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This name is juvenile

I'm renaming it to:

Maximum Security Electronic Mail Communications Protocol (MSEMCP)

That's more descriptive of what it is. Its a standard now. Email me with endmail.sh if you set up a server after you test it.

The great thing about this system is that it is opensource, distributed, anonymous, transport layer encrypted, and the message is RSA 4096 encrypted by gpg. Currently you do not have to have a working server to submit mail to a server. So if you were part of a 10 man spy ring with a central node the field agents only need to learn how to use gpg to encrypt and to install swaks, tor, torsocks and use a variant of endmail.sh to report back to central command. Of course it can be used for server to server anonymous communications as well. Since it uses gpg several recipients can be addressed to one anon@hiddenserver.onion and then central command can distribute the messages to their intended recipients after the first decryption. So you could encrypt with a general wrapper that contains the meta data (to: field ) that central command uses to distribute the message to the person it is intended for, and then put the from: and subject: in the targeted encryption for that person that central command/dispatch can't read. So you'd have two gpg keys one public key for central command and then a public key for the intended recipient. The field agent would perform 2 encryptions the first for the recipient with the subject: and from: field in the plain text, and then the second encryption with the to: field in the plain text of of the encrypted file.

Anyways I'm now calling it the:

Maximum Security Electronic Mail Communications Protocol (MSEMCP)
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