Anonymous 02/11/2018 (Sun) 21:51:01 No.1112 del
A key server needs to be appended to gpg --recieve key, otherwise it defaults to internally configured keyservers, which might or might not be there. Also, keyservers interaction is done over http, which is a no no. As long as Tor is running, you can do
gpg --keyserver hkp://jirk5u4osbsr34t5.onion --recv-key 0xD1483FA6C3C07136
Or your onion keyserver of choice. Don't know what you're doing for the cat and grep combo, checking to see if it has any sums and then those for linux64? Grep is off, either way, should be "linux64" if you're using GNU Grep 3.1. Second/last grep is good, but not for the most recent 7.5 release.
grep "linux64-7.5_en-US.tar.xz" sha256sums-signed-build.txt >> tor_sha256sum.txt
And also switch for newest release:
gpg --verify tor-browser-linux64-7.5_en-US.tar.xz.asc
tar -xvf tor-browser-linux64-7.5_en-US.tar.xz
Otherwise, can confirm this process work. Only confused why you would install it under home and with user/wheel permissions? This is convoluted (key checking in general), might write up a script right now to do something quicker.