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Request Anonymous 04/10/2017 (Mon) 16:32:20 [Preview] No. 6130
Move the "del" option away.
I want to quote post numbers without having to fucking waste 20 seconds for each single fucking post number trying to mouse over it without moving it away.
Move it so that I can move the mouse from right to left and copy the post number.

Anonymous 04/10/2017 (Mon) 16:36:45 [Preview] No. 6132 del
this is good feedback thanks. I can definitely space it more and maybe make the number bigger so it's easier to get to with the mouse

Anonymous 04/14/2017 (Fri) 07:04:39 [Preview] No. 6141 del
How do you do disable the "del" button with javascript disabled?
/pol/ already has it.

Anonymous 05/06/2017 (Sat) 20:51:40 [Preview] No. 6254 del
bumping for interest

Anonymous 05/08/2017 (Mon) 07:36:56 [Preview] No. 6260 del

how about hiding boards off the URL Anonymous 06/04/2017 (Sun) 12:59:33 [Preview] No. 6377 del
Can I type a URL to view a multiboard that functions as a reverse multiboard, showing everything from the NSFW overboard except the ones specified in the URL? I can't make use of an overboard when it's full of retarded shit from a single active subboard. As short as possible type distance from /overboard/ would make sense.

Anonymous 06/04/2017 (Sun) 13:01:12 [Preview] No. 6378 del
>posting on the wrong page when talking about URLs
well that's something gay and lame of me

odilitime 06/04/2017 (Sun) 21:34:17 [Preview] No. 6379 del
highly requested feature. StephenLynx fucked up the caching system and it's not currently possible with LynxChan without redoing it's caching system.

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