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Anonymous 05/09/2017 (Tue) 14:38:53 Id: 674de6 [Preview] No. 41381 [Reply]
Does the Bible contain any truth useful for Aryans or is it all jewish hogwash?
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Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 13:57:29 Id: c440d5 [Preview] No. 44462 del
(903.25 KB 1920x1080 (1).jpg)
(36.76 KB 300x100 dwif.gif)
(378.56 KB 1315x1437 literallygayforniggers.jpg)
Mel Gibson is not a "based jew". He has Irish parents, you fucking retard. Oh wait, is there something you want to confess? You said you're not the anti-Irish spammer, but you're the admitted naked male niggers spammer. And you hate the Irish. Doesn't sound like a coincidence to me.
>Hitler is mentioned in the bible
>christianity is also anti israel and pro jerusalem
As you're pro israel, and butt furious if Israel's mentioned. You even said jews "don't live in Israel".
>admitted he likes jews if they convert to christianity
What the fuck?
>i personally think schlomoko is a half jew who converted to christcuckery
You also said you'd make shit up whenever you could. You've got nothing, faggot. You're eternally cucked in Germany, and pissed off about it. That's why you hate Hitler. You cannot even change the 6 million number of the holohoax in Germany without being locked up Pathetic. I publicly redpill as many people as possible, as you're cucked to Angela Merkel. /christian/ is a super flop? Son, you'd get banned from that board in seconds.
>/pol/ grants you freedom of speech so you abuse it for shilling
Says the anti Hitler, defended the Talmud, "muh based Marxism", "I would take the side of kikes", Soros defending shill. That's you. No claim you make against me is even logical. So in short, get the fuck off this board, your threads are retarded, no one wants you here.

Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 15:10:25 Id: ecaca4 [Preview] No. 44467 del
(123.69 KB 795x592 asfasfasfasf.jpg)
(45.72 KB 300x553 ggwgg.jpg)
(15.54 KB 280x248 fawgwgg.jpg)

??? wtf
wow thats some rant
first you called me a talmudic jew, then you called me a christian, now you call me a german?? you also say you like hitler and the nazis and now you say you hate hitler and the nazis???

schlomoko we all agree you should take your medication as your mom has told you.
red text does not make you more right not nor does any of your jewish lying. we understand you are struggling through great confusion and you hear voices in your head, telling you different things - thats because you are autistic.
your strange behavior is the result of you being a not so smart guy. probably you often hear other people calling you "moron" or "idiot" - thats because you are one.

we still always try to understand your chaos in your mentally dysfunctional head... well actually we dont. we just ignore you you and hope you calm down on your own.
you also should put back on that pink anti-lice necklace, i agree with your mom, it suits you.

Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 18:14:35 Id: c440d5 [Preview] No. 44480 del
>first you called me a talmudic jew
Pic related.
>then you called me a christian
Pics related.
>now you call me a german?
Pic related.
>now you say you hate hitler and the nazis?
Wrong, faggot. I hate Angela Merkel and German cucks like you who are so buttfrustrated about being linked with Hitler and "dem Nazis".
>""jewish lying""
Pic related, you're the jew.
>probably you often hear other people calling you "moron" or "idiot"
Nope, I'm the one who says that, you fucking idiot moron.
>pink anti-lice necklace
Wtf? Take your meds and GTFO

Anonymous 05/29/2017 (Mon) 01:45:28 Id: ecaca4 [Preview] No. 44520 del
(184.18 KB 750x513 asfasfwfasfff.jpg)
now everything makes sense

>i like hitler but i hate hitler and i hate germans but i pretend im one of you
>i love (((jesus)))
>merkels parents are not from poland
>i hate the 3rd reich
>communists russians are good


you are a filthy russian jew who migrated to usa. i should have noticed that right away. you edit and post fake pictures. you lie and you mock white people

you truly hate germans and white people. thats why you spam christianity on each board to destroy the white race only to worship jesus the jew hanging from a stick. you are despicable snort and traitor.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 05/29/2017 (Mon) 03:07:38 Id: c440d5 [Preview] No. 44525 del
Russian Jew, oh man. My sides. That's hilarious. I don't even speak a word of it.

Joe Biggs Just Dumped Alleged FBI Redacted Files Proving They Had Seth Rich's Laptop And He's Tied To Wikileaks Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 08:50:25 Id: d4ab12 [Preview] No. 44431 [Reply]
For those that don't understand
These redacted FBI documents show that The FBI not only had Seth Rich's laptop and tied it to Wikileaks but also that the FBI and DOJ under Comey and Lynch and Obama were all covering up a murder of a civilian and denying any knowledge.
This is the biggest story of our lives if true and it also proves that the Russia Narrative the media is spinning is completely BTFO now that the FBI themselves have said Seth's Laptop is tied to Wikileaks.

>Archive of Joe's tweet
h ttps://archive.is/GvPpN

>Archive of his website post
h ttps://archive.is/Vu629

Alleged FBI files in pics related

Don't know what's going to happen next but if you're religious send prayers to Joe and the alleged leaker because people have a strange way of meeting untimely fates when the DNC is involved. Godspeed TD
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Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 19:32:13 Id: b58935 [Preview] No. 44487 del

Joe Biggs is a "former" U.S. Army Special Ops spook.

Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 21:05:43 Id: b58935 [Preview] No. 44498 del

OP is a shitty G.R.U. Zhid troll.

Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 22:06:57 Id: fe45c0 [Preview] No. 44503 del
Im also wondering what anons mean about this being civil war tier. No one is willing to give up their comfy lives to go fight against...someone? Normalfags have no idea who the enemy is and have no desire to throw their goy-tier life into chaos with the prosepct of what at home. Years and years of eroding their senses have made them see a story like this and go "man the government sure is corrupt, hopefully trump will fix it" or "man this government sure is evil, we should have voted for hillary" depending on your side. And thats really the issue here, they think sides still exist. That would be perfect for those in power if the "right" and "left" went to war because theyre still missing the point. There wont be a civil war with docile normalfags and there wont be for sometime. Go back to 8gag and larp about your rwds and civl wars there as this is no place to do so.

Anonymous 05/29/2017 (Mon) 00:04:12 Id: 988fbd [Preview] No. 44510 del
what did you say you faggot?
you post is 4chan tier.

no one will spark any civil wars because of one 27 years old guy. in fact trumptards themselves assassinated him after he fulfilled his job and now they try to shift the blame over to "democrats" as if there is something like democrats

Anonymous 05/29/2017 (Mon) 00:24:16 Id: 26c832 [Preview] No. 44512 del
Don't you have your own shitty .info websites to tend to?

(234.15 KB 1440x1440 1495542391302.jpg)
Terry A. Davis... on my endchan? More likely than you'd think! Anonymous 05/23/2017 (Tue) 14:51:16 [Preview] No. 43939 [Reply]
So is the freemason/cia nigger/irish poster actually Terry A. Davis himself?

>Irish supremacy. The atheist CIA niggers will suck cock.
h ttps://w ww.templeos.org/Wb/Home/Web/TAD/DailyBlog.html#l1
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Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 22:23:20 Id: 72c205 [Preview] No. 44339 del

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 22:31:22 Id: 1e8192 [Preview] No. 44340 del
(394.60 KB 1296x590 ode to jay.jpg)
h ttps://w ww.templeos.org/

Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 04:24:27 Id: 31373a [Preview] No. 44421 del
Terry Davis screams zionist actor to me. The amount of astroturfing him everywhere speaks volumes to that.

Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 05:56:04 Id: 4bac79 [Preview] No. 44426 del
first things first he is a christcuck and therefore he is not white

Anonymous 05/28/2017 (Sun) 06:00:04 Id: a5745b [Preview] No. 44427 del
So being white isn't about genetics?

Alex Jones & Infowars Have White House Press Credentials Anonymous 05/23/2017 (Tue) 06:02:06 Id: 4aff25 [Preview] No. 43894 [Reply]
h ttps://w ww.businessinsider.com/infowars-granted-white-house-press-credentials-2017-5

Conspiracy outlet InfoWars was granted temporary White House press credentials

>Far-right website InfoWars was granted temporary White House press credentials on Monday.

>Jerome Corsi, the Washington, DC bureau chief for the site that's known for its propagation of conspiracy theories about the September 11 terrorist attacks and the Sandy Hook shooting, tweeted a picture of himself inside the White House press briefing room.

>The outlet was reportedly granted only day-long press credentials, which are far easier to receive and viewed as less prestigious than a permanent pass.

>Further, Corsi's pass came on a day when the president was traveling and there wouldn't be a formal briefing with press secretary Sean Spicer. Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney will hold a briefing Monday afternoon.

>Monday wasn't the first time an InfoWars reporter attended a press briefing, nor is it likely to be the last.

>Reporter Mike Cernovich, an inflammatory right-wing provocateur, attended a briefing in April before it was announced that he would join InfoWars. Cernovich suggested earlier this month that he and InfoWars founder Alex Jones may attend a briefing in the future, though the White House denied it offered Jones credentials in January when he claimed he was offered a press pass.

>A number of right-wing reporters and outlets have attended recent White House press briefings. The Gateway Pundit has frequently dispatched a reporter specifically to troll the White House press corps.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Anonymous 05/23/2017 (Tue) 21:08:56 Id: 8e37aa [Preview] No. 43994 del

This just further solidifies Infowars status as a C.I.A. intelligence operation.

Anonymous 05/23/2017 (Tue) 21:11:33 Id: 035ad8 [Preview] No. 43996 del

Anonymous 05/27/2017 (Sat) 02:41:24 Id: 4aff25 [Preview] No. 44349 del
This tbh as if there were any doubts
AlexJonesExposed.info already connected the dots

Anonymous 05/27/2017 (Sat) 02:47:27 Id: 2d2b32 [Preview] No. 44350 del
Alex needs to have an outburst.

Some sort of publicity stunt to save his image.

Perhaps he should ask a question about ufos in a press conference and be escorted out.

Anonymous 05/27/2017 (Sat) 23:43:44 Id: 05a9e7 [Preview] No. 44388 del
>Perhaps he should ask a question about ufos in a press conference and be escorted out.

No, that's Jeff Rense's job.

'''Central Intelligence Agency (1947- )

Arthur Frederick Rense (1916-1990) (Jeff Rense's father + C.I.A. operative + U.S. Naval Intelligence operative during WWII + Douglas Aircraft Company and Summa Corporation public relations director + Los Angeles Daily News sports writer + United Press reporter + Harvey Mudd College public relations specialist)

Jeffrey Shearer Rense (1946- ) (alternative media figure + conspiracy radio talk show host + suspected C.I.A. operative + Rense.com / Sightings.com founder + Rense Radio Network founder)

David Ernest Duke (1950- ) (leading white nationalist thinker + suspected C.I.A. operative + Stormfront co-founder / co-owner + Rense Radio Network daily talk show host)

Stephen Donald Black (1954- ) (leading white nationalist thinker + suspected C.I.A. operative + Stormfront founder / owner + Rense Radio Network daily talk show host)

(152.84 KB 360x480 bf171f012497.jpg)
Deutsch/pol/ Nr.1 - Tor auf fullchan ist wieder RIP Edition Anonymous 08/17/2016 (Wed) 21:39:25 [Preview] No. 18315 [Reply]
Tor auf fullchan ist wieder RIP Edition

Das nervt langsam. Die scheren sich einen Dreck um Anonymität. Wo sollen wir hin? Was sollen wir tun? 8chan wird zum Trump-Wahlkampfboard.
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Anonymous 05/15/2017 (Mon) 16:21:58 Id: 81c09a [Preview] No. 42642 del
(160.60 KB 1633x352 Nuremberglies.jpg)
(41.02 KB 500x338 pool_2.jpg)
(79.93 KB 608x441 POSTCARD-1905.jpg)
(152.28 KB 736x579 survivors.jpg)

Anonymous 05/15/2017 (Mon) 16:23:22 Id: 81c09a [Preview] No. 42643 del

Anonymous 05/15/2017 (Mon) 16:30:03 Id: 81c09a [Preview] No. 42644 del
And I leave you with this. Oy vey, do not speak about the Shoah. Muh holocaust! Muh hemorroids! Keep your mouths shut like good goys.

Anonymous 05/15/2017 (Mon) 19:17:20 Id: d07603 [Preview] No. 42670 del
>dark-bottomed pool
Absolutely inhumane.

Anonymous 05/27/2017 (Sat) 19:48:00 [Preview] No. 44380 del
Islamische Bombenbastler in NRW aufgeflogen – Haben sie Besuch aus Manchaster gehabt?

>Knapp zwei Wochen nach dem Fund von Sprengstoff-Grundstoffen am Niederrhein gibt es offenbar Hinweise auf einen geplanten Anschlag. Das Verfahren sei an die politische Abteilung der Staatsanwaltschaft in Düsseldorf abgetreten worden, teilten die Staatsanwaltschaften in Kleve und Düsseldorf mit. Es gebe den Verdacht, dass ein Anschlag auf Personen verübt werden sollte, berichtet der WDR unter Berufung auf den Staatsanwalt.

h ttps://w ww.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/chemikalienfund-in-neukirchen-vluyn-polizei-ermittelt-wegen-anschlag-a-1148854.html

>Bei einer Razzia im nordrhein-westfälischen Neukirchen-Vluyn haben Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft mehrere Utensilien entdeckt, mit denen sich ein Sprengsatz bauen lässt. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen fanden sie bei dem Beschuldigten Ozkan G., 27, und seinen mutmaßlichen Komplizen auch eine professionell erscheinende Splittermatte.

>Zusammen mit einem Sprengsatz kann eine solche Matte eine verheerende Wirkung entfalten, weil dadurch Schrapnelle gestreut werden können. G. besaß legal mehrere Waffen, zudem weitere illegale. Er soll sich in der Vergangenheit als streng gläubig bezeichnet haben und ähnlich wie Islamisten kleiden.

h ttps://w ww.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/neukirchen-vluyn-splittermatte-und-sprengsatz-bauteile-bei-razzia-entdeckt-a-1149408.html

>Der Bomben-Attentäter von Manchester, Salman Abedi, 22, hat sich mindestens zweimal in Deutschland aufgehalten. Nur vier Tage vor dem verheerenden Terroranschlag mit 22 Toten und Dutzenden Verletzten am Montagabend dieser Woche flog Abedi von Düsseldorf aus nach Manchester.

h ttps://w ww.focus.de/politik/deutschland/salman-abedi-manchester-attentaeter-war-in-deutschland_id_7176636.html

(70.23 KB 1200x630 sam.jpg)
Is MillionDollarExtreme controlled opposition? Anonymous 11/06/2016 (Sun) 01:51:38 Id: 90eb20 [Preview] No. 21317 [Reply]
1) This board needs to allow video embedding in lieu of uploading files.

2) What (((links))) does Sam Hyde and the whole Million Dollar Extreme spiel have to "them"?

This is a guy who says openly racist and antisemitic things, though in a weird way, yet gets a show on Adult Swim and despite already being known at the time, "tricked" a TEDx conference into hosting him?

Something is up with this guy.

Here's his latest stunt getting up and personal with Chelsea Clinton. Nothing off?

h ttps://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9ePhVDYRiE
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Anonymous 05/23/2017 (Tue) 03:32:57 Id: a8e563 [Preview] No. 43874 del
(1.64 MB 2550x3263 88_64_00.jpg)

Anonymous 05/23/2017 (Tue) 03:48:28 Id: fff0ee [Preview] No. 43877 del
>plebbit syntax





Anonymous 05/23/2017 (Tue) 07:03:23 Id: 2628bc [Preview] No. 43896 del
>jew nose

Anonymous 05/27/2017 (Sat) 10:11:11 Id: 214ecf [Preview] No. 44357 del
Are you kidding? MDE's work has always had a political subtext, almost to the point that they were the pioneers of the whole red pill thing that's been happening in the last few years, watch Kickstarter TV for a more recent example and college cunts and tissue box for older examples.

Anonymous 05/27/2017 (Sat) 12:53:13 Id: 383a23 [Preview] No. 44364 del
h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=xyY0ymMYXPo&list=PLbvIZDjKq8AYjYVv3IWMLVLIDN3Ds6Em6&index=2

In charls' list of favourites. Sacred geometry fan???

(669.86 KB 240x180 wtc7.gif)
9/11 Memed Mainstream Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 09:09:47 Id: 3062fc [Preview] No. 44304 [Reply]
Why hasn't pol memed this into the mainstream yet?
Is it because if it truly went viral, it would literally set the world on fire and bring down civilization?

Trump speaks to NATO with the piece of the building behind him, and drones on about it. 9/11 is used almost identically to the holocaust in suppressing and controlling public perception to carry out the subversive agenda. What's the endgame?
12 posts and 4 images omitted.

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 22:05:38 [Preview] No. 44337 del
>The western ruling class decided it had no longer a reason to be nice to their subjects.
>There was no longer a threat of defection into the other camp,

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 23:23:47 Id: be74d5 [Preview] No. 44342 del
debt slavery is not abstract nor "gray area bullshit" lol. Scarcity is an illusion orchestrated by those control our money, NS Germany proved this.

Why would I care about making people nostalgic for 1950s America? There is nothing more disgusting. At least now the traitors are reaping what they've sown.

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 23:32:21 Id: 3062fc [Preview] No. 44343 del
You believe that waking the masses up about debt slavery will be as clear, let alone impactful as buildings brought down in a controlled demolition?

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 23:43:45 [Preview] No. 44344 del
>Why would I care about making people nostalgic for 1950s America? There is nothing more disgusting.

Because it was the last time traditional family was official standard. Traditional family is a biological urge for k-selected people.
It is not so that reality of the 50's was OK, subversion was in full speed preparing the 60's, it was just the last time a somewhat sane expectation of life was the norm. I'm talking of an image not a reality. Just check the media of that time.

Anonymous 05/27/2017 (Sat) 00:09:50 Id: be74d5 [Preview] No. 44345 del
(349.93 KB 1350x1030 Sigurd.jpg)
You're right that the demolition is more obvious and easier to "get"... the issue however is that they just don't care. Hey, there's cold beer in the fridge and The Game is on tonight...yea can't miss that...lol. The ugliness of this world is not going to be destroyed with "facts" but rather beauty, because Beauty is the Ultimate Truth. Not to mention, for every well meaning person exposing 9/11 there are 10 well funded shills diverting our eyes from the Eternal Jew. It's futile or at least secondary in importance. That is my opinion on this matter.

The Chabad Network Connection Anonymous 05/19/2017 (Fri) 23:52:57 Id: 4246fc [Preview] No. 43321 [Reply]
/pol/ I'm trying to connect the Chabad Network between Russia/Putin, Kushner, Trump, Netanyahu, and Lieberman

Here's a Jewish Press article which tries to discredit this connection from April which only further raises suspicions.

h ttps://w ww.jta.org/2017/04/10/news-opinion/united-states/politico-says-chabad-is-trumps-jewish-movement-not-so-fast

Any and all information you can offer is appreciated. Mods please allow me to gather this Intel before you delete. Thanks.
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Anonymous 05/22/2017 (Mon) 14:19:20 Id: f718d1 [Preview] No. 43774 del
Do not get distracted from the subject
Stop arguing with those fucking shillcunt

Anonymous 05/22/2017 (Mon) 14:30:45 Id: be87bd [Preview] No. 43775 del
You're assuming what I know and don't know.
>chabad-mafia.com has undeniable proof .....
That site has very little by way of proof. It frequently says
>It's a well known fact...
>Everyone knows that...
which translates to
>I have no evidence but you need to believe X for Y to make a lick of sense

To me that whole site looks like:
>People affiliated with Chabad schools are caught smuggling drugs and doing naughty shit
If I'm a member of the boy scouts and I go on a boy scouts holiday and I smuggle drugs home with me, does that make The Boy Scouts a criminal enterprise and does that make the donors to The Boy Scouts criminals?

Like I said right out of the gate just showing a link between Trump, Putin, Butty Yarjew and Chabad won't really have any meaningful result.

You go through all the leg work identifying donors to Chabad (which has large numbers of affiliate programs). You get all that. Then you go through and find all the Trump foundations and Putin foundations, you manage to establish that all those folks have donated to Chabad.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 05/22/2017 (Mon) 19:13:05 Id: 9fb5ad [Preview] No. 43816 del

Chabad Lubavitch in Russia is financially supported by the billionaire Russian Jewish oligarchs. This is how Chabad survives.

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 20:56:45 Id: 930ea1 [Preview] No. 44333 del
Trump is quite close to people like Lauder and Kalikow who are apparently quite close to things connected to 9/11, and as we currently the Chabad Lubavitch is also close to Trump, which makes the Chabad Lubavitch also potentially connected to 9/11.

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 22:35:04 [Preview] No. 44341 del
>What do you mean trying to connect them? Chabad organisation takes donations and puts the donations into education and youth activities for Jews, while paying no taxes.

Chabad is a messianic cult within judaism.
Chabad has a world wide network and objects safe houses even there where no or nearly no jews live. One of their objects was a target during the Bombay/Mumbay raid of Pakistani jihadists. Jihadists who were connected to Pakistani military intelligence.

>1 - Prove that Chabad Lubevitch charities are involved in criminal or illegal enterprise
The Lubavitcher operate several oversized posts at places were no economical or charitable reason for it exist. It is a common practice for mafia type orgs and intelligence agencies to maintain cover activities.

>> 43639
You forgot organ trafficking in New York and Israel.

(346.61 KB 787x939 asfasffasf.png)
(213.69 KB 906x920 asfasffasfggsf.png)
(333.42 KB 686x1173 fasffasffasff.jpg)
trumps kike administration aggressively cuts down on state welfare circuits to boost military complex Anonymous 05/22/2017 (Mon) 17:58:02 Id: df0ae4 [Preview] No. 43799 [Reply]
after obamas jew administration successfully sew down on healthcare and pensions, recently selected administration of super rich trump-yids with strong ties to isreal, will now cut down on welfare and continue to limit healthcare and pensions even further. the money stolen from the already poor us-american population will be injected into the military complex to finance jew war preparations.

as butthurt bloomberg themselves exposed, trumpkikes will grab at least $1.7 trillion us dollars out of the pot and search for additional ways to deconstruct the welfare system. its speculated by wise people, us-jews are trying to get rid us-american lower end population which is a big ballast in times of international conflicts. it also opens new doors for further limitations and cutting policies to boost the budget of kushners jew clan.
experts are predicting an overall life quality drop of american citizen as the cut down on the welfare system is not covered by fair job creation. further problems are niggers and shit skins who are either unemployable or produce bad quality work to a degree where its better to keep them out of workforce in first place. therefore likely it will result in further radicalization of the population with the leaning towards the left.

(for us its really important to understand this policies will end the welfare circuits. welfare circuits are not a ballast to the state in a petro-dollar money printing economy - but the people who were forced into the welfare system by jews now are as they failed to elect democrats. thats why top jews try either to get rid of them or force them to elect communists. i remind: communists, or as they call themselves socialists promise free shit but in reality they force everyone to work for free until their system implodes on itself)

h ttps://archive.is/KGBnY
h ttps://archive.is/fmium
h ttps://archive.is/lFNuI
16 posts and 7 images omitted.

Anonymous 05/25/2017 (Thu) 21:04:32 Id: d06a34 [Preview] No. 44248 del
>((no sources))
This is where you're supposed to quote us a kike news media source, and we all laugh.

Anonymous 05/25/2017 (Thu) 21:05:08 Id: 3d0858 [Preview] No. 44249 del
we don't like Trump either, but
>defending NATO, ever

Anonymous 05/25/2017 (Thu) 21:27:57 Id: 73279e [Preview] No. 44253 del
For once Fox news had a reporter who witnessed it for the Guardian and photographed it, and there is an audio recording. But you don't care, you're a Trumptard Zealot who believes in conspiracy theories. You lack empathy and don't care if a reporter gets his ass kicked for asking a candidate questions, as long as it's not your ass.

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 18:51:11 Id: f8862e [Preview] No. 44326 del
we could have the short fortune soon.

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 20:27:32 [Preview] No. 44331 del
>Trump just shoved aside the president of a coutry who ia planning to join NATO to stand in front of a crowd
>we don't like Trump either, but
>defending NATO, ever

Well, weren't the Russians also upset about that country joining NATO?

UK Ends Intelligence Sharing With USA Anonymous 05/25/2017 (Thu) 08:59:20 Id: 41d704 [Preview] No. 44218 [Reply]
h ttps://archive.is/vtzFn

h ttps://w ww.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-40040210

Manchester attack: May to tackle Trump over 'evidence' leaks

>Theresa May is to raise concerns with Donald Trump after evidence from the Manchester Arena bombing was apparently leaked to US media.

>UK officials were "furious" when photos appearing to show debris from the attack appeared in the New York Times.

>Monday night's attack at Manchester Arena killed 22 people - including children - and injured 64.

>Eight men are now in custody following the attack, carried out by suicide bomber Salman Abedi.

>The prime minister is expected to raise the issue of the leak with the US president when they meet at a Nato summit later.

>Details about Abedi's identity had already emerged in the US media less than 24 hours after the explosion and against the UK's wishes.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 05/25/2017 (Thu) 20:25:45 Id: 4d2a70 [Preview] No. 44243 del
Kek thats pretty funny. Im sure its more of a statement than anything as the united caliphate kingdom needs big brother to look out for them. Be curious to see who leaked them though

Anonymous 05/25/2017 (Thu) 20:27:49 Id: 3d241c [Preview] No. 44245 del
They are just mad Trump has been shoving them aside.
h ttps://w ww.reuters.com/video/2017/05/25/trump-shoves-fellow-nato-leader-aside-on?videoId=371753409

Anonymous 05/25/2017 (Thu) 21:06:34 Id: 59af49 [Preview] No. 44250 del
Look at the smile on that guy's face though. What a cuck.

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 10:06:29 [Preview] No. 44308 del
"We conntinue scheduled programming."

Looks like Airstrip One is back to bussines being the poodle of the USA