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(182.29 KB 640x1136 thumbnail_IMG_5568 2.jpg)
muslim child rapist anon 02/17/2017 (Fri) 09:29:22 Id: 441c67 [Preview] No. 33015 [Reply]

D.O.B 12th December 1978



shanghai China

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Anonymous 02/17/2017 (Fri) 10:44:24 Id: 390fe2 [Preview] No. 33016 del
Facebook page does not exist
Brit and works in China...

sage sage 02/17/2017 (Fri) 12:57:53 [Preview] No. 33017 del


Little Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands
Palm Beach, Florida
New York City

LLALevTRoIz JimmiXzSw 02/19/2017 (Sun) 05:19:27 Id: 86e4ba [Preview] No. 33134 del
kn2V1e h ttps://w ww.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com

Anonymous 02/19/2017 (Sun) 09:57:16 Id: 732e60 [Preview] No. 33139 del
Okay. What is it that you would like me to do with this unproven assertion?

I ain't clickn that shit, nigga.

Anonymous 02/19/2017 (Sun) 01:51:21 Id: ffe1cb [Preview] No. 33113 [Reply]
Trump Reaffirms Bond With 'Cherished Ally' Israel in Weekly Address
h ttps://w ww.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/trump-reaffirms-bond-with-cherished-ally-israel-in-weekly-address-video/2017/02/18/

President Trump underscored his friendship with PM Netanyahu, and his support for Israel.

By: Hana Levi Julian
Published: February 18th, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump reaffirmed the ‘unbreakable bond’ between Israel and the United States’ in his weekly address this weekend, underlining his friendship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The United States also reaffirmed our unbreakable bond this week, with our cherished ally Israel. It was an honor to welcome my friend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House,” President Trump said.

“I affirmed to the prime minister America’s commitment to working with Israel and our allies and partners toward greater security and stability.

“The threat of terrorism – and believe me, it is a threat – must be confronted and defeated, and we will defeat it. We share with Israel a deep conviction that we must protect all innocent human life.”

This weekend Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez and other top officials at the European Security Conference in Munich.

Anonymous 02/19/2017 (Sun) 01:49:21 Id: a6b23d [Preview] No. 33112 [Reply]
White House Statement: 'President Trump Stands With Israel'
h ttps://w ww.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/white-house-statement-president-trump-stands-with-israel/2017/02/17/

"Our deeply rooted ties reflect our shared values, strategic interests, and dynamic economic and trade relationship."

By: Hana Levi Julian
Published: February 17th, 2017

At around 7 pm ET on Thursday, the White House released a statement expressing President Donald Trump’s pleasure at having hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as his “honored guest” the previous day.

The president underlined America’s support for Israel “especially in the face of terrorism,” a statement that appeared to be a clear response to reports earlier in the day of threats of “painful bloodshed” by the Palestine Liberation Organization if the two-state solution were to be abandoned. PLO representatives had already begun the saber-rattling earlier in the week.

“President Trump has made it abundantly clear that the United States stands firmly with our ally Israel, especially in the face of terrorism,” the statement read. “Our deeply rooted ties reflect our shared values, strategic interests, and dynamic economic and trade relationship. President Trump is making it his administration’s duty to promote Israel’s security in order to establish a more peaceful and prosperous Middle East,” the statement continued.

“Yesterday’s meeting represents a key step toward strengthening security and counterterrorism operations to protect the United States, Israel, and other nations from the growing threat of terrorism around the world. The President and the Prime Minister agree on the importance of tough sanctions and constant vigilance to ensure the safety and security of all.

“As Israel’s largest bilateral trade partner, the United States is eager to expand its economic partnership, which is nearing $50 billion annually. President Trump reaffirms the unbreakable bond between the two nations, and together with Prime Minister Netanyahu, is finding new ways to make our alliance even stronger,” the statement concluded.

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(231.08 KB 1160x628 Alexander Acosta.jpg)
Anonymous 02/16/2017 (Thu) 21:24:01 Id: f86e04 [Preview] No. 32962 [Reply]
Trump's New Labor Nominee oversaw 'Sweetheart Plea Deal' in Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's Underage Sex Case
h ttps://w ww.politico.com/story/2017/02/alexander-acosta-trump-jeffrey-epstein-plea-235096

Labor secretary nominee Alexander Acosta’s involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein saga could be personally or politically awkward for President Donald Trump.

By Josh Gerstein | 02/16/17 02:22 PM EST | Updated 02/16/17 03:17 PM EST

President Donald Trump's new nominee for secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta, could face a grilling in the Senate over claims that — while he was the top federal prosecutor in Miami — he cut a sweetheart plea deal in 2008 with a billionaire investor accused of having sex with dozens of underage girls.

As the U.S. attorney for Southern Florida, Acosta agreed not to file any federal charges against the wealthy financier, Jeffrey Epstein, if he pled guilty to state charges involving soliciting prostitution and soliciting a minor for prostitution.

Epstein ultimately received an 18-month sentence in county jail and served about 13 months — treatment that provoked outrage from alleged victims in the case.

Soon after the deal was cut in 2008, two women filed suit claiming that the decision to forgo federal prosecution violated a federal law — the Crime Victims Rights Act — because they and other teenagers Epstein paid for sex were never adequately consulted about the plea deal or given an opportunity to object to it.

Acosta is not a party in the suit, which names only the federal government as a defendant. In 2015, lawyers for the women demanded Acosta submit to a deposition in the case. The motion was withdrawn last year as settlement talks in the case went forward, but the case remains pending.

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Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 01:11:34 Id: 5b88ad [Preview] No. 33061 del
>...fucking hell this is by far the dumbest move Trump has made since he's been elected.

Yes, it's an especially dumb move if brings wider publicity to Trump's connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 02:07:50 [Preview] No. 33065 del
By the way, speaking of mystical rabbis, there's the story of the pseudo-Messiah figure Sabbatai Zevi. As the story goes, one of his prophets was Daniel Pinto, rabbi from Aleppo. (Sabbatai Zevi was from Izmir, Turkey. The town had a Portuguese synagogue that was said to was named after and founded by Gracia Mendes in the 16th century, likely related to the Mendes who merged as Mendes da Costa. As the story goes, associated with Sabbateanism, the Frankist movement happened in the 18th century in parts of Eastern Europe. One of the places where Frankism was entrenched is Moravia. Ivana Trump hails from there, but of course this is very general.)

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 02:36:20 Id: a821c0 [Preview] No. 33066 del
you're more worried about the connection being exposed than the existence of said connection?

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 14:33:17 Id: 194d3c [Preview] No. 33081 del

Interesting. Note that Ivana looks Jewish in her old age, and that her first husband was an Austrian Jew (Winklemeier).

Also note that there are allegations that Ivana Trump and Marla Maples and Melania Knaus were all escorts. I think these rumors are true, because all three of them fit the social profiles of escorts.

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 23:08:21 [Preview] No. 33107 del
Don't know whether if Winklmayer is jewish, but her family name Zelnickova could be a jewish name as well. Her father's last name was Zelnícek. The name Zelnick, Zelnik, Tzelniker, Selznick can be found as jewish names. Her mother's last name was Francova, which is a form of Frank, quite common as jewish name.

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 21:35:39 Id: 9fb400 [Preview] No. 33104 [Reply]
Readout of the Vice President's Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel
h ttps://w ww.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/02/16/readout-vice-presidents-meeting-prime-minister-benjamin-netanyahu-israel

This morning, Vice President Mike Pence hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for breakfast at the Vice President's Residence at the Naval Observatory. The two leaders reaffirmed the special relationship between the United States and Israel and underscored the unbreakable bond between our two countries. The Vice President reiterated the United States' unwavering commitment to Israel's security and pledged to work with Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the shared challenges we face throughout the Middle East, including the threats posed by Iran and its proxies as well as ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations. The two leaders discussed ways that the United States and Israel can work more closely together on critical issues such as cyber security, intelligence cooperation, and energy. They also agreed to work together against one-sided actions against Israel at the United Nations and other international forums, as well as boycotts that target Israel. The Vice President and the Prime Minister agreed that peace between Israel and the Palestinians can only be negotiated directly between the two parties, and that the United States will work closely with Israel and the Palestinians to make progress towards that goal.

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 21:20:55 Id: 63f073 [Preview] No. 33100 [Reply]

Sun, Sand, and Influence: For Mar-a-Lago Members, Proximity Is Power
h ttps://w ww.nytimes.com/2017/02/18/us/mar-a-lago-trump-ethics-winter-white-house.html

On any given weekend, you might catch President Trump’s son-in-law and top Mideast dealmaker, Jared Kushner, by the beachside soft-serve ice cream machine, or his reclusive chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, on the dining patio. If you are lucky, the president himself could stop by your table for a quick chat. But you will have to pay $200,000 for the privilege — and the few available spots are going fast.

Virtually overnight, Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s members-only Palm Beach, Fla., club, has been transformed into the part-time capital of American government, a so-called winter White House where Mr. Trump has entertained a foreign head of state, health care industry executives and other presidential guests.

But Mr. Trump’s gatherings at Mar-a-Lago — he arrived there on Friday afternoon, his third weekend visit in a row — have also created an arena for potential political influence rarely seen in American history: a kind of Washington steakhouse on steroids, situated in a sunny playground of the rich and powerful, where members and their guests enjoy a level of access that could elude even the best-connected of lobbyists.

Membership lists reviewed by The New York Times show that the club’s nearly 500 paying members include dozens of real estate developers, Wall Street financiers, energy executives and others whose businesses could be affected by Mr. Trump’s policies. At least three club members are under consideration for an ambassadorship. Most of the 500 have had memberships predating Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign, and there are a limited number of memberships still available.


Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 21:24:58 Id: 63f073 [Preview] No. 33101 del
(261.49 KB 800x647 - Coin Counting Jew.gif)
>(((Membership lists))) reviewed by The New York Times show that the club’s nearly (((500 paying members))) include dozens of (((real estate developers))), (((Wall Street financiers))), (((energy executives))) and others whose (((businesses))) could be affected by Mr. Trump’s policies. At least (((three club members))) are under consideration for an (((ambassadorship))). Most of the (((500))) have had (((memberships))) predating (((Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign))), and there are a limited number of (((memberships))) still available.

FTFY, Jew York times.

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 21:26:02 Id: 63f073 [Preview] No. 33102 del
>(((New York Times)))

Forgot that one.

Found: A Drug Catapult at the U.S.-Mexico Border Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 09:01:10 Id: c68e44 [Preview] No. 33074 [Reply]
h ttps://w ww.atlasobscura.com/articles/drug-catapult-us-mexico-border
h ttps://w ww.cbp.gov/newsroom/local-media-release/us-mexico-authorities-dismantle-catapult-used-launch-drugs-over-border

Drugs are important to different kinds of people. For the police, they can be an opportunity to make an arrest. For dealers, they are an opportunity to get paid. For users, they are an opportunity to … well, you get the idea.

Many drugs are also illegal of course, including, in many places, the popular drug marijuana. The demand for that drug, though, also creates a massive market, frequently forcing dealers to resort to creative measures to get their product into the hands of users.

And so it happened last Friday that agents with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, patrolling near Douglas, Arizona, came upon a group of people in the desert, who, after spotting the agents, quickly fled. Upon closer inspection, the agents discovered the device you see above: a catapult, attached to the south side of a U.S.-Mexico border fence. Nearby, the agents also found 47 pounds worth of marijuana.

The catapult as a drug delivery device has been tried before, the primary benefit—as opposed to say, simply tossing the drugs over the fence—apparently being that a catapult would allow for more drugs to be flung over the wall.

According to C.B.P., Mexican authorities took and dismantled the catapult, while American authorities kept the marijuana, each seizing the items that were found on their side of the fence. Despite its high-flying adventure, the authorities did not say whether the marijuana would be used to get anyone high.

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 10:17:45 [Preview] No. 33076 del
Imagine if the liberals where outraged by this obvious fabrication. You can start a hashtag #leapoffaith and hype up launching the black block into the sky to be shot down like skeet for the drunk scoundrals on both sides. This could be the deflation of their pollitical bouncy-house.

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 10:23:18 [Preview] No. 33077 del
The sky is the limit. The left is at their limit and this is exactly the kind of melodramatic shit these people would want to do. They like to jump off of 2 story buildings for attention. I mean if the catepult is already there why not have greenpeace chain themselves to a catepult. The liberals can fling their own shit in protest. Imagine a drunk gay guy weeping in the basket screaming for you to launch him.

Anonymous 02/18/2017 (Sat) 06:10:30 Id: 814822 [Preview] No. 33073 [Reply]
DEAD DOG!!!!!!

(8.43 KB 300x168 images-1.jpg)
Millennials must be stopped Anonymous 02/07/2017 (Tue) 17:20:34 Id: e8dfac [Preview] No. 32360 [Reply]
How do we prevent the millennials from creating an anti-freespeech speech dystopia? 40 percent of them want to restrict free speech.
h ttps://w ww.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/11/20/40-of-millennials-ok-with-limiting-speech-offensive-to-minorities/
26 posts and 12 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/08/2017 (Wed) 14:54:24 Id: 3b7178 [Preview] No. 32424 del
The problem is that nearly 40% of them are brainwashed minorities with shitty 3rd world parents. The only way to prevent this is to have white children of your own. If you're not planning on having children in general who you're willing to educate or even homsechool yourself, to be frank, you're a traitor to everyone who loves freedom.

Anonymous 02/08/2017 (Wed) 17:17:58 [Preview] No. 32446 del
The intellectually and spiritually comprimized vocal majority is acting in cahootz with the corrupt generations that have also been spiritually comprimised.
It does not matter what these people say. They are comprimised by jewish thought. There is a tension revolving around indoctrination and institutional molestation. This causes safe space mentality. The plastic sheeting of language is something these people have in common. If a morally comprimised youth wants to deliberate about privelage they are not neccicarily talking about all white men. They are talking about how they have been traumatically comprimised and will not allow themselves to say it in their own words. These people are so abused and frightened that they adopt a safe space political view. It is a very powerful factor. If the child is bleeding from the asshole then you know what let it be a girl to get out that anger. Let the disgrace be a little whore to let out that anger. They can never say who the real patriarchy is. Leave these poor broken people alone. Because it is the master generation that is implementing all of these mandates on discorse.

applefuckinpie 02/08/2017 (Wed) 17:38:55 Id: 077d04 [Preview] No. 32459 del
(228.45 KB 1024x696 madmax-1024x696.jpg)

Dood that's my gramma and grampa and they bought me a truck and I will kill your ass to defend them.

Anonymous 02/09/2017 (Thu) 00:15:57 Id: 4b4a64 [Preview] No. 32495 del
(50.72 KB 800x362 wendys.jpg)
You cannot outbreed the subhumans. The ONLY correct answer is that they go in the fucking oven.

Anonymous 02/17/2017 (Fri) 23:22:30 [Preview] No. 33054 del
(25.86 KB 400x400 lol.jpg)
h ttps://w ww.telegraph.co.uk/education/2017/02/17/student-lefts-culture-intolereance-creating-new-generation-ofconservatives/

“I don’t like that view, therefore you must not be allowed to express it"

>>32384 "the government dosent support that opinion and therefore it is invalid"

lol, your welcome charlie

(101.39 KB 800x533 oy vey.jpg)
Jews OcTO 02/13/2017 (Mon) 21:05:28 Id: f95960 [Preview] No. 32780 [Reply]
Who are the "Jews" that you guys hate? You guys just call the elite jews or so atleast it seems to me.
Just redpill me on the whole Jew thing!
19 posts and 5 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/17/2017 (Fri) 16:20:00 Id: 2ca9ba [Preview] No. 33025 del
Mods fucking delete this piece of shit thread so OP can go back to believing Jews aren't the biggest thieves of this world.

sage sage 02/17/2017 (Fri) 16:58:30 Id: 03de6b [Preview] No. 33027 del
Psychopathy is an inheritable genetic trait and most notorious kikes demonstrate obviously psychopathic behavior. It's almost obvious to anyone who doesn't let the Talmudvision think for them that they are a race that defines itself in its hostility to goyim and in their general immorality. Sometimes they don't even give a fuck about others of their tribe, like George Soros most obviously or the all the higher kikes who allowed for Nazi Germany to build up their military in peace because they believed they could ultimately defeat them and use their deeds(exaggerated by the media they run, of course) to further their own agenda of totalitarian Jewish world supremacy and white genocide, no matter how many dozens or hundreds of thousands of lesser Jews had to be sacrificed for it.
Even those who value true liberty more than anything would be hard-pressed to not loathe kikes after finding out (((who))) is behind all the push for gun control, authoritarian and "hate speech" laws the most. Finally, in what is perhaps the greatest irony, the caricature of Nazi Germany they keep pushing in the media they run is almost a mirror of the world government they dream of, with they playing the role of the "master race", ruling over billions of brown slaves too stupid to ever threaten their power in living conditions that make those of cattle in industrial farms look humane and with the white race long extinct. tl;dr unless they are ousted from power permanently or society fully collapses despite their precautions to ensure its "controlled demolition", kikes will eventually make the entire world worse than 1984, perhaps even worse than Warhammer 40000.

Anonymous 02/17/2017 (Fri) 17:06:34 Id: 2ca9ba [Preview] No. 33029 del
>"to further their own agenda of totalitarian Jewish world supremacy and white genocide, no matter how many dozens or hundreds of thousands of lesser Jews had to be sacrificed for it. "

Pretty much sums it up, there is nothing to say to truth except silence or applause.

Anonymous 02/17/2017 (Fri) 17:38:47 Id: 2ca9ba [Preview] No. 33033 del
>"Psychopathy is an inheritable genetic trait"

Hmm, but probably manifesting first in the upper classes, due to their insulated nature and their covering for one another. Thus, very dangerous when the top (or the captain) 'goes' crazy, but not so bad if the crew is crazy, so long as the captain is not. Also their is the tradition of checks and balances, like XO and Captain, and also the natural pauses in nuclear war, where decision making is allowed, bombers can be turned away to indicate a desire to blunt the death count, etc.

See this s why I love Trump for what he is, basically just a landlord but a remarkably adept American, imo. Even in the midst of some Russian forced decision tragedy like in the film "By Dawn's Early Light" can be correctly handled by a god man who is a deal maker, not a psychopath as in the film we see the Sec. of Interior goes completely nuts and desires a place in history at the top of nuke war, and I just do not see Trump as that character. But, I also do want him to survive, so, it's clever how he is being charmingly true, to me that truth, is his magic and it's utterly impossible for these chumps to unlock, ha, I love it. He won't ruin the world, he understands the end picture, is paradise.

h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=rM-hcgv0J3k

Anonymous 02/17/2017 (Fri) 21:15:26 Id: fd1441 [Preview] No. 33047 del
>muh good based jews

here is your home