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Maximum Security Encrypted Message Communication Protocol (MSEMCP)

Author: Endwall from the Endware Development Team
Creation Date: August 8, 2017
Copyright: The Endware Development Team (c) 2017
License: You are Free to Study, Reproduce, Copy, Modify, Implement, Test, and Use this protocol as described below, in the spirit of the Endware End User License Version 1.15.


This protocol MSEMCP provides:
1. Message security through physical isolation of the encryption station by a read only Floppy Disk Message Sneaker Net (FDMSN)
2. Strong Public Key Cryptography using RSA 4096 bit.
3. Transmission and reception anonymity through Tor with 12 hops.
4. Trust and Verification through TLS 1.2 with RSA 4096 bit, and Self Signed Server Certificates to compare repeated server connections.

All of which can be implimented with 4 tools:
1) A Base install of a *nix BSD or GNU operating system in text mode.

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