President Trump Stands With Israel

No ambiguity there at all.

R: 11 / I: 10 / P: 14

Trump's New Labor Nominee oversaw 'Sweetheart Plea Deal' in Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's Underage Sex Case
h ttps://w

Labor secretary nominee Alexander Acosta’s involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein saga could be personally or politically awkward for President Donald Trump.

By Josh Gerstein | 02/16/17 02:22 PM EST | Updated 02/16/17 03:17 PM EST

President Donald Trump's new nominee for secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta, could face a grilling in the Senate over claims that — while he was the top federal prosecutor in Miami — he cut a sweetheart plea deal in 2008 with a billionaire investor accused of having sex with dozens of underage girls.

As the U.S. attorney for Southern Florida, Acosta agreed not to file any federal charges against the wealthy financier, Jeffrey Epstein, if he pled guilty to state charges involving soliciting prostitution and soliciting a minor for prostitution.

Epstein ultimately received an 18-month sentence in county jail and served about 13 months — treatment that provoked outrage from alleged victims in the case.

Soon after the deal was cut in 2008, two women filed suit claiming that the decision to forgo federal prosecution violated a federal law — the Crime Victims Rights Act — because they and other teenagers Epstein paid for sex were never adequately consulted about the plea deal or given an opportunity to object to it.

Acosta is not a party in the suit, which names only the federal government as a defendant. In 2015, lawyers for the women demanded Acosta submit to a deposition in the case. The motion was withdrawn last year as settlement talks in the case went forward, but the case remains pending.

"There is good reason to believe that if the prosecutors had exposed their dealings to scrutiny by Jane Doe 1, Jane Doe 2 and other victims, they would not have reached such a sweetheart plea deal," the alleged victims' attorneys wrote in a court filing last year.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 14

Readout of the Vice President's Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel
h ttps://w

This morning, Vice President Mike Pence hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for breakfast at the Vice President's Residence at the Naval Observatory. The two leaders reaffirmed the special relationship between the United States and Israel and underscored the unbreakable bond between our two countries. The Vice President reiterated the United States' unwavering commitment to Israel's security and pledged to work with Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the shared challenges we face throughout the Middle East, including the threats posed by Iran and its proxies as well as ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations. The two leaders discussed ways that the United States and Israel can work more closely together on critical issues such as cyber security, intelligence cooperation, and energy. They also agreed to work together against one-sided actions against Israel at the United Nations and other international forums, as well as boycotts that target Israel. The Vice President and the Prime Minister agreed that peace between Israel and the Palestinians can only be negotiated directly between the two parties, and that the United States will work closely with Israel and the Palestinians to make progress towards that goal.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 14


Sun, Sand, and Influence: For Mar-a-Lago Members, Proximity Is Power
h ttps://w

On any given weekend, you might catch President Trump’s son-in-law and top Mideast dealmaker, Jared Kushner, by the beachside soft-serve ice cream machine, or his reclusive chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, on the dining patio. If you are lucky, the president himself could stop by your table for a quick chat. But you will have to pay $200,000 for the privilege — and the few available spots are going fast.

Virtually overnight, Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s members-only Palm Beach, Fla., club, has been transformed into the part-time capital of American government, a so-called winter White House where Mr. Trump has entertained a foreign head of state, health care industry executives and other presidential guests.

But Mr. Trump’s gatherings at Mar-a-Lago — he arrived there on Friday afternoon, his third weekend visit in a row — have also created an arena for potential political influence rarely seen in American history: a kind of Washington steakhouse on steroids, situated in a sunny playground of the rich and powerful, where members and their guests enjoy a level of access that could elude even the best-connected of lobbyists.

Membership lists reviewed by The New York Times show that the club’s nearly 500 paying members include dozens of real estate developers, Wall Street financiers, energy executives and others whose businesses could be affected by Mr. Trump’s policies. At least three club members are under consideration for an ambassadorship. Most of the 500 have had memberships predating Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign, and there are a limited number of memberships still available.


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14

Found: A Drug Catapult at the U.S.-Mexico Border

h ttps://w
h ttps://w

Drugs are important to different kinds of people. For the police, they can be an opportunity to make an arrest. For dealers, they are an opportunity to get paid. For users, they are an opportunity to … well, you get the idea.

Many drugs are also illegal of course, including, in many places, the popular drug marijuana. The demand for that drug, though, also creates a massive market, frequently forcing dealers to resort to creative measures to get their product into the hands of users.

And so it happened last Friday that agents with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, patrolling near Douglas, Arizona, came upon a group of people in the desert, who, after spotting the agents, quickly fled. Upon closer inspection, the agents discovered the device you see above: a catapult, attached to the south side of a U.S.-Mexico border fence. Nearby, the agents also found 47 pounds worth of marijuana.

The catapult as a drug delivery device has been tried before, the primary benefit—as opposed to say, simply tossing the drugs over the fence—apparently being that a catapult would allow for more drugs to be flung over the wall.

According to C.B.P., Mexican authorities took and dismantled the catapult, while American authorities kept the marijuana, each seizing the items that were found on their side of the fence. Despite its high-flying adventure, the authorities did not say whether the marijuana would be used to get anyone high.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 14

DEAD DOG!!!!!!

R: 31 / I: 16 / P: 14

Millennials must be stopped

How do we prevent the millennials from creating an anti-freespeech speech dystopia? 40 percent of them want to restrict free speech.
h ttps://w

R: 24 / I: 5 / P: 14


Who are the "Jews" that you guys hate? You guys just call the elite jews or so atleast it seems to me.
Just redpill me on the whole Jew thing!

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 14



h ttps://

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 15

40% of foreign students in the US have no close friends on campus: The culture shock of loneliness

Foreign students are flocking to the higher education system in the US. A recent study found that in 2011-2012, the number of international students in the US increased by 6.5% over the last year to a record high of 764,495 students. Of these, 56% came from only five countries: China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

The reasons for the shift and the consequences of this massive migration have been discussed at great length within universities, in papers with titles such as “The Chinese are Coming.” When the students arrive on American campuses, however, they have to wrestle with social and educational experiences that are fundamentally foreign to them. Most anticipate their American adventure as an exciting opportunity laced with some inevitable adjustments, caught off guard by the extent and nature of the obstacles they encounter, in the classroom and on campus.

Studying and writing in a foreign academic language is difficult enough, but it is often the classroom dynamic that is most daunting to foreign students. They are disconcerted by the interaction, often marked by an easy familiarity and questioning rapport, between American teachers and students. Yongfang Chen, one of the authors of A True Liberal Arts Education, co-written about his academic experiences as a Chinese student at Bowdoin, noted in an interview after the book was published, that, “Coming from a culture in which a ‘standard answer’ is provided for every question, I did not argue with others even when I disagreed. However, Bowdoin forced me to re-consider ‘the answer’ and reach beyond my comfort zone.” The intense and narrow focus required of Chinese students as they spend high school preparing for the gaokao, the national test that is the sole determinant of entry into China’s universities, is also at odds with an American emphasis on ongoing assessment through tests and midterm exams.

Many international students find the social adjustment even more difficult. A growing number, for example, come from Saudi Arabia (many on Saudi government scholarships) with its very different gender roles. For these students taking instruction from female professors and studying alongside other women students requires setting aside deeply held assumptions.The demographic profile of incoming students shifting as the World Education Services report in “Not all International Students are the Same.”The students come from different socio-economic backgrounds (Chinese students tend to be increasingly middle class and well-traveled, for example, compared to Indian arrivals); they differ in academic preparedness;and whereas in the past the majority came to pursue graduate students, now a growing number are prospective undergraduates. Unlike graduate students who are not only more mature but also live and work in a more structured environment, undergraduates bring to campus their own culturally-specific versions of teenage. Many Chinese freshmen, for example, may be an only child at home and sharing a dorm room with anyone, much less a stranger, is a new experience.

h ttps://

R: 13 / I: 4 / P: 15

Two Ideas to Fight AntiFA

I'm surprised that I haven't seen this idea floating around the chans, but with the rise of AntiFA in the US and especially the riots they create, it seems like we should be fighting them via mass-information gathering (I'm not talking about doxxing, I know we are already doing that, I have another way too).

We know that AntiFA always gathers against prominent conservatives, nationalists, and Trump whenever they give speeches or there are campus events. Milo is an excellent example to use for their predictability. As is Spencer, and of course Trump. So if we know where they will be... why aren't we planting hidden cameras along the streets before the events?

That's my idea. Why isn't it an OP to go to these events the prior week or so, and install dozens (hundreds?) of tiny, hidden remote IR cameras along the streets, in places where people would gather, put on their "black bloc" gear and so on. Then, after the predictable chimpout ensues, take that footage, comb over it, and give it to the police (and social media if the police are told to do nothing like what happened in Berkley).

Second idea: we know black bloc uses their attire to remain anonymous. This hinders law enforcement. My idea to counter them is to fill balloons with different-colored dyes or paints to throw at their heads or places which police would tend to look out for ID purposes. This could be used for "tagging" them, and making them easier to catch by law enforcement.

R: 87 / I: 22 / P: 15

Trump's Jews Begin Deregulation of Wall Street
h ttps://w

It marks the first time the new administration has weighed in substantively in the debate over how to regulate the world’s largest financial markets.

By Victoria Guida, Matthew Nussbaum and Josh Dawsey | 02/03/17 06:26 AM EST | Updated 02/03/17 02:44 PM EST

President Donald Trump backed sweeping changes to U.S. financial regulations in an executive order on Friday, taking the first step toward undoing one of his predecessor's signature legislative initiatives.

The president also made a concrete move to roll back regulations implemented during former President Barack Obama's term by calling for the revamp of a controversial conflict-of-interest rule for financial brokers, which was championed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Both moves are in line with Trump's vow to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act, the landmark 2010 law that changed the way banks, asset managers and other financial firms do business.

“We expect to be cutting a lot out of Dodd-Frank because frankly I have so many people, friends of mine that have nice businesses and they can't borrow money,” Trump, flanked by a group of CEOS, said before signing the documents. "The banks just won't let them borrow because of the rules and regulations in Dodd-Frank."

This marks the first time the new administration has weighed in substantively in the debate over how to regulate the world’s largest financial markets.

“Everything is going to be looked at,” a senior White House official told reporters Thursday night.

“We really never have dealt with too big to fail. We haven’t really dealt with taxpayer bailouts. We haven't really dealt with” mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, he said.

The actions drew swift criticism from Warren and progressive groups, who pointed to Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin's tenure at Goldman Sachs as an indication of who the order would benefit.

“Donald Trump talked a big game about Wall Street during his campaign — but as president, we're finding out whose side he's really on,” the Massachusetts senator said in a statement. “Today, after literally standing alongside big bank and hedge fund CEOs, he announced two new orders — one that will make it easier for investment advisers to cheat you out of your retirement savings, and another that will put two former Goldman Sachs executives in charge of gutting the rules that protect you from financial fraud and another economic meltdown.”

The move could fly in the face of Trump's campaign promises to be tough on big banks and his sharp criticism of Hillary Clinton for being too cozy with Wall Street.

National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs president, made the press rounds this morning, saying the administration is not "anti-regulation."

"All banks have been shackled by these rules — big banks, small banks, medium-sized banks," Cohn said on Fox Business. "All banks have been under such regulatory scrutiny where they've been forced to literally build capital and build capital and instead of lending capital into their clients, and allowing their clients to grow their businesses and hire people and create jobs, they've been taking those reserves and taking that capital and hoarding it to meet the regulatory requirements."

Trump's executive order provides few details on how the administration would like to see the law changed, according to a version temporarily published by The Clearing House Association.


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Steve Bannon compared Occupy Wall Street Protesters to Nazi Brownshirts in 2012
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February 8, 2017 12:36pm

(JTA) — Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s senior strategist, compared left-wing protesters to Nazi Brownshirts in 2012.

In interviews to promote his film “Occupy Unmasked,” Bannon made several comments likening the Occupy Wall Street protests against income inequality and financial industry predation to the actions of Nazi paramilitaries, CNN reported.

“The Occupy movement is really a combination of the internet, the media and street thugs. Right? It’s a weapon of intimidation,” Bannon said in a September 2012 interview with the radio host Larry Sinclair. “It is the moral equivalent today of the Brownshirts of the 1930s. It’s going to be used as a weapon of intimidation.”

In a 2012 interview with, Bannon claimed that the protesters sought to block people from gathering at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“I think you see from Occupy Wall Street, you start to see how Brownshirts operated,” Bannon said. “You start to see it as instrument of intimidation, bully tactics.”

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Reminder That the Ultimate and Most Absolute Holocaust Rebuttal Comes from a Jew

In his book, "Le Silence de Heidegger" (which you can download from here: h ttps://
pdf (if you want to read online without downloading): h ttps:// )

Jewish Dr Roger Dommerque Polacco de Menasce debunks the Holocaust in 308 pages.

Where were you when Western civilization was saved from Jewish control by a Jew?

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Got a PDF file of a book called The International Jew by Henry Ford Sr. Looks promising.

2 chapters in and it's already relatable.

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National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn gave a resignation last night, and still no thread about it in here, wot a shame...
Given reason; Flynn spoke over the phone with russian ambassador Sergey Kisleyev and wrongly informed the White House about said conversation.

Here's the shot of his resignation letter: h ttps://twitter .com/ZekeJMiller/status/831353443059118082/photo/1

The conversation was allegedly monitored and leaked by DOJ:

>Flynn was “caught” because the Department of Justice had been eavesdropping on the conversation. And one of the officials responsible for ordering the eavesdropping was none other than Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who forced President Trump to fire her when she defied her duty to enforce his executive order on immigration, however, controversial.

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Trump Under fire for Lax Security Practices
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Trump took a phone call about North Korea’s missile test in full view of Mar-a-Lago guests, and the nuclear football made a Facebook cameo.

Donald Trump’s administration is being accused of jeopardizing national security after a string of high-profile controversies over its handling of sensitive information, with Democrats and independent experts accusing the president of risking new leaks and cyberattacks.

Complaints over Trump’s security practices have piled up since the start of his presidency, with the furor peaking Saturday when Trump took a phone call about a North Korean missile test while sitting in full view of the guests at his private Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

Trump staffers later that night pored over government documents with cellphone flashlights, a potential security risk as the mobile devices can be hacked to transmit video and images to prying eyes.

And a Mar-a-Lago visitor posted a photo — later deleted — to Facebook that featured and gave a first name for a U.S. military official responsible for holding the black bag containing the country’s nuclear launch codes.

Before this weekend, critics were already raising red flags over Trump tweeting via what’s reportedly an unsecured Android cellphone, a habit that could potentially expose the president to personal tracking — which could even determine where he physically is in a building — or give hackers an entry point into other parts of his phone.

And last week, Trump left a “lockbag” — a secure pouch for transferring intergovernment information that requires restricted access but don’t meet the threshold for classified material — with the key in it sitting on his desk as the press snapped photos of him.

Democrats say Trump has made a series of security missteps, including working on a national security issue Saturday night in plain public view: “This is mind-bogglingly irresponsible,” said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), a senior member of the Intelligence Committee. “Trump threatens national security by letting anyone who pays to get into his club photograph sensitive deliberations.”

Perhaps more important, security experts said, is the overall photo of Trump’s desk with all of the material on it, including the lockbag, which can give foreign intelligence a better window into the wider world that Trump works in.

“It’s against best practices of operational security,” said Jonathan Wackrow, a former Secret Service agent who now runs a private security consulting firm. “The people he surrounds himself with should know better. I don’t see that voice of reason anywhere.”

“Think about the impact an attacker could have if they could access POTUS’s phone microphone, or that of his aides, during key briefings such as the meeting in Mar-a-Lago on Saturday night,” said Mike Murray, a vice president at the mobile security company Lookout.


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Relating to adolf hitler

I've been walking a lonely road since I was conceived.

I couldn't get any friends.

I... I got no friends.

Why do I not have any friends?

I searched for an answer to my misery, but I found nothing. My future seemed bleak for me, my goals for a successful life were being slowly taken away from me. And then, I got an epiphany. I made a shitpost on g+ and boom! I got lotsa followers!! Oh yeeeaaaahhhhh! But then, suddenly, I started to lose followers. I did some research and found out that my followers were being led away by Jews. I had a vendetta against them ever since.

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False Flag Attack Incoming.

Give your odds on the chances of going to war with Iran for one reason or another.

Bonus points for adding variables like a false flag attack hopefully getting the public to rally around their strong, nationalistic leader and support a war that isn't going to be very pretty.

Maybe we're(as a country) being set up to be the fall guys for what's coming.

Odds of Russia, Iran, Turkey(?), and one or two others marching onto Israel and causing the chosen to launch the Samson option are also welcome.